The end and the beginning

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I usually don’t like taking long breaks from the blog, but December was such a busy month (if you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll know why) that I couldn’t set aside any time for blogging. But I decided to end the year by sharing a look that we shot almost three months back. I didn’t need to think at all for this outfit. I just picked all my favorite pieces and threw them together and came up with this messy hair (I blame the humid seaside weather) fusion look.

I don’t believe in new year resolutions, but I did make some (for lack of a better word) plans for the coming year and I can’t wait to see how they go! This year has been great for my blog in terms of collaborations, features in magazines and all the opportunities that have come my way and am hoping for even better experiences in the coming year. Thanks for reading my blog, for all the comments and all the support. Let’s continue the journey!

Skirt: Street shopping (Hyderabad) | Shirt: Forever21 | Shoes & earrings: Local boutique | Necklace:

Sand in my feet

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The last month of the year always seems rush by at an abnormally fast pace. It feels like sand slipping away from between your toes. The more you try to dig your feet deep inside, the next wave comes, washing away the sand from beneath your feet. Probably my entire life itself feels that way. Always running, never a pause. But with time I’ve come to accept that feeling, if not enjoy it. There are moments when the rush leaves me all giddy and exhilarated but there are also moments when I am scrambling around to find a pause button.This was an impromptu photo shoot on one such day when I hit pause. Took a day off, went for a drive, pushed back life and all of it’s pending decisions to be made and just let go! Need to make time for more such days in the coming year!

Jeans: Levis | Tshirt: Marks & Spencers | Blazer: (here) | Bag: c/o Max fashion |
 Shoes: Catwalk
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Royal Desires

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For ticket stubs collected from every train ride taken and the sound of waves splashing while you slept on a boat. For a sunset so beautiful that you forget to take a picture and a rain drenched walk ‘coz you missed your ride. For journeys taken alone with just your thoughts for company and hot mugs of tea made in your tent. For the feel of the soft river bed sand between your toes and a hoarse voice from shouting over thunderous waterfalls.

For local cuisines and the smell of a spice market. For a bird’s eye view from a helicopter ride and a crawl through a tunnel to lost cities. For a roof top seating to watch the fireworks and a soaked shirt from a water balloon fight. For clothes full of sand from the desert safari and a slightly burnt marshmallow from last night’s bonfire.

For wind blown hair that’s enjoyed a water scooter ride and tired feet that have reached the splendid view on top. For damp, humid weather that comes with exotic tropical islands and insect bites that tell tales of your travels in the rain forests. For salt on your skin from sailing all day and tanned arms from never leaving the beach. For crowded dorms on your backpacking tour to polaroid pictures of the strangers who became friends.

For a road less travelled, a soul more thrilled. A wandering heart’s desire fulfilled.

anita dongre jumpsuit, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, black jumpsuit online india

anita dongre jumpsuit, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, black jumpsuit online india

anita dongre jumpsuit, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, black jumpsuit online india

anita dongre jumpsuit, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, black jumpsuit online india

anita dongre jumpsuit, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, black jumpsuit online india

anita dongre jumpsuit, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, black jumpsuit online india
Jumpsuit: AND by Anita Dongre | Charm bracelet: | Shoes:

If you are wondering what has inspired the write-up above, it is this movie/documentary about a girl who takes a solo trip around the world on her sail boat. MUST watch for anyone with a wandering heart that simply wants to see the entire world and never stays put in one place!

p.s – Sometimes an all black outfit with absolutely no color is just what you need!

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Frivolous Blues

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I’ve been staring at the screen for the past 15min and my mind has been jumping from topic to topic with each one vanishing before I can convert it to words. Ever had that buzz in your head, where you can almost feel each thought escaping your grasp at the very last moment? Like you know you are thinking something important but you can’t really make sense of it yet? It’s like my mind has a mind of its own.. if that made any sense!

It’s on days like this, when my mind is going bonkers with ‘serious’ matters, that I am least interested in putting in any effort towards my other ‘frivolous’ interests like dressing up! Moments like that always have me wishing that I could walk out in my pyjamas without bothering to dress up. Well technically I could, but being a fashion blogger you just can’t do that. It’s almost like an invisible force is pulling you towards all those clothes waiting to be mix and matched and accessorized (and of course photographed). My answer to such days is a comfy pair of palazzos a.k.a pyjama pants. Bright, comfortable and fashionable.

Forget about Day to Night and Desk to Dinner looks. If you ask me this is a wake-up-from-bed and head-to-movies/brunch/dinner/shopping/laze around look! Incidentally I wore this to a brunch and movie and I was one happy kid the whole day!

Palazzos: Biba via | Tshirt: Marks and Spencers | Bag: Gifted | Studded shoes: | Rayban aviators | Bracelet: Accessorize

Black and white

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It’s funny how sometimes the most mundane and unexpected things make such pretty accessories. This pink bow belt is actually a tie which I found in my sister’s husband’s closet. A slim pink tie which I have no idea why he had in the first place! I grabbed it for myself and have been using it as a belt ever since. Inspiration is all around us and ideas are waiting to burst from the ordinary, the plain and the boring. It just takes a new pair of eyes and a little curiosity to discover them.

On a different note, by May I will be completing another year of fashion blogging and I feel so happy to still be doing something that I love, that keeps my creativity engaged (and contributes to my wallet!). When I look at people around me constantly cribbing about lack of time to pursue their passion, I am overcome with a sense of overwhelming gratitude that I have the time, inclination and resources to do whatever I want, whatever I love. The busiest man always has the time for everything. If you have the inclination, you will somehow find a way to do what you love, although I believe that  timing too, has an essential part to play. Be it painting or blogging or writing, I am able to do what I love every single day, and it’s a great feeling!

I see so many of my friends get inspired and start something, only to lose heart and stop mid-way. Most cases that I see are due to pure laziness and procrastination, and nothing major. And as expected, they regret it, start again and the same cycle continues. Not many are blessed with a second opportunity, so I urge every single person reading this – if you have something that you are extremely passionate about, if that is something you dream and think about day and night, make time for it! Because that’s one regret no one should never have.

white skirt, black and white skirt, fashion blog india, best indian fashion blog, fashion stirred, summer fashion

white skirt, black and white skirt, fashion blog india, best indian fashion blog, fashion stirred, summer fashion

white skirt, black and white skirt, fashion blog india, best indian fashion blog, fashion stirred, summer fashion

white skirt, black and white skirt, fashion blog india, best indian fashion blog, fashion stirred, summer fashion

white skirt, black and white skirt, fashion blog india, best indian fashion blog, fashion stirred, summer fashion
Skirt: Gift from sis (from UK) | Top: Splash | Shoes: Steve madden | Earrings: c/o | Belt: Tie worn as belt

Koovs zippered skirt

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We are already one month into the new year! This Jan I started working towards putting together a collection of my paintings. After having done just two last year, I decided would have to dedicate more time towards art/painting this year if I am to call myself an artist. Holding a brush every six months will not do anymore! Also got to watch a movie after months. There are movies that you walk out of feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside and there are those that leave you lost in thought about whatthehellamIdoingwithmylife?!? Then there are those that you walk out of looking like you were cloberred on the head with a giant fly swatter or worse – wishing that you were clobbered, coz anything would feel better than what you sat through for the past two hours. That is One by Two for you. There is absolutely no sense or logic to anything that goes on in the movie. It was so bad I couldn’t even fall asleep.

Adding to the already no-sleep situation is another problem. It starts in the morning, every morning, early morning. First come the shrill shouts of this lady ‘To the right, no I said RIGHT! Now, jump jump jump!’. She could any-day surpass a drill sergeant making you half-wonder if you sleep walked and joined the military and salute in your sleep just by the sound of her voice. Then comes the loud blaring music of ‘Disco deewaneeee’. And then someone starts crying. All this from a play school rehearsing for their annual function. Kids brawling and music blaring – who needs an alarm clock? I guess I should take a page from Abhay Deol’s (movie) book and start strumming my guitar to ‘I’m just pakaoed!’ All speakers pointing in their direction mind you!

koovs online shopping, koovs skirt, midi skirt, how to style midi skirt, black skirt, indian fashion blogger

koovs online shopping, koovs skirt, midi skirt, how to style midi skirt, black skirt, indian fashion blogger

koovs online shopping, koovs skirt, midi skirt, how to style midi skirt, black skirt, indian fashion blogger

koovs online shopping, koovs skirt, midi skirt, how to style midi skirt, black skirt, indian fashion blogger

koovs online shopping, koovs skirt, midi skirt, how to style midi skirt, black skirt, indian fashion blogger
koovs online shopping, koovs skirt, midi skirt, how to style midi skirt, black skirt, indian fashion blogger
Skirt: | Top:FabAlley | Necklace:  | Shoes: Catwalk

Lazy weekends

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The only thing on my mind over the past few days has been….
I’ve been cooped up for so long and it seems like my last travel/vacation was forever ago. My travel seems to happen in spurts, either I travel a lot of not at all. I just wish it was distributed a bit more evenly over the entire year, like a vacation every two months 😛 Here’s hoping that dream comes true soon! 
Which reminds me, I think I am going to start my travel series posts soon. If I can’t physically be at my dream vacation destination, let me at least reminisce about my past travels through blog posts. Got to adjust with something!
I’ve taken a little break from outfit posts (last post was on Oct 6) but I’ve been posting my daily outfits on instagram along with all the OctoberWithInFb posts, which have really been super fun. I’ve found so many new bloggers to follow. 
So what else have I got to share?? *thinks hard* Well I guess that’s about it! Outfit posts will be back on from next week (I am kinda starting to miss them now, but I needed a small break)
The Lashkaraa giveaway (click here to enter) is still on, so if haven’t entered it already, do it right now so that you get your goodie bag right in time for diwali! 🙂

I’ve just returned home from a day spent lounging by the pool (which was after a few laps coz I need my dose of exercise/fitness even on a weekend at a resort!) So browse the Lashkaraa collections while I go hit the bed (sore arms and tired muscles – but yay!)

What have you guys been up to? Any travel plans before the year end?

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First Avenue Style #2: The Maxi skirt

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Black. The color of darkness. The color of fear. The color that makes you envision something sinister and evil. A black heart, ruthless and unforgiving. Black magic, ominous and threatening. Black death, deadly and horrific. The Black wind, mysterious and possessing.

Black. The color of a freshly wiped black board on a new school day. A black stallion, powerful and majestic. Long black hair, smooth, shiny and beautiful. Black diamonds, rare, exquisite and expensive. Black night sky, velvety and mesmerizing. A sleek black car, empowering and classic. A little black dress, elegant and graceful.

Black, the paradox color. The color of evil and pride. The color of rejection and resourcefulness.
Blackmail. Black-belt
Black sheep. Black coffee.

The color of power, of control. The color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown. The barrier, hiding feelings, building walls, shrouding everything that it surrounds that it all seems to vanish into shadows. Black, authoritative and uptight. The color of self-control and confidence. The color of independence and strong will. Black, conventional and conservative; sophisticated and dignified. Black, the intriguing temptress.

Black the end. The end becomes a beginning. Black, a new beginning.

One color. Two sides. The good, the bad. So the same applies to people, yes?

Skirt: FirstAvenueStyle(self-designed) | Top: (I don’t remember?!?) | Shoes: c/o Done by None
I’ve been wanting a blue maxi skirt for so long but as always, all my attempts at searching for one proved to be futile. It was never the right shade or the right price so I decided to just make one myself and get it over with! And I absolutely love the result! A word of caution about these shoes. I love them, the color, the design, everything but it has the most uncomfortably designed strap. It could be that its just this piece that is faulty or maybe this design. This is just my second wear and with every five steps that I take (literally exactly five steps), it snaps off and I need to stop and buckle it again. Extremely annoying to do that. And the strap has already started fraying at the edges. Another couple of wears and I can see it coming off completely. So a word of caution for anyone wanting to purchase these. Like I said the design is really bad so I’ll probably get it changed to a regular old buckle because other than that they are super comfy and cute. Done by None has really some really trendy and innovative designs but definitely need to improve on their quality!
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Veritas (Truth)

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I’ve been ignoring my first love – writing for quite a while now. What seemed at first like a short hiatus has slowly become almost an year. I’ve always been a private person and I am never comfortable with revealing my thoughts or feelings on my blog. I am opinionated and I love discussing my perspective on matters of interest but when it comes to personal matters I am a closed book. Whatever happened to all the stories and poems that I used to write! But something in my heart says that today is the day to write, to open up and reveal, if not everything then maybe a tad bit.

I’ve stuck to writing silly posts, because its so much easier than revealing what you are truly feeling. Putting out all your thoughts on the blog, for the entire world to see, makes me extremely uncomfortable. I am asked quite often, as to how I feel about posting my photos on the blog for everyone to see. A lot of people who are uncomfortable with posting pictures claim that its because they are ‘private’ people. But quite frankly its the opposite for me. My face would be the first thing even a random stranger on the road would see. There is nothing private about it. I think it has more to do with how confident you feel in your own skin, and how you decide you don’t give a damm what people think about your looks or your dressing sense as long as you feel you are beautiful. Thoughts and feelings – that’s an altogether different matter. And I choose to give access to those to only a privileged few.

I’ve stopped reading a lot of the blogs that I was following an year before. I just don’t seem to find them as interesting as before. When I do browse through them, I can’t seem to remember what it was about the blog that induced me to follow it in the first place. I blame my own ever increasing impatience for the change in attitude and not the bloggers. But in a way it feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders – of reading and commenting on every single blog. It was almost like a compulsion, an involuntary force, making me read every single one of them even though I din’t want to. A lot of them All of them, I now realize were reading and commenting on my blog thanks to the ‘I scratch your back and you scratch mine’ policy.

The downside has been that I’ve lost 50% (or maybe more) of my readership and comments, but like I said before its liberating to not think about it. I’ve realized it really doesn’t matter to me or affect the way I want to blog. I am sticking to writing more and more for myself – after all the blog is named ‘The Girl At First Avenue’ for a reason. It’s about the girl and all aspects of the girl.

Off late I’ve realized that you are your only true friend. People complicate matters in the most absurd ways and you just need to find the courage in your heart to say NO and move on and keep your life simple, the way you want it to be. Everybody has a mask on, but now-a-days they have multiple masks and frankly its not as appealing as peeling of different layers of a person with true character and personality. And for obvious reasons, I very much prefer the company of the latter in my life than the former. Difficult times test you and the people around you. True colors are revealed. True friendship is found. Lifelong bonds are made.

I’ve rambled a bit in this post. But this was more for me than for you guys. If you read this and get it well and good. If not, I guess I wasted 10min of your time 😛

This is only to remind myself that today, like every other day, I am in control of my life.

It matters not how strait the gate, 
How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate: 
I am the captain of my soul.

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Orange Burst

creativity, Look of the Day, Musings, weekend
Its happening a little too frequently than I would have preferred, that I am staring at a blank screen willing words to appear out of nothing. Should I be concerned? Writing was one thing that came to me effortlessly.. it still does.. from time to time. Worse than being unable to write is people interrupting you when you have gotten some sort of coherent flow out of you. There are times when I hate to be disturbed 1) When am in my ‘zone’ and am writing 2) When am deeply engrossed in a novel (which is almost all the time) 3) When I have my earphones on.

For some reason people seem to pick only these instances to talk or ask stupid questions. Do I look like I have a ‘To be disturbed’ board hanging around my neck? It’s happened to me so many times, specially when I have my headphones on. Someone next to me says something, and I take them out (to be polite) , smile/nod/listen (whatever), wait a few more appropriate seconds and as soon as I put them back on, they open their (useless) mouth again! Why? Why? 

No its not about manners. Well it is. It’s also common sense. Which is strangely is not so common to find. Some people I tell you.. there’s no hope for them!

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