How to: Wear a red shirt in 5 ways

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As I sit at my desk today to pen down a post, it feels as if I am coming back home after a very long vacation. Life has taken a drastic turn over the past month and I am still trying to get my feet back on the ground!

For a change blogging had taken a back seat while I focused on other important matters of my life. You know those phases where priorities just take over, and you really don’t want to spend too much time coming up with creative outfits to wear? That’s usually when I tend to live in the same clothes day after day, the comfiest, softest ones that are just so familiar to touch and feel. But, there’s no reason to dress the same way even if you are wearing the same clothes everyday!

 Color block it with a skirt! 

Red and royal blue has somehow become my go-to combination. I love the visual contrast they provide and how they perfectly complement each other. Although it might seem a little too festive (think 4th of July) or cartoon-ish (think superman), when the right shades are paired in the right way and with the right kind of accessories it’s a visual treat!

Skirt: | Shoes: SteveMadden 
Clutch: Newlook via

The classic tucked in look!

There is something about tucking in a shirt into you favorite pair of skinny jeans that gives it a very business like, no nonsense feel. Black and red are a classic color combo that never fails, be it for business or pleasure! 

Jeans: Levis | Bag: |
Shoes: Dorothy perkins via 

The I-shall-laze-around-home-with-a-book-all-day look!

Whether you love them or hate them looks like overalls are here to stay. They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and if paired correctly you can very much look like a grown up in them! You can wear them with crop tops, tank tops, simple tshirts or a bright red shirt!

Overalls: Levis | Shoes:

Tie it around your waist

This is the easiest, simplest trend that evokes an effortlessly cool vibe. Also, your shirt is always in a handy place if you suddenly need to throw it on to keep warm. If you are wearing a loose top, trying a button down shirt around your waist will automatically balance it out to create an hour-glass figure. And adding a bright colored shirt to a basic blue jeans – white tee combo adds color and a spark of interest to your outfit!

Jeans: Levis | Tshirt: c/o


Wear it over a fancy dress

 The best way to tone down a fancy dress and wear it in a more causal setting is to add a cardigan or a shirt. Adding a button down shirt over a dress makes it possible to wear it anywhere during the day time. This is also the easiest way to wear all your summer dresses during chilly weather. A sling bag and a pair of heels will complete your look!

Dress: Gifted | Bag: | Shoes:


Spruce up your wardrobe!

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I think it has finally been deeply ingrained in all our brains that, to have a functional wardrobe you need to have your basics covered. The basic skinny jeans, a white shirt, a pair of classic black pumps and etc. etc. A lot of blog posts and articles have covered this topic so thoroughly that I don’t think there is anything else left to add. But I do have something to say about how to spruce up your closet by adding a few funky pieces. There is no ‘set list’ of statement pieces to have because, well, they are statement pieces! Each unique to it’s own self – be it an accessory or clothes or shoes. There are no rules except to go wild, to go for the unexpected, to experiment and to simply have fun by including one-of-a-kind pieces that take your basics to the next level! Over the years I’ve collected a few of such pieces that never fail to make a statement. This list is a compilation of my personal favorites from my wardrobe. Hopefully it inspires you to buy something the next time you spot a piece that makes you do a double take!

Laptop sleeve that doubles as a statement clutch:
This laptop sleeve has always been a conversation starter. Whether I use it to carry my laptop to client meetings or as an over sized clutch to accessorize an outfit, I’ve always been asked where I’ve purchased it. Personally I love it because it has been customized to include my blog’s name and a piece of art that I really love!

Body chain:
Body chains are a great way of accessorizing an outfit. With the innumerable number of designs available, its almost impossible to narrow down on which one you want. Start with something a little simple. One that can be worn over western wear as well as traditional outfits. One of my favorite ways of pairing it is with a saree. Yes! Just like you wear fancy waist belts (or vaddanams) on sarees, a body chain can also be worn for a really different look. You can then go for shoulder chains too which would look great when paired with a plain saree.

Green harem pants:
In the past few years I have seen about ten different varieties of harem pants but have not liked a single pair except this one. I don’t think I get the concept of a harem pant. Where would you wear it? Personally the drop crotch version is something that I strongly dislike and I don’t think it look flattering on anyone. The only pair that I find comfortable and have worn to death is this bright green pair. Whether its paired with a kurti or a tshirt it never fails to live up to its promise of comfort and style!

Hand made shell necklace:
This particular piece was a special buy, a hand made necklace by an artisan in the tiny town of Mahabhalipuram. The shells, the little mirror and the bright colors instantly made me buy it. Its not a ‘statement necklace’ but it still is a unique piece, one that you don’t get to see often. And definitely not in any high end accessory stores. Hand crafted items have their own personality, their own story. Whether they have a sentimental value of your first trip away from home, or memories of an early morning trip to a far off beach – they are definitely for keeps!

Inkkas shoes:
Okay so by now you must be knowing that I have a thing for anything hand-made and eclectic. When I was first sent this pair of Inkkas shoes, I was blown over. Made from local materials found in a city called Cusco in Peru, Inkkas’s philosophy has always been philanthropy and authenticity. Inkkas is a team of dreamers and their story of how they founded this company is something everyone needs to watch

How to: Five ways to wear a black pencil skirt

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Poor little pencil skirt. After the round of interviews, for which it had been purchased and used, it lay there in a corner of my wardrobe, literally crushed and forgotten. Having followed no formal dress code in college or work for the past three years (except for presentations, interviews, or other ‘formal’ events) I’ve blissfully ignored them all for most part. Recently after yet another I-need-a-new skirt excuse of online shopping, I decided to pull out this ever popular classic piece, determined to use it to its full potential.

For those of you wanting to give your formal skirts a more casual or classy spin, these are just a few ideas to get you started. I had three more outfits to shoot but testing my photographer’s patience is never a good option, so that’s reserved for a future post. ‘kay?

Look 1:
Colorful candy colored blouse with a loose fit, since it’s a fitted pencil skirt, side swept hair and your favorite pair of heels. I feel a very false sense of gracefulness wearing this, which am not!

five ways to wear pencil skirt, five ways to wear black skirt, black pencil skirt, pencil skirt remix, office formals, formal dressing tips, indian office formals, pencil skirt, skirt remix
Blouse: Gifted | Bracelets: Accessorize | Shoes: Steve madden

Look 2:
For a really unusual yet flattering look, pair a (short) kurti with your pencil skirt. Perfect juxtaposition of  Indian formal with western formal. Cinched waist with a thin or broad belt and nude sandals add the finishing touch! (I threw in chunky earrings too)

five ways to wear pencil skirt, five ways to wear black skirt, black pencil skirt, pencil skirt remix, office formals, formal dressing tips, indian office formals, pencil skirt, skirt remix
Kurti: Street shopping (Chennai) | Shoes: Catwalk | Bracelets&Earrings: GB
Look 3:
I don’t know what to call this but this is my kind of look. Skull tee – love it. Fitted colorful blazer – looove it. Layered necklace – *swoon*
Seriously I’d wear this anywhere.

five ways to wear pencil skirt, five ways to wear black skirt, black pencil skirt, pencil skirt remix, office formals, formal dressing tips, indian office formals, pencil skirt, skirt remix
Blazer: | Skull tee: Max fashions | Necklace: Gifted
Look 4:
Denim screams casual, right? Side note: never quite understood why clothes have to ‘scream’ anything.. I’m all for whispered tones than blowing someone’s ear drum off. Anyway, reallyyy messy braid, casual tee, casual sandals, casual denim shirt thrown on… casual everything.. casual coffee with me?   

five ways to wear pencil skirt, five ways to wear black skirt, black pencil skirt, pencil skirt remix, office formals, formal dressing tips, indian office formals, pencil skirt, skirt remix
Tee: Max fashions | Denim shirt: | Sandals: Soles | Earrings: GB
Look 5:
Another favorite of mine – black on black. Elegant, powerful, strong, smart, confident, I could go on and on about this combination. Black always makes me think of gold, so a hint of gold, a pair of heels and I am superwoman (for me!)

five ways to wear pencil skirt, five ways to wear black skirt, black pencil skirt, pencil skirt remix, office formals, formal dressing tips, indian office formals, pencil skirt, skirt remix
Black shirt: Van heusen  | Shoes: Steve madden
p.s: Any other five ways to wear (or more) that you’d like me to do, drop a comment! 🙂

How to: Five ways to wear stripes with pants

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I asked the zebra
Are you black with white stripes?
Or white with black stripes?
And the zebra asked me,
Are you good with bad habits?
Or are you bad with good habits?
Are you noisy with quiet times?
Or are you quiet with noisy times?
Are you happy with some sad days?
Or are you sad with some happy days?
Are you neat with some sloppy ways?
Or are you sloppy with some neat ways?
And on and on and on and on
And on and on he went.
I’ll never ask a zebra
About stripes

– Shel Silverstein

So why in the world am I talking about zebras? Because its a silly yet profound poem. Because before this entire fashion blogging scene and before stripes became the most essential casual fashion staple, I associated them with only two things: zebras and jail uniforms. 

Mr. Zebra seems to have been offended by the stripes question back then but if only he could see it now… its not just black and white but every possible color in stripes! Seriously, if it wasn’t for stripes, what would we do on all those monday mornings when are running late or those days when you are totally uninspired to put together a chic outfit? I guess we have our four-legged striped friend to thank for the trend! (hey that rhymed!)

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Going casual

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I woke up wanting to wear something really casual today. Yep, first thing on my mind when I woke up was clothes. You could tell it was going to be an amazing Saturday. Somehow, for me, stripes = casual, so I was trying all the more to stay away from it, you know, as a challenge. *Yes I saw you roll your eyes. Don’t judge!* But today was one of those days where my clothes were waging a mini war with me. For some reason every outfit that I picked decided to look ridiculous on me. If they were trying to take revenge for the way they had been unceremoniously crumpled and pushed together in my closet… I kinda had it coming.

So we fought. My leggings suddenly turned terribly itchy. My shirt tried to suffocate me. My jeans refused to button up. A perfect color combo of pale pink and blue decided to look terrible against my skin. As if all this weren’t enough my favorite yellow t-shirt decided to rip.

Did I just use ‘amazing’ and ‘saturday’ in the same sentence?

Stripes won. Lesson learnt.

Jeans: Levis
Top: Max Fashions
Clutch: Max Fashions
Necklace: Accessorize
Sunglasses: Guess
Shoes: Street shopping (only Rs.199!)
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The grey jeans

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You know those situations where you keep searching and searching for one particular shade of jeans and when you finally find it, it is exactly what you wanted? Now grey is not really that hard a color to find, but fit-wise, I had a hard time finding this pair. This easily the most worn jeans in my closet. I feel every color that looks good with black and blue, looks ten times better on grey. Yep. You are looking at a grey fanatic right here.

Grey jeans and a plain black tee in three different ways
1) Wearing the black tee over a bright colored tank top
2) Wearing a casual shirt over the tee
2) Wearing a sheer polka dot tank over the tee

Grey jeans in 3 more ways

here, here and here

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