Venice on a stormy day | Globetrotter

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“You may have the universe, if I may have Italy”

There is nothing that I don’t love about this beautiful country. Right from the cuisine (we all know am crazy about Italian food) to the places and the fashion!

Spending just two days in Venice is not enough to satiate your senses. But when you have no choice and you are given a limited time in wonderland, you make the most of it by trying to soak in as many sights as you can possibly see.

The day we picked to visit Venice couldn’t have been more perfect. It was cloudy, windy, cold and stormy – not exactly the kind of ‘perfect’ that everybody prefers. But this city – that is already considered one of the most beautiful on earth, seemed to magnify in beauty on that stormy day. The dark clouds that seemed to shroud the entire floating city in a matter of minutes, ┬áthe soft play of lights on the water, made us see the city from a whole new angle. Rare, fierce and royal.

By daylight it is a bustling city full of tourists, delivery boats, and gondolas. By night – if you feel you are short of words to describe the place, then it is clear that you have truly loved and understood its beauty.

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