Valentine who?

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Valentine’s day has successfully made the transition from being just a ‘day’ to a full fledged festival. Love it or hate it, you simply can’t ignore it. While hindutva groups try to ‘preserve’ our Indian culture by  trying to squish out this dangerous festival-that-must-not-be-named (because it has been adopted from western culture you-know-where), their purpose is more or less lost in the ensuing chaos. Those who celebrate it still go on celebrating, those who have the “why have only one day to celebrate love?” attitude take the high road, while those who are making money out of this entire fiasco are having a jolly good laugh while jingling their money bags. So really, what is it that we are trying to achieve here?

Some debates are never ending. I like to pick and choose my battles and I don’t see any good coming out of fighting for it or fighting against it. In the end, celebrating (or not) is as much a personal choice as celebrating your birthday. So, being a fashion blogger, I did the next best thing that I could do, which is to style a couple of Valentine’s Day looks for you guys. The hot debate here is always whether wearing red has become too passé or if it’s still fashionable to be decked in hearts and reds. I would say wear whatever the hell you want. Fashion has no rules, and if black is your thing, by all means go ahead and rock that!

 Look 1

Black is usually my answer to all my outfit dilemmas, but even I couldn’t escape the mushiness in the air and I gave in to wearing my heart on my sleeve (body? torso?) for this one day. I received the cutest heart print blouse from which was perfect for pairing over my favorite burgundy jeans. I din’t go all out ‘red’ but decided to stick to shades of it, and of course added my favorite pair of sparkly heels. This is really a fuss free, easy, day time look that doesn’t require too much planning or thought. 

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Look 2
For the second look, I still wanted to keep it simple yet dressy. Maxi skirts shall remain my absolute favorite for a long time to come. I layered a couple of gold necklaces over a crop top for a subtle dressy look. The soft and flow-y fabric of the skirt gives it a very feminine feel and although my plans for this Valentine’s day involve eating cupcakes and spending the weekend catching up on my reading, this is something that I would definitely wear for an early dinner!

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Look 1 { Jeans: Kraus | Top: (buy here) | Shoes: Dorothy Perkinds via }
Look 2 { Skirt: oasap (buy here) | Necklace: oasap (buy here), Top: forever21 | Clutch: NewLook via | Shoes: }


Purple and Gold

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The sale season fever seems to have struck every single person that I know! Be it fashion lovers or gadget freaks, the only talk I hear all around me is of slashed prices, most coveted products and deals that are too good to be missed. I usually always stay away from the sale season for the simple fact that I don’t trust myself around any label that says 70% off! But after two years of not shopping during sales and getting my wardrobe to a state where I use almost every piece of clothing multiple times, I thought it was a good time to get back into the game! I’m a sucker for plaid and checkered shirts and I could live in them practically my whole life and never get bored of them. I think I am well on my way to collecting them in every color available. These cute metallic gold loafers were another sale find. I rarely ever find closed shoes that are comfortable on my feet and I always prefer buying only sandals but this pair is the comfiest ever! Lastly the studded sling back with tassels happens to be one of my favorite purchases. The first half of January has come at me with full force – a lot of new opportunities, decisions and work to be done. If the rest year of the year continues this way then no complaints from me! There are also going to be a couple of changes on the blog front, so stay tuned!

Shirt: | Shoes: Ginger (Lifestyle stores) | Jeans: Recap | Bag: (buy here) | Earrings: Accessorize

Put a cape on it!

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Who says capes are only for superheros and magicians? Capes, long shirts and long cardigans are the new trends in town, making us feel like we are all superwomen! Although I don’t really follow trends, I’m totally loving capes and how dramatic they look on any simple outfit. They seem to be everywhere, right from the ramp at fashion week to high street retail brands. Personally I feel there are so many possible ways to style them, given the kind of variety you have in the lengths, fabric and silhouette. 
For this look I picked the most basic long cape/shirt dress. After a burst of colorful outfits on the blog, I wanted to keep it muted in black, grey and white with hints of gold. This can be styled as a shirt dress with a belt over it, under a printed maxi skirt, over shorts and a tee to name a few ideas. So show me how you would style a cape by tagging me on instagram (@thegirlatfirstavenue). Meanwhile I’m off to superwoman things!

Jeans: Recap | Tshirt: Splash | Shoes: Catwalk | Cuff: Forever21 | Cape & Spike earring: oasap(buy here and here)
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Chained to you

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This October has been a busy month and I’ve thoroughly been enjoying it! Exactly two and a half months more and 2014 comes to an end. Time flies! Have I achieved everything that I wanted to this year? Not really. Everything that I planned has been set in motion but it hasn’t quite reached where I would like it to be yet. But I am surely and steadily getting there.. one step at a time. There are days when you get side tracked with everything going on around you and question yourself if you really are on that ‘path to success and happiness’ that everyone claims to be on. Just because everyone in your age group is getting married, popping out babies and working in their comfy 9 to 5 jobs and ‘settling down’, doesn’t mean you have to do it too. I catch myself agreeing to that mindset way more that I would like to admit, but then am jolted back into my senses. Frankly I dislike the very word settle. It might be used with good intensions from time to time, but lately settling down has become synonymous to stagnation. Just the thought of settling makes you complacent about your life, when there is so much out there to explore, desire and achieve. What you need is stability in life, not settling, and it’s high time the word gets replaced! 
As for me, I shall always remain chained to my free spirit and I refuse to “settle down” for anything lesser! Now that my little rant is over, let’s move on to the pictures! 

Trousers: c/o Lifestyle | Shirt: oasap (Buy here) | Shoes, rings & Body chain: Forever21
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Daisy print

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The summer heat is draining me out of every bit of enthusiasm I have for outfit shoots, which is why this is my first post in this month (and in days!). I hardly feel like stepping out in the sun for a shoot. But I finally managed to do it, thanks to this fun daisy print top from The summery print was enough to get me on my feet and straight to sunday brunch. Promise of good food and new clothes always works!

It also looks like I’ve been drained out of any further thoughts, so let’s keep it short and simple for now!

Top: (buy here) | Jeans: Levis | Bag: newlook via | Shoes: Catwalk