Best of 2013

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It’s become a ritual to do an year-end-recap post every december. I almost wanted to skip it this year, but for some reason, maybe an itch that the blog would be incomplete without this year’s recap, or because my basic human nature is to think back and reminiscence, I decided to pen down a post after all. Sometimes just putting pen to paper gives you clarity on what you want, what you need to do, what you have achieved, what you have missed and what next. My resolution for 2014 is quite simple really – it’s to be happy. Might seem very vague and ambiguous but it’s not. If I start asking myself that simple question every single day, it won’t be long before I fall into a routine, a hard to break habit of doing only and only what I love and what makes me happy every day. Be it work, personal relationships, travel, hobbies, art, exercising, health – anything. For someone who thinks extensively and incessantly about others’  (more than myself), ‘Be happy and be content’ is the perfect motto for me. Everything else will fall into place soon enough! 🙂

Like every other year, this year too had its share of ups and downs. In all my year end posts, I keep challenging the coming year to bring in on, and the universe seems to be taking that as a literal sign to reallyyyy bring it on. I think I know better now!

And as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog, for all your comments and emails and for showering this little corner of the web with so much love. Together we shall definitely take this blog to higher levels in the coming year!
Here’s a short recap of the best, silliest and moments of 2013!

p.s: I’ve also added a new lookbook section on the blog, making it easier to browse through all the outfits so far over the years. Take a look!


January Lookbook

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So there I was wishing everybody a happy new year and BAM! The year has come, the month has ended. End of January already. Am I making it sound like the apocalypse? I tend to be over dramatic when I am sick and in bed. Which brings me to another point. Whenever I am sick, I have this incredible urge to get out of bed, go about my daily routine, and prove to myself that I can still do it all.

Sometimes I go out of my way to do things that I wouldn’t do even on normal days. Its funny how my brain is wired all wrong. On normal days I am so lazy to do day-to-day errands like going to the bank, but when I am sick I go all out! It just shows how competitive human nature is. Always wanting to prove yourself. Luckily I am only concerned with proving it to myself and not to others! Anyway, enough talk.. now back to bed!

I typically don’t like doing a month end review post… but let’s just say I’ve had a change of heart ( or that I have no new outfits to post).

January Lookbook:

p.s – I am trying my best to reply to ALL the comments, but if I do miss a couple of blogs here and there, I assure you, it is not intentional! 
Just drop by another comment saying “Woman!!! Why the hell haven’t you replied??”. Chances are I’d get back to you ASAP.
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