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The last and final post from the series and also one of my favorites for the most obvious reason. It’s a saree! has an amazing collection of sarees and after wearing this one for a family get together at a resort, I can totally vouch for the quality.

When it comes to sarees, there are three things that I look for 1)The material – I mostly stick to light weight sarees in silk, silk+cotton mix and georgettes 2) Color – There are traditional color combinations specially in silk which are ‘must haves’, apart from that I try to not repeat buying the same color combinations 3) Prints – I have a Masaba streak in me, and I simply love quirky prints on sarees.

For this look I went with material and color. It’s a light weight georgette saree with a dual tone pallu. For some reason, I have a mental block against the color pink and I tried to break through that with this saree. I think I did pretty okay right? The color and the fall of this saree is perfect for daytime wear. Easy to carry, walk around and balance a plate of food along with multiple walks to the buffet table without tripping even once. Score!



Saree, clutch, shoes:

Hope you guys enjoyed all the looks I put together! You can see the other looks, which practically cover all your wardrobe needs, here – look1, look2, look3 

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The saree mix

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My love for sarees is quite known on the blog. I’ve previously worn them here, here, here, here, and here (wow that’s a lot!). I have a pretty decent collection of sarees already, so in order to do justice to my growing collection, and not have those how-many-will-you-shop-for???? accusations thrown at me by my mom, I wear them for any and every occasion. Be it functions, festivals, weddings, work or friends’s-sister’s-cousin’s-dog’s birthday I love to wear sarees! I’ve even worn them to work when I was in the corporate sector as an alternative to kurtis only to have eveyone asking me Did you get married? (really?)

I love Indian wear and personally, I’ve always wanted to see Indian fashion bloggers incorporate more ‘Indian’ looks in their blogs and in their everyday outfits and not just during weddings and festivals. But I think am aware of exactly only two bloggers that have experimented and featured Indian wear and importantly sarees on their blogs! Yes, sometimes they are difficult to manage and not the most comfortable attire to be running around in. And it’s hard to not give in and wear a comfortable pair of jeans and tee, but that doesn’t stop me from loving (a.k.a buying) them!

My search for buying good Indian sarees online ended with, an online ethnic store with a wide array of sarees and salwar suits. Their collection of designer sarees was one thing that really impressed me. You have an option to shop by color, price or fabric and they have everything from cotton to art silk to jacquard-butta and more. I chose a black and grey silk mix jute saree with a colorful border and pallu. With four colors in the saree, it’s easy to mix and match with a blouse of any of those colors for a different look every time. Who knew sarees could also fall under the ‘mix and match’ category right?

And to make it easy to all the NRI’s wanting to buy Indian wear, has international shipping too. With designer lehengas and anarkalis, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste so make sure you take a look at their collection!

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indian wear online, indian sarees online, art silk sarees online, casual printed sarees online, indian fashion blogger, top indian fashion blog

indian wear online, indian sarees online, art silk sarees online, casual printed sarees online, indian fashion blogger, top indian fashion blog

indian wear online, indian sarees online, art silk sarees online, casual printed sarees online, indian fashion blogger, top indian fashion blog

Weekend wedding snapshots

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Time gives us the best gift of all – the reassurance that every hard moment in life, when you feel there is no way out, will pass on. Its something that we all know – time waits for none. But in ‘those moments’ its hard to believe that you’ll ever feel different, or that you’ll ever feel happy again. It’s hard to believe that you’ll ever regain control over the chaos. So much so that you just feel stuck. Helpless. Worthless. Seconds become hours and hours become weeks. Time stands still, but not in a good way. But the fact is that it will pass on. What could be a greater reassurance than that?

It’s so simple yet so hard. But it’s possible. You just need to hold on long enough for it to pass on. Off late this is the only reassurance that I seem to need, to not back down. Hold on – with all you’ve got.

Day 1: Spent chilling at my aunt’s home.
Evening reception

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree
Day 3: Shopping & beach

Day 4: Chilling at home again!

…and enjoying the rain!

I did not have any time to take outfit pics, what with me falling sick and wondering if i’ll even be able to make it to the wedding. But I managed somehow! It’s no secret that I absolutely love wearing sarees and unlike many people I find it super easy to tie a saree on my own. Simple and elegant are the only two things I look for in a saree and I completely stay away from those heavy bilng-y ones. Not my style at all! So which is your favorite? The mustard & black or the red? 

Diwali Snapshots!

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How did Diwali rush by so fast? 
Its almost the end of 2013. I don’t know if I am ready to let go yet! *sad face* 
Take a look at the pictures below while I go sulk for a bit!
Cheery smiles
Pretty prints
Colors galore
New year hints!

A forgotten prayer
A wishful thought
A mumbled hope 
A battle fought

Lighting up the darkness
Sparkling in the glow
The impending prayer
tangled in the flow

There is fire in my eyes
in my heart, in my soul
A burning desire,
paves the path to my goal.

Shadows of the past
Lost in the present
A glimpse of the future
A promise that is kept

Stormy nights
Etched in the mind
Waves of thoughts 
that leave you in a bind

Cold gentle breeze
And smiles for some
Warm love awaits
For whenever you come
A breath of wind
whispers in the trees
Four words spoken
and time shall freeze 

One step forward
A skip and a hop
In no time at all
You shall be at the top!
Saree: Gayatri Saree House(Hyderabad) | Bangles&Earrings: Local shops

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Pink and Blue

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Sweltering heat in the middle of “winter” – check
Heavily embelished work saree – check
Sitting outdoors in the heat in your heavy saree – check
Crowds and crowds of people – check
Trying my level best to avoid people stepping on my saree – check
A friend who has worse luck than you (‘coz she broke her heel right in the middle of the crowd and had to literally drag her foot) – check

Perfect way to spend a sunday morning, don’t you think?

Another friend of mine got hitched. Yeah shocking. When she gave me the news two weeks back I was secretly happy that I had finally run out of weddings to attend. All my friends have been very consistently getting married one after the other over the past two years. Just when I thought this would be the last one for a while, another friend dropped by today to give her wedding invitation for next Sunday.

One thing that I don’t like about weddings is standing in those long queues that lead up to the stage so that you can go wish the bride and groom, shove a gift into their hands which is immediately swallowed by the huge gift-pile behind them (and sometimes is even lost), give them a hug and stand for that obligatory picture with them, with those harsh camera lights shining on your face, and the rest of the crowd staring at you. I don’t know about other weddings but this is the case with most Indian weddings.

Now if and when I do get married, there is NO WAY that me and my (future) hubby are going to stand like a pair of statues on the stage and wait for 500 odd people to slowly push and shove their way and come up just for the sake of a picture. I’d rather walk around and mingle with all the guests even if my feet drop dead at the end of the day.

In fact I have quite a huge list of do’s and dont’s for my wedding. A lot of specific do’s and dont’s. And I can be very stubborn and moody when things don’t go my way(specially if its my wedding!), so my family is going to have a tough time with me! Make way people – a full fledged bridezilla is on her way!

Saree – borrowed from cousin.
Next weekend I am sticking to my simple and elegant personal choice from my own wardrobe!


RLC – Diwali

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I can hear the loud bursts of crackers and I can see the sky light up with fireworks every few seconds as I sit on my bed typing out this post. Since the last two years it was a ‘green diwali’ at home. If I am being honest it was more because I was depressed and not at all in the mood for celebration rather than because of love towards the environment. Yes I am selfish. Aren’t we all?

The plan was the same this year too when my cousins landed with a HUGE bag of crackers. So I went ahead with participating in all the fun. Time to burn down the past and make way to a brighter future. Time to light diyas and ignite that little ray of hope inside me. Time to bid goodbye to all the bitterness, all the worries and all the pain. Its never too late to have a new beginning and this seemed like the perfect moment. To new beginnings! To new aspirations!
Very recently, a very special person in my life knocked some much needed sense and perspective into my life. When was the last time I truly lived every moment without any worry? When was the last time I let go of all my inhibitions and be myself? When was the last time I got lost in the present with no thought about the future? When was the last time I stopped to look at the simplicity in life? When was the last time I did what I was passionate about? When was the last time I was truly happy? When was the last time I trusted myself and my heart and my decision and went ahead without any hesitation? When was the last time I followed my instinct without a care about what people would say? When? 
At some point I even stopped being honest with myself. I tried to deny what I was feeling. I tried to lock it all up and move on. 
I am simple. I am plain hearted. But after a while I stopped being that person. I crave innocence, purity, honesty in everything including relationships. But I made everything complicated and painful. I see it all now. I am fiercely proud of the kind of person I’ve become thanks to all these circumstances in my life. I am not going to give this up, I am not going to let this person die at any cost now.

After an hour of bursting crackers, I went up to the terrace with my camera and simply started clicking pictures of the fireworks, lost in the moment. It felt so liberating. It took me 12years to feel that way but it was worth every bit of the effort. I’ll try my best to make this last but even if it doesn’t (in case Mr.Murphy has some plans of his own) it’ll still be worth it – worth because of that one overwhelming moment.

Let all our lives be filled with light and joy and brightness from today onwards!

1) Diyas 1 – to ignite your mind
2) Diyas 2 – to guide you on your way
3) Candles – to burn away the past
4) Living the moment
5) From behind the trees.


Having Faith in Faith.

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When I was younger I believed that if you prayed hard enough for what you wanted, you would most certainly get it. It was an innocent simple logic – The harder you pray, the better your chances. And I stuck to it no matter what. Until I realized that my logic had a lot of holes in it. Huge heartbreak for a small kid.

Of course I went through the phase of cursing my luck and screaming “Why me?” for a while until I realized another truth. Its not just you moron. Its everybody. Huge “Ohhhhhhh!” moment for a small kid.

Then I regretted some more, stopped praying altogether (Bad I know!), stopped asking questions and stopped trying to find answers. And that was when (few) answers found me. I was happy with some, unhappy with some others but accepted them more or less. I din’t get over it but got used to it. Huge growing-up-moment for not-so-small-anymore-kid.

In the end, all this made me realize that I am lucky. So damn lucky. Now that I could replay all the situations and scenarios in my head, I could piece together all the missing pieces of the puzzle, connect the dots… and finally look at the big picture. And the big picture looked pretty awesome from where I was standing right now. Its only after everything has happened and considerable amount of time has passed that you realize whatever has happened, has happened for your good. That something good came out of it after all, but only because you chose to let it come. There is always a choice.

*Hmmm* Where did all this suddenly come from? Call it the Navarathri effect. The festival where we celebrate the victory of good over evil, set me thinking. Although I would have preferred other effects, like sore feet because of a lot of dancing, philosophy won over. I guess too much is never enough.

Moving on to my oh-so-traditional look! Frankly I am a little tired of the typical ‘bling-bling’ sarees that all youngsters seem to wear. Netted sarees or sarees with a heavy dose of work seems to be the uniform for every festival (and more so for navarathri). I opted for a very simple, traditional looking cotton saree. I love the elegance and simplicity that comes with cotton sarees. It also helps that they are so easy to manage and so comfortable in the sweltering heat!