Dapoli Photo Diary – Day 2

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Mornings that take all of your will power to get out of bed, and a manic rush of adrenaline that makes you cover an hour long trek to a long forgotten temple. Contradictions that made up our second day at Dapoli. Who knew a place so pretty was lying there in wait, hoping to be rediscovered? Call me crazy, but ‘neglect’ and ‘ruin’ have never looked more beautiful ever. After another delicious breakfast at our home-stay/hotel, a long debate on whether we should go ahead and make the long trek, we decided to give it a shot. Why should a viral fever that was refusing to die down since 4 days and a whole night of wheezing, cough and cold stop you from straining your already over-worked body? It just made perfect sense to walk and climb for an hour in the hot, humid mid-morning sun, with not a single sip of water (because the bottle was conveniently forgotten in the car at the parking lot), specially when we had a full day road trip planned for the very next day. Logic – 0, Manic adrenaline rush – 1

After a walk through a hidden village, a roughly laid out path, a bridge and then about a billion steps, we reached our destination. And it was worth it to finally get to the top and quench our thirst with fresh mountain water, all the while wondering how ‘fresh’ it really was. The joy of getting to the top and the sudden realization that we had to get back down the exact same way, made us forget to take any pictures of the place. So basically it looks like we dragged ourselves up all the way only to have a drink from a (highly suspicious) clear stream of mountain water. Like I said, logic was still at 0.

By the time evening came, we were craving another relaxing sunset by the beach. This time we went to the more popular Murud beach, which was not only bigger but also quite clean. A (bumpy)horse buggy ride which for some reason kept veering in the direction of the water while we were trying not to get thrown off it , dipping toes into the water, running on the long stretch of sand just for the heck of it, leaving #thegirlatfirstavenue imprints and finally a moment of peace as we looked at the sun go down – brought the perfect end to a perfect vacation.

p.s: The terrible 7 hour trip to Mumbai by road shall be conveniently left out of this otherwise perfect trip

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Mahabaleshwar Photo Diary – Day 1

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There are some destinations that are never on your ‘to-be-visited’ radar only because, for reasons unknown, you have sorely underestimated the place. Mahabaleshwar was one such place that I never expected to find myself in because I honestly din’t think it was my kind of place. So when I got the chance to go there for a couple of days, am glad it proved me wrong in many ways!

We (me & family) went by road from Pune and reached in about 3 hours. The moment we entered the hill station we were greeted with an amazing view of the road, greenery and chilly mountain weather.

After a brief rest at the Bella Vista Resort, we set out to explore the place. The best way to see the sights and sounds of a new place (according to me) is to avoid the overtly touristy spots. So basically the ‘points’ were something we were keen on avoiding. Well every point has the same spectacular view but from a different angle. So we din’t want to be rushing to all the nine (or maybe more) points and pushing through crowds and trying to avoid monkeys grabbing our bags (And there were so many!)

So we decided on Kate’s point, which was nearest from our resort, had almost zero crowd and of course offered a breathtaking view of the Deccan traps.

After a couple of hours of frolicking around the mountain streams, enjoying the fresh green view and worsening my cold (sniff), we decided the time was perfect to go for a boat ride in the famous Venna Lake. It’s one of the major tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar. It’s a man made lake where you can enjoy a boat ride in a row boat (no electric boats allowed). Ten minutes into the boat ride, a huge mist descended upon us making it impossible to see beyond three meters of our boat. Typical hollywood movie thriller where you except some sort of alien sea monster to jump out of the fog and swallow your boat whole.

Unfortunately all we managed to spot was a spooky looking tree branch and of course my cold got worse. After the boat ride, it was back to the resort, piping hot food while it poured outside and snuggling in bed with a hot lemon tea!

Holiday so far so good.. eh?

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Road trip to Kuntala falls

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About a month back we went on a short one day road trip to Kuntala falls near Hyderabad. It’s a really nice place to go right after the monsoons and the drive to the place is fabulous thanks to the superb roads. There are 408 steps to climb down, (and climb back up which conveniently slips out of your mind when going down) to reach the falls. A few km from this place is Pochera falls, which is also worth seeing mainly because there’s no climbing up/down to do there 🙂
I digging through my photo archives when I found these pictures. I guess my ever present need for a travel holiday made me gravitate towards these! Sometimes I find candid clicks a refreshing change from outfit posts. Hope you enjoy them too!