Last outfit post for 2011!

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I expected a mixed reaction for this post, and I did get varied responses. But most of you understood exactly what I was saying. I really really appreciate that. Some of you felt it was rude to not reply when someone takes time and reads and comments on your blog. But like I said I always find some way or the other of reciprocating and my genuine readers have understood that fact 😉
My aim was not to offend anyone, and if I did so then.. apologies!

On a completely unrelated topic, I am facing a lot of problems with blogger. Post updates show up late in my reading-list (sometimes 2 days after the blogger has published a new post), and every time I click on ‘Manage’ to unsubscribe from a few blogs (that I haven’t been reading) it shows a server error. I have googled extensively about this but there seems to be no solution. Un-subscribing from google reader doesn’t help either. Any one else with the same problem?

So please please please all my favorite bloggers start using bloglovin. It is the best and easiest way to follow blogs. It is quick and I haven’t had any problems with it so far. You don’t have to open 10 tabs for reading 10 different blogs. You can move from one new post to another with a single click. You don’t have to scroll through your reading list searching for any updates that you have missed. I won’t even ask you to follow me there. Just register so that I can follow you there. All the fashion bloggers/style bloggers whom I follow are using bloglovin, so I request all you amazing writers too, to check it out. And NO, I am not being paid to promote bloglovin. I am just so sick of all the problems with blogger! Grrr!

Okay! So the last outfit post of 2011!!! Has this year flown by or what! 
Let me know what you think of it! 😀

What are your New Year plans? Mine is to stay at home watch a bunch of good movies, eat lots of food and sleep!

Dress – Aadro
Blazer –
Boots – ?? (Don’t remember!)

And Winner of the Poll was… a tie! Between outfits #7 and #9. 
Thanks to everyone who voted! 🙂


Pet stories II and Poll II

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I feel like getting a dog again. And by that I meant for you to understand that we did have a dog before and we had him for thirteen years.

A pomeranian, crazy as hell, and impossible to train (Think Marley from ‘Marley and Me’). I doubt he ever understood a single command of ours, and even if he did he sure as hell dint bother to follow it. My mom and sister used to play rough with him. Cuddle him, hug him, let him lick and bite and all that. But I never liked that(the licking and biting part) and the best part was he knew. He would automatically become gentle and docile when he was around me.

He came to our house when he was a month old, scared and shivering and left when he was thirteen, half-blind, half-deaf but very much loved. I’ve been wanting another dog since then but my mom has put her foot down. ‘You get your own house, then you get your own dog’ is what she says.. which is fair I guess. I was just passing by his corner when I remembered how we used to make a little bed for him during winters so that he wouldn’t feel cold, and how he used to end up getting tangled in his blanket every single time and then start whining for help!

Wherever he is in doggy-heaven, he must be driving every other dog, cat, bird.. in short every animal CRAZY!

Anyway, I have no idea why I remembered my dog now… (oh yeah! I was browsing cute pet clothes for winter) but back to fashion!
Now that we have almost reached the year end, time for a little poll. This poll has been lying in my drafts since soooo long. I’ve posted so many new outfits after this, so let’s finish off with this poll first and then start with the others! Do vote and let me know your favorites! 🙂

Feel free to mention any other favorite outfits that are missing in this poll 😛

p.s – you have the option of voting for TWO outfits.

                                           ONE                          TWO                       THREE
                                           FOUR                        FIVE                          SIX

                                       SEVEN                        EIGHT                      NINE

TEN                                             ELEVEN