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The best part about Hyderabad’s winter is that it is the perfect amount of ‘chilly’ for me. I am the kind of person who feels cold at the slightest drop in temperature so living in a city with extremely cold winters (like Delhi or anywhere up North) is a big no-no for me. It’s all about cozy sweaters and sipping hot drinks but after a while (read: a week) I can’t stand it anymore. So yes, sleeping in the same room as me with the air conditioning on, is a constant battle of finding the ‘right temperature’ to please both parties and in short an absolute nightmare for most people!
Here are some of my favorite picks from to add a little warmth and color to my wardrobe this winder!

I really can’t ever do without greys and blacks, so that’s the first thing that goes into my shopping bag. Just to keep it a little colorful, my next picks are a bright colorful cardigan and a more subtle pastel blue sweater. The latter’s color is so soothing and perfect for our winters.

I’ve been wanting a black ripped jeans since forever but for some reason, every time I set out to search and buy one, I end up purchasing anything and everything except that (sounds familiar?). Also I’m still big on midi skirts, and the white floral one is simply too cute to pass on. If there’s something that is a must in every wardrobe then that is a faux leather (say NO to leather) skirt/pant and drawstring trousers. Whether it’s summer, winter or any season, you can’t deny how comfortable they are! 
The round clock bag is something we’ve been seeing a lot lately and why not!? It’s quirky and cute. Being an absolute lover of gold jewelry, my next two picks – the chunky layered necklace and the entwined bracelet, were a no-brainer. Lastly adding a pop of color with some delicate and intricately designed chandelier earrings! 
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