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Switzerland has always been a popular destination for us Indians. Be it newlyweds who want a Swiss honeymoon or bollywood directors who want snowcapped mountains as scenic song backgrounds, this beautiful country is always the #1 choice! So naturally when I got the chance to turn a work trip into a full fledged holiday with the promise of swiss chocolates and frolicking in the snow, I grabbed at it without a second thought.

Interlaken is a little town in Switzerland, sandwiched between two lakes on either side. And of course it is famous for its popular Jungfrau Park. Every road you turn into is as picturesque as the previous one and its populated with cute Bed ‘n Breakfast places all over. Of course, it’s also very expensive but that’s the price you pay to enjoy this 

So let’s take a walk around town while I give you reasons why it is worth a trip!

You get to enjoy lush green views and snowy mountains at a distance. All this with warm and bright sunshine!

Pretty and colorful flowers are blooming all around (and so well maintained!). Instant mood uplift!
There is no traffic. No people. No noise. Which makes a walk on a rainy day so much more enjoyable without anyone around and without having to watch out for puddles and splashes of water

Trains are on time. Platforms are not messy. Trains are fast, neat and clean. Did I mention they are on time? And they come with a view! 😉
You never know when you’ll bump into someone ‘going to work’ on their horse. What? That’s a mode of transportation too! Also converts into a pet when you are having a bad day at work and you need someone to make you feel better.
When hotels look like this, you really have nothing to say except scream with joy for you have finally found yourself inside an Enid Blyton novel.
Your friendly neighborhood postman has a super cute yellow bike and is actually friendly enough to have a chat and pose for you!

You walk on the main street of the town and you find THIS. A refreshingly blue stream flowing through the town, with water so clean that you could almost drink it.
They have little ‘fountains’ or taps with continuously flowing fresh water from the melting mountain snow/ice. We filled out our bottles here and the water was ice cold! (*lousy tourist-y pose alert*)
Cobbled streets. Need I say more?

And it’s perfectly normal to encounter colorful little toy trains going about this too-good-to-be-true toy town. Wanna hitch a ride to the next station?
The other side of the stream. Still blue. Still clean.

Random works of art on the street. ‘Coz why let an old tree trunk just be, when you can do this to it?

And when you are back from your long walk, thinking it can’t get any better, you enter your Bed ‘n Breakfast and you see this. A little cabin common room complete with the famous Swiss cow bells (I bought a teeny tiny one back.. remember the DDLJ version?) and firewood chopped and ready to be put in the fireplace for the night!

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