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Hello! A quick hi to all those bracing the cold winter weather with the help of hot chocolate and warm layers and to all those melting in the heat. And not to forget the ones stuck in between a.k.a moody can’t-make-up-it’s-mind weather. What a contrast right?

Not to sound like a broken record but time really is flying! I know I keep saying it all throughout the year but I can’t help it! I always seem to be lagging behind on my things-to-do list or maybe I am constantly going on adding to it so it’s like a never ending list. But hey! What can you do when there is so much more to see, learn, explore and do? Just make sure that you get to do what you enjoy and love every single day! 🙂


Kalki fashion

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I really have nothing to write about. No serious topics, no random ramblings, nothing substantial to share except that am here, there and everywhere all at once. I’ve been busy but haven’t really done anything except meet people, attend this function and that lunch-do and eat out a lot. So basically the last week of 2013 is flying by without me realizing how or when! Every event within the past week has been so spontaneous that time just flew by. And since everyone is busy with new year plans or with family simply enjoying the holidays, let’s just call it a day and move on to the outfit.

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion
Kurti: c/o | Earrings & shoes: street shopping (general bazaar) (previously barcode91) is an online retail store primarily dealing with ethnic wear. I fell in love with more than half of their saree collection, which are not only pretty but quite affordable. Next was probably the salwar kameez, where I could manage to spot quite a few favorites. They have lot of different Indian kurtis, although it did take some digging to find something that matched my taste. After my initial couple of choices turned out to be out of stock, I went for this simple teal kurti with thread work. Perfect for casual everyday wear!

Simple awesome things

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Beauty lies in simplicity, in the little things in life. Things that you usually take for granted and don’t really notice them or think of them as ‘important’ until someone points them out to you and you think ‘Oh yeah!’

We all have our little quirks that only people close to us understand. Some are endearing while some others might be the reason for you getting screamed at or shaken by your best friend. But hey, its a complete package and those quirky traits are what makes a person who he/she is! Here are some that I read on 1000awesomethings. Silly or not, I found them to be totally true in my case!

  • Laughing so hard you make no sound at all
  • Drinking the ice crystals in your freezing cold glass of coke
  • Taking your heels off and walking those last few steps to your car in bare feet
  • That feeling in your stomach when you go really high on the swings
  • Finding the last item in your size at the store
  • Waking up before your alarm and realizing you have a lot of sleep time left
  • Squeezing through a door as its shutting without touching it
  • The first squeeze from a new tube of toothpaste

See my previous list here.

In a totally different context, this is style #2 (see prev style here) wearing the coral top from FabAlley via I’ve taken to browsing their site every other day just to check out the new stuff that they keep adding. Right now they’ve got some really good stuff under Rakhi gifts. Although I am a day late, its never to late to demand gifts (or buy them!). They’ve got some pretty heavy discounts and a Buy 1 get 1 Free offer on some of their jewelry so do check them out!

Top: c/o FabAlley via | Skirt: VeroModa | Shoes: Local store(Chennai) | Bracelets & Chain: Accessorize | Belt: Gifted
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Brights on a rainy day

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Umpteen attempts at writing a sensible post. Din’t work. Too preoccupied to focus on a single task right now. So let the thoughts flow…
  • Why oh why can’t people keep their precious ‘advice’ to themselves? I am usually good at blocking out unnecessary voices noises, but after a while it gets to you.
  • People change. For good and for bad too. You have no control over it and you don’t have to. Its okay that way. Perhaps even better that way.
  • Do what you love because you love doing it. Not for money. Not for fame. Not because of pressure or anything else if you want to continue to be in love with it.
  • They say it takes 21 days to form a (good) habit. In my case it took 4 days and a killer instinct to truly want to better my life. Unless it comes from within you, that yearning with every cell of your body, no one.. literally no one can help you.
  • I haven’t shopped since April. No, its not self-control or a test. I just don’t feel like it. Am content with what I have. No more meaningless retail therapy. I have better things to do!
This is an old old outfit post, which is perfect for this week’s weather: dull, gloomy and raining non-stop!

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Music in my ears

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I’ve been struggling to write something, anything here since morning but my mind is drawing a blank. Funny how that happens when your head is buzzing with thoughts like a bee’s hive. I keep shaking my head as if willing my thoughts to fall in order somehow. Not surprisingly it din’t work, although I think I did sprain my neck a little. Ouch.

I was sleeping peacefully the other night when I woke up for no reason at all and I had a vision of me wearing this dress. Also that I had to pay my phone bill.  And that’s exactly what happened two days later. Except for the phone bill part. Am I good or what?

Couple of years back I also envisioned myself in an office with glass windows overlooking the city from the 23rd floor. Now, I sit next to a window that you have to force-open, very much on the ground floor. I told myself “Stop beating yourself up about it. Some day it will come true”. Once I stopped talking to myself in third person, I realized that’s true. I always give myself the best advice.

p.s How adorable are these earrings?

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Hello there!

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Has it been months? Years? Decades? I seem to have suffered from short term memory loss and forgotten I have a blog. Well I won’t be justifying or explaining my absence and making promises of regular posts.. coz let’s face it, chances are I’ll disappear again for a while.

Truth be told, I did remember I had have a blog, but I have lost the zeal for blogging lately. Laziness, procrastination, lack of interest, did I mention laziness? And the hardly-any-comments on the past few posts have also put me down a bit. As much as we bloggers proclaim that “we blog for ourselves”, we love comments. Comment are good. They make us feel important. Like all this nonsense is worth reading and responding (shower some this time will ya?) So why the sudden urge to blog? Well I have a very important exam tomorrow. And me being me, blogging seemed like the most obvious thing to do right now. If only life always made such total sense.

So what’s going on you ask?

Am having a gala time here. Yes literally. Gone are the days of slogging from morning to night. Subjects are few, the load is less and assignments are copied from google with utmost sincerity and promptness. And I am busy catching up on my usual 8 hours of sleep, going for sunday brunches, spending a week at home, shopping, reading books and basically slipping back into normal life. It feels good after months of hecticness (and I just realized this is not a word – thank you auto-correct).

In other news, my BFF got hitched. With this almost all my close friends are finally married. Naturally daddy dearest is getting a little jumpy that his darling daughter is ‘left out’ but more than me it’s he who isn’t ready for the big M word. He was heard discussing with my Mom whether he should put up a couple of extra bedrooms for me to come and live in.


And the worst part was he was not kidding. Just imagine! Oh the horror!

Definitely not ready to let go!

Dress – gifted
Shoes – Catwalk

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Bloopers – 2

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I have finally come to the stage where I don’t even feel like opening my blog, because that just makes me miss blogging all the more! Any semblance to my past life has long gone, and I have been cut off from the outside world for more than a month (a month?? feels like a century!). So far MBA is not giving me the kind of learning and experience that I hoped for (damn you typhoid!) , but it has given me the most unexpected lessons in life, the most bizarre and funny experiences – which I think would me more useful in the long run!

After this course what I would be left with is an year’s worth of memories, laughter and fun. And I think its worth all that!
A proper outfit shoot doesn’t seem to be on the cards anytime soon… so until the time that it does happen, we shall adjust with what we have. a.k.a random ramblings of mine. A couple of months back I’d made a second bloopers video, which I’d been intending to post since a long time but never got around to posting it.. same old story.. no time.
Anyway, presenting…

Life motto #2329 – Never ever miss an opportunity to embarrass yourself.

If you haven’t watched the first bloopers video then click here!

p.s – Its kinda shorter than the previous one. I think its time to add a little madness into my life again!

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Buzz in the air

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I have nothing at all to say today. Nil. Nada. Zero words.
Except these three:
Sugar candy
Summer rain
Chunky jewelry
Whatdoyaknow! That turned out to be 6 words.
#off-topic : I’ve come to realize that I cannot live without a photographer in my life. I’ve also realized I’ll not have a photographer (at my beck and call) in a month’s time. 
*horrified look*

Update : 
Some of you have already responded via comments and emails about what I’d asked yesterday. For those who don’t follow me on facebook, here’s the gist! By the end of this month i’ll be completing one-year of style blogging (in my eyes that’s a HUGE deal!) so in order to show my appreciation towards all of you (readers, followers, stalkers…), I wanted to do a compilation of all your thoughts/comments about me and/or my blog.
So if you have anything at all to say about my blog – how it inspired you, helped you, made you think, made you laugh or even if you simply hated it, please send your thoughts to It could be a few lines, pictures, anything at all! And i’ll be featuring everyone who has something (nice) to say! 😉

My hair’s growing long again! Time for another haircut?

These are the most well fitted and comfortable cotton pants I own, but I hate the fact that they crease so easily, even while walking :/ 

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Mondays are the best.

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The past week was a blur. I don’t think I can come up with anything if you ask me how it was. That’s how good or bad it was. But the weekend was exceptional. That I definitely remember. And the post title? No I wasn’t kidding. Waking up late, late breakfast, napping in the afternoon and settling down with a couple hundred blogs to read and comment on in the evening – the best feeling ever? No wonder I am in love with this particular Monday.

I was supposed to shoot an outfit on Saturday which I dint, and then again on Sunday which again I dint. I decided to do it on Monday i.e today. i.e like right now but I can’t get myself to spoil my perfect day by getting out of my pj’s and getting out of bed and stepping out into the hot sun. Which by the way brings me to my most favorite topic of discussion? Cribbing about weather. Why on earth is it so hot already?  I am terribly missing winter *sob*

This was something I wore I-don’teven-remember-when  (probably last month). I just found these photos sitting innocently in my drafts, along with a lot of other badly-written-might-never-be-published posts.

If this little random rant doesn’t make any sense.. my apologies! Sometimes you are too happy to be making any sense! 😉

p.s – Those who have word verification, please do consider removing it.

And these are officially the worst pair of sunglasses I own. I really need to splurge on a new one.

Shirt/Tunics – Lee (Gift)
Leggings – some shop in Sydney
Shoes – Catwalk
Earrings – Gift (from sis)

Last ten days to enter the giveaway. Click on the below image to enter

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January Lookbook

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So there I was wishing everybody a happy new year and BAM! The year has come, the month has ended. End of January already. Am I making it sound like the apocalypse? I tend to be over dramatic when I am sick and in bed. Which brings me to another point. Whenever I am sick, I have this incredible urge to get out of bed, go about my daily routine, and prove to myself that I can still do it all.

Sometimes I go out of my way to do things that I wouldn’t do even on normal days. Its funny how my brain is wired all wrong. On normal days I am so lazy to do day-to-day errands like going to the bank, but when I am sick I go all out! It just shows how competitive human nature is. Always wanting to prove yourself. Luckily I am only concerned with proving it to myself and not to others! Anyway, enough talk.. now back to bed!

I typically don’t like doing a month end review post… but let’s just say I’ve had a change of heart ( or that I have no new outfits to post).

January Lookbook:

p.s – I am trying my best to reply to ALL the comments, but if I do miss a couple of blogs here and there, I assure you, it is not intentional! 
Just drop by another comment saying “Woman!!! Why the hell haven’t you replied??”. Chances are I’d get back to you ASAP.
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