Monsoon Challenge at Inorbit Mall

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Last month I was invited by InOrbit mall, along with a couple of other bloggers, to take part in a fun challenge. InOrbit is one mall where you’ll find all your favorite brands under one roof, making it easy to put together a whole head-to-toe outfit. Since almost every store and brand had launched their monsoon collection, we were given a task of putting together a whole new Monsoon Look based on a theme of our choice. The slight twist was that we were given a budget of Rs.5000 and a limited time of an hour and a half only! I’ve always been a fast shopper and decision maker so I was pretty confident that I would finish way before the time limit. But it’s just not that easy, specially when you have the camera crew following you everywhere, filming your every move, and throwing questions at you right in the middle of deciding between between a high-low dress or printed pants. Tough decisions eh?

Nonetheless it was really fun to have met some other cool bloggers Swati (The Rickrack project) and Sangeeta(The Lipstick Addict), and to have been dashing in and out of stores with a camera guy in tow, much to the amusement of other shoppers!

For me monsoons are all about going bright on colors and light on accessories. So I decided to go for a boho-casual look by keeping it very simple. After a lot of hunting in Max, Globus, Lifestyle, Chemistry and other stores, I finally picked a bright red kaftan top from AND. To let the color of the top stand out, I picked a monochrome houndstooth print pant from Lifestyle (which was one size bigger but I got it altered now). Finished the look with simple charcoal grey sandals from Shopper’s Stop and a big turquoise statement ring and silver midi rings from Accessorize.

Thanks to InOrbit mall for hosting a fun event and to fellow bloggers who added to the madness! 🙂

Watch the video here!


First Video – Bloopers!

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I was trying to edit my holiday videos when I realized I had no idea how to use iMovie. I have a lot to explore in video editing! So in the meantime, I took the easier route. I dragged a bunch of my pictures to iMovie and let it take care of itself!

Just a little something to make you guys laugh (hopefully!). Turns out, I have more bloopers than ‘proper photos’ but hey am not complaining. These are as much ME, as are all those pretty poses!

This just might become a regular feature (if you guys like it). Because out of the 80 to 100 photos that we click for my outfits, more than 50% turn out like this! Every.single.time!