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It started out as a feeling,
which then grew into hope.
Which then turned into a quiet thought.
Which then turned into a quiet word.
And then the word grew louder and louder.
Till it was a battle cry.
But all you heard was silence.
And all you saw was a smile.

Just because everything is changing doesn’t mean it was never this way before. Doesn’t mean it can’t be again.

Happy weekend! (while I go attend classes and finish assignments.. boohoo!)
p.s – Inspired by a friend.

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Midnight chaos

Sydney, thoughts, Travel, weekend
Gee.. long time since i have done this. Off late i have been enjoying sleeping for a solid 9 to 10 hours daily, and i almost totally forgot what its like to lie awake on the bed, unable to sleep, unable to close your eyes and lie still and finally call someone or in this case switch on the laptop and write away silently into the night.
Even my ‘Random Ramblings’ usually have some sort of structure. So this is very unlike me. My ususal late night ramblings are either with a person on the phone or in my personal blog, one that is private, away from all prying eyes- an online journal. Even that  has got a (much deserved) break from me and my late night chaotic thoughts these days.

Am wondering why am so ‘sleepless’ all of a sudden. Sleep and me always go hand in hand. In complete harmony. Never had any problems with each other. So why now? From the past three days? I agree i stayed awake at all odd timings to see the world cup matches on many days. But its over. So is the frenzy. And i’ve finally stopped hopping all over that India’s WON! and starting to settle down quietly. So thats one reason ruled out.

Is there any other excitement then? Not that i know of. Pretty routine life. No surprises. No expectations or worries (knock on wood!). Why can’t i sleep then? For a person who has never suffered from such symptoms, and sleep has always been just a yawn away, this is quite a problem! Apart from walking around like a zombie for a good part of the day, am unable to properly sleep even during the day.

Maybe i need to work out. Strain myself physically. Get completely worn out so that am flat on my bed at the end of the day.Phew! I dont know how all you insomniacs do it! As much as i try to relax and watch one of the hundred movies that i’ve got on my hard disk, all i can think of is why am i not able to sleep? Its different if i choose to watch a movie instead of sleeping, with the reassuring fact in mind that i can sleep if i want to.

Hmmm.. all this staying up is making me hungry… well ill at least go pig out.

I’ve been sorting through all the pics and i found a few i wanted to post…

Manly Beach:

Life guards at Manly – who were lazing around and chit chatting. I dunno if they were keeping a watch!

Rain 🙂
Harbour Bridge in the rain
Two cuties playing around. Had to click it!
Sleep tight people!

Bugging bed bugs

Sydney, thoughts, Travel

You remember the movie ‘A bug’s life?’. Well its one of my all time favourites (I love animation movies in case you don’t know). It changed my view on all kinds of insects and bugs for……the length of the movie. OK a little longer than that. Every time i saw a bug of any kind, i would give it a second thought before smashing it to pulp, unless it was really bugging me(pun intended). Now that’s all in the past because of these wretched things called bed bugs. Luckily luckily we don’t have the problem of bed bugs in India. Of all the places, i find them in Australia? “Abroad”, in the so called “foreign country”, where everything is supposed to be spic and span and clean. Where people don’t litter, where you don’t find dirt, and where some of the people look at you like dirt just because you are an Indian.

The general idea that people from other countries have about India is that of a poor, starving nation, with dirty children, garbage and flies all around and litter everywhere. For all those ‘frogs in the well’ who think this is the case… well i hate to burst your bubble but am going to do so. Its not specific to India. Yes there are places like that, but that does not mean that the whole country is littered with garbage and that we are all living on one huge pile of rubbish. It also does not mean that the other countries are the cleanest nations in the whole wide world. There are places in your countries too (Hey i can spot out as many as you want) that are dirty, polluted and crawling with bed bugs and the likes.

Did you know that there is a heavy breakout of cockroaches and bed bugs all over Australia over the past few years? Yes that’s what the pest control guy said. So did google.

It took a month to discover the cause for all those angry red bumps all over my arms. With no experience at all with bed bugs, it dint cross our mind in the begininng that we should look for them. One fine day, after a particularly long session of itching and scratching, we took the whole bed apart, and to our horror discovered bed bugs! When this is such a common problem (as claimed by the pest control guy) you’d think that they’d have some kind of disinfectant or sprays available. Apparantly they don’t. You have no choice but to call the pest control guys who make you burn a HUGE hole in your pocket, and end up leaving the job half done. They guy took hardly five minutes to spray something (he wouldn’t tell us what spray he was using) all over the room and he left, inspite of us repeatedly telling him to check all the nooks and corners and spray inside the cupboards and blah blah…

As predicted, a few lucky(or unlucky) ones survived. We were so peeved we decided to take the matter into our own hands (there was no way he was coming back after he boastfully said ‘I’ve never been called back anytime until now’ ) and i think, i think they are all gone. We searched, cleaned, killed and vaccummed like crazy!

Half this post is me venting out steam against all those biased against India. Half against the damn bed bugs that bit me and sucked my blood for a whole month and didn’t let me sleep. Also there is no way am going to step back and watch and let someone have a go at India!

Chaotic thoughts from an orderly mind

Art, Sydney
Just back from swimming… and this time i didn’t laze around in the kids pool. That was not me on the kids slides. I just swam…… like a lot!!! For some reason they din’t let us swim laps in the pro section. They din’t want all that competition i guess. Our water-splashing-swimming-skills must have scared them.

Off late i haven’t been blogging much. Not daily, like i once used to. Not sure if its the drastic change in routine or that i have finally exhausted all thoughts in my head! I seriously doubt if its the second reason.
Maybe its just a phase. I haven’t got bored of writing, and i never will. Just blogging. I think i need to make a few changes here.

Latest painting – A very late house-warming present for my sister’s house.
Happy with the way it turned out!
Maybe i should start taking orders soon? 😉

Bowling champion!

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For the first time ever i went bowling! Yes I’ve never bowled a single ball in my entire life. Guilty! I didn’t know it could be so much fun. I was jumping like a maniac every time i hit a single pin. Which… was not very often. See i blame it all on the potato wedges. If i hadn’t been eating them in between every throw, i wouldn’t have oily fingers and would have had a better grip on the ball (and not dropped it on my foot almost. Almost.)

First of i wasn’t even sure that i would be able to lift the ball. Those who know me or have seen me would definitely agree. So i wasn’t really up for the plan and would have preferred strolling on the beach or something. But Friday evening + rain + boredom + crowded shopping malls + boredom.. again, made me think that it wasn’t such a bad idea. As i said I’ve never been to a bowling alley in India, so i don’t have much to compare here, but this one just blew my mind! It was the biggest I’ve ever seen. For some reason, the weird dim blue lighting was what convinced me that this was a great plan.Go figure!

I was tempted to use the little stand+slide like thingy that all the little kids were using to bowl. And it struck me a second late that there were 5yr olds and 10yr olds bowling, pushing, and some of them also sliding along with ball, but doing it! So there i was, picking up the ball, looking around at everyone, and then aiming perfectly straight and whoosh! Down the gutter it goes (i was calling it that, before i realised that was what its called!). Second attempt is not so bad. I knock down one or two and everyone is cheering me madly (or so i imagine). The third time, its a perfect strike!!! I do a little jig and look back with a triumphant smile…. to find no one there. Great. Buying potato wedges is more important right now than my trophy-winning throws. When they are back, obviously no one believes me when i say ‘all fell down’ and am made to prove it again. Only problem, it doesn’t happen. Am down in the gutter again! A few more attempts, trying to spin and swing my arm like a pro, before i decide its not doing me any good. We were playing for points and frankly, between stuffing my mouth with potato wedges and all those fancy arm swings, i was wayyyyy behind.

Going for my oh-so-perfect! strike

In the second game, i picked my pace. Yes, miracles happen! And for me happened in the form a red ball, which was the only ball comfortable in weight and was responsible for all my wonderful strikes. So each time i would wait for the red ball to come up and grab it before anyone else could. Must have been obvious coz the next time someone else picked it and tried. Works only for me though! Ha!
Two hours passed too quickly. I dint win but i got a pretty decent score (I have proof). So I’ve decided. Until am sick of it, am going to go bowling every day. Well not every day, but…. you get the point.

Gaming arcades are always fun. For some reason i love all those car racing games, air hockey and the likes of it. I better not enter a casino anytime soon! Not until am filthy rich anyway!

p.s – ‘Help Japan’ – Find more information here

Pani Puri anywhere… feels like home :)

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Just finished an awesome round of pani puri, before that some roasted corn with a dash of lemon, and before that apple and cinnamon muffins freshly baked at home. Ha! Am totally pigging out over here! After ten days of a lot of walking and driving and going around… the lazy holiday has started! The only difference is that… ummm… well… not much of a difference really! I was gorging on food while travelling around too.

Completely stuffed my mouth!

So yes, we just finished a round of some yummy pani puri (I don’t miss home at all!) and now watching a really great tv show called ‘Better Homes and Gardens’. Most of you might know about it, but its the first time am seeing it and I’ve picked up some amazing tips and cute girly ideas for re-vamping my bedroom and closet!

And here are a few pics from our trip to the Blue Mountains in Sydney (They dont look blue to me though). It was a hot hot hot day, so it was a real treat when we  reached the waterfalls after a jaw dropping 15min cable car ride!
The walkway that you can see behind me (monkey business!)
The ride back was in the steepest most scary train ride ever! It moves at an almost vertical angle at an astonishing speed, right through the forest on the hills. The brave people that we are, we concluded that it would be more fun (and scary) to travel UP the hill. Result? The seats are tilted backwards, and there is really no form of seat-belt kind of protection. We were thrown forward and all we could do was hold on and scream as we were shooting up from the gound right into the sky (felt like that!).
Ended the day with a picnic at the Napean Reservoir – a lake, a picnic spot, a fishing spot, a swimming spot for families.

Magic at night!

Sydney, Travel
There is something magical about Sydney at night… Especially at the harbour. I know all of you must have seen hundreds of poscard pictures like this, but bear with me please! Maybe its the cool night breeze blowing through your hair, or the the ciry lit up like a giant birthday cake, or the harbour bridge looking like its encrusted with pearls.. its reflection shimmering on the waters.. You can walk around for hours without an ache in your legs. As you stand and look at the skyscrapers towering all around you, you suddenly feel so small…yet the big giant city seems to welcome you and you feeling staying there forever. There is music all around and a delicious aroma coming from all the cafes and restaurants around the walk…

We dint want any hectic outing, so we opted for this. Couldnt have been more perfect 🙂
After walking around the bridge, we climbed up the steps of the Opera House. It was a perfect summer night with gentle breeze.. and the view from the top was WOW! No wonder every other person we saw had a tripod and camera in his hand.

The next day we visited the Sydney aquarium and Chinese Garden. The aquarium was amazing! I was lost in the world of fishes and corals like a little girl! And never have i seen sharks so close up!

The Chinese Garden is like an oasis in the desert. Just a little further from the aquarium, it provides the much needed peace and quite in the bustling city. A break from the rush hour morning traffic, the zooming cars and trains. Time slows down once you enter the garden and all you hear is the sound of waterfalls, streams, birds and a light backround music. A perfect relaxation spot after spending 2 or 3 hours walking around the city!
And believe it or not, i was so tired by the end of the day that, for the first time i dint even feel like going shopping (as we planned before). Ok the sight of the mall did change my mind BUT it was no use as all shops close by 9. Sharp 9. And thats only on Thursdays. Rest of the week they close by 6. I couldnt believe it. Thats when we start going out in India!

Anyway to view all the photos click here !   The photos have been removed from this post due to reasons concerning privacy. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Bondi Beach and Wildlife world

Sydney, Travel
I miss blogging so much! But the only time i get to be on the Internet is for a couple of minutes, which is definitely not enough time for me to put into words all that i have been doing here! By next week will be upto date with all your blogs too!

What a day!!! We seem to be bringing rain where ever we go! Just before we came to Sydney the weather was sunny and warm and perfect. But right after we landed, so did the rain!.

Day1 :
Inspite of the rain, on the very first day, we decided to go to the beach thinking the cloudy weather wont last long. Ummm… Bad move! It was so windy and so cold that i had to wear two cardigans, and i still dint stop shivering! We spent an hour in the cold running around and taking photos. Am not going to post any pics because my hair looks like a bird’s nest.

Except this one pic which i love……….. :)

Day2 :

No change in the weather… It was pretty cloudy when we started from home and by the time we got on the ferry and reached ‘Darling Harbour’ it was raining. Very unfortunate as we had packed a lovely picnic lunch and we were forced to eat standing in the light drizzle with my dad holding two umbrellas for us! But i had to admit it was fun! Except for the wind. Anyway since we wanted to escape the rain we decided to visit Sydney Wildlife World. Right from Tarantulas to ants and bats to kangaroos and cute cuddly koala bears, we had a look at everything! This was one visit that was never on my mind but i spent the most amazing 2 hours over there!
[I looked at spiders and dint flinch! Ha…  big improvement. And i have this pic to prove it.. hehe ]
Couldn’t help but look disgusted!
Am so in love with koala bears… always was 🙂 Hence the purchases!
Still dint get used to the time difference.. which means am sleeping late and getting up even more late, which means am missing the first half of the day, which means… well… missing out on a lot of things (Like almost missing the ferry yesterday!)
Today’s weather – perfect for shopping!!!
Later with more updates!