Monsoon Madness

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Photoshoots during the monsoon are all about how fast you can manage to get a few decent pictures during the 5min rain-free time that the rain gods decide to give you. It’s all about rushing out, hoping the lighting is good enough to not make your pictures hazy, clicking a few shots and praying that the slight drizzle that started has not gotten onto your camera lens. And I must say I’ve become a pro at this. Shoots that used to take half an hour are now finished in exactly 5min. Outfits are mentally planned and stored in imaginary files in my head. In fact a whole file system has been dedicatedly developed and arranged for what clothes to wear and when, based on weather, color, newest-addition-to-wardrobe or dug-up-from-farthest-corner-of-wardrobe and a whole lot of other factors (all in my head). So dressing up is a two minute job. More so because I’ve started to completely ignore doing up my hair during the monsoon. Humidity and frizzy hair are bffs. And I have given up trying to tame my hair and instead started embracing the wavy, frizzy and voluminous look that comes with it. Why waste a whole lot of time and hair products just to have it go back to the same state in a couple of hours? If beach waves are a thing, then I insist that frizzy-monsoon-hair be a thing too. Only fair right?

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maroon maxi skirt, oasap maxi skirt, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, hyderabad fashion blog, how to wear maxi skirts, how to dress for monsoon

maroon maxi skirt, oasap maxi skirt, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, hyderabad fashion blog, how to wear maxi skirts, how to dress for monsoon

maroon maxi skirt, oasap maxi skirt, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, hyderabad fashion blog, how to wear maxi skirts, how to dress for monsoon

maroon maxi skirt, oasap maxi skirt, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, hyderabad fashion blog, how to wear maxi skirts, how to dress for monsoon

maroon maxi skirt, oasap maxi skirt, indian fashion blog, best indian fashion blog, hyderabad fashion blog, how to wear maxi skirts, how to dress for monsoon
Skirt: Buy here | earrings: Buy here | Shirt: Buy here  | Belt: Gifted | Shoes: Catwalk
This bright maroon skirt from has become my go-to outfit for most days. Now I’m always wary about buying from online stores that offer wholesale or mass produced products. When something is dirt cheap you automatically start doubting it’s quality. And when so many of these Chinese online stores started cropping up, I was even more sure that I din’t want to ever buy from them. But oasap has surprised me not once or twice but quite a few times. Their product quality is surprisingly as good as their prices and variety! *win-win*

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Diwali nostalgia

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Diwali is always a special time at home. A house crowded with cousins and relatives, a big bag full of crackers, and the hullabaloo and ruckus specific and special to your family. But over the past couple of years, diwali has been filled with only two things – decorations and (lots of) photos. Cousins and friends are now scattered across three continents and I miss those times. Luckily we are a family who click photos for every random thing right from a baby’s first sneeze  to hanging a new painting on the wall, so there are always hundreds of albums to browse through every time you feel nostalgic.

One pic shows me holding a sparkler in a hand tightly wrapped in a handkerchief. Before you think I had an accident of any sort, that was my dad’s way of protecting my delicate hands from the flying specks of sparks. Another pic shows me lighting a match and bursting into tears (probably out of fear). I was five. Fun kid I was no? There was this one instance where we were all supposed to take a pic while waving sparklers around in the air. One cousin got a little too excited with the hand waves which resulted in burning a part of my hair. Although it was very little (a few strands) the smell took absolutely forever to leave!

You could be living in a far away land with relatives in India or, like me, you could be here at ‘home’ and your family scattered all over the world. But its just not the same without them! So I compensate by pushing myself into decorating, buying, re-doing, creating, dressing up and clicking loads of pictures… to browse through for another day!

p.s I din’t shop this diwali (surprise suprise), so I just threw together a festive-ish outfit and headed for lunch. Red (is always) = big festive occasion, so problem solved! 😉

p.p.s An outfit shoot after almost a month! We were so excited that we ended up with too many pics. Hence the slight overload!

Skirt&Shoes: Street shopping(Hyderabad) | Top: Max | Necklace&bracelets: street shopping |
Ha! This is one cheap diwali look! 
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Where’s the birthday girl?

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I’ve been under the weather for the past few days, sneezing and coughing. Every time there is a slight change in the weather or a dip in the temperature my usual cycle of sorethroat-cold-cough-fever starts. It is soooo annoying. I need to do something to get rid of it once and for all.

I thought I would get better by my birthday but it just got worse. Now you already know that am not big on birthdays (you should be knowing that by now) but that doesn’t mean I want be sick. So being my stubborn self I went ahead washed my hair, which I hadn’t washed in 4 days by the way *insert gasps of horror* It’s a wonder it din’t all fall off my head.The MAX I can go is one day without a hair wash so four is wayyyy too much. So you can’t blame me for trying escape my mom and grandma’s clutches while they tried to tie me up to the bed in case I go have a long cold shower. I mean its my birthday come on! I need to look normal. At least.

After convincing myself that clicking pictures was the only way I could cheer myself up (I hadn’t stepped out home for 4 days mind you.. I was going cray-cray), I got dressed, got clicked and flopped back on the bed exhausted. Not moving an inch till tomorrow, but it was totally worth it. I am surprised by my own dedication towards blogging. The things we bloggers do! Phew!

Funny face.. cheery face.

Dress: Biba (Inorbit Mall)
Leggings: Local shop
Read drop earrings: Local shop

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Jabong and Donald – huh?

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I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have started to write this long pending post. I start and I delete. I start and I get a call. I start and I have to rush to a meeting. I start and I get a mail about a new assignment. I start and I fall asleep on my laptop. I start and something or the other comes up and the cycle simply does not end!!! Arrgghh!

So frustrated-me finally decided to sit her butt down and type it all away. No matter what.

The weather here is amazing today. The perfect weather to step out, have some good food and go shopping. Yes shopping, something that I haven’t done since forever. Which is a partial total exaggeration because I have been shopping online a bit (note the phrase ‘a bit’). But going to a mall? What mall? Doesn’t exist in my world.

Thanks to the abundance of online stores I am saved. Mostly because the place I stay is is more or less a village in some godforsaken corner of Chennai. One site I’ve been shopping a lot fron these days is Its one of the most fun and vibrant sites that I’ve seen. One of my favorite items I’ve bought from their site is this Donald Duck tee. Am a huge fan of cartoons, animation movies et al, in case you din’t know before (in which case, shame on you! What have you been reading my blog for???). So quite obviously this was the first thing I bought… and its great for those days when am rushing for an early morning class and need to throw on something quick (which is pretty much the case everyday :/).

When contacted me for a doing a product review I was more than happy. I like sites with prompt delivery and an abundance of choice so this perfectly fit the bill. I got my package in just two days and considering the fact that I live in some far of corner of the city, its great!

And Donald’s expression perfectly matches my mood when there is an 8:00 am class that I need to attend!

Zipper Jeans : Lee
Shrug: Local boutique (Hyderabad)
Shoes: Ruby shoes (Sydney)

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What does bad lighting do? Messes your pictures and your head…..

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Today is going to be one of those random long posts which stop making sense half-way through. Dont say i dint warn you!

The moment i woke up today, the first thought in my head was ‘What am i going to blog about today?’ Actually this was the second thought. First was wanting to go back to sleep. So i’ve been asking myself this question a lot over the past few days. Every time i sit down to write, i end up staring at the screen, screwing my eyes up in concentration and willing words to magically appear and make sense and publish themselves. And i succeeded! You’re reading now right………..?

Is there really something called a ‘writer’s block?’ Or is just some fancy shmansy word used as a poor excuse for your lack-of-creativity? Next time i use the fancy word.. you know what am actually talking about…..

You guys i have a confession. I went shopping. I broke my promise! But i just bought one shoe (a pair actually…) and thats it. Different matter that i liked 5433344 other pairs but i dint buy them. Mine are green. Just have to wait and figure out with what dress to pair them. I know i’ll find nothing in my closet. So i can go shopping again….. You think you’d have figured out my scheming evil plans by now……….

You know what i hate about mornings? Not knowing what to EAT. I cant make up my mind in the mornings. Rather i dont know where my mind is. You know another thing i hate? When you plan an outfit in your head, and it looks good in your head, looks good in the mirror (Especially the big long ones in malls.. dontcha jus love’ em?) but NOT in the pics. Yes i took outfit pics… and they sucked. You wanna know what bad lighting does to your pics?

Yep.. 3:00pm sunshine felt like walking under the moon for us……. until i had a look at the pics…… and i came home pink-faced and drenched in sweat and flopped down on the bed and never got up again….
So you really wanna see the pics? You have to coz am posting them. I have nothing else to say. Why? I told you.. writer’s block….. you should pay more attention!

I never thought it would actually happen when i said i dint want to sound intelligent everyday. So there. Am stupid. I understand if you wanna run away from my blog (But please dont. I beg you!I hate losing followers)

… so the pictures… yes.. presenting.. LOOK OF THE DAY!!! *drum rolls*

Please pray i have something better to write next time… For your own sake… Or not…

Am ‘IT’

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I got tagged long long long ago… Since i’ve nothing better to do now… here goes!

1) If you could go back in time to relive one moment, what would it be?
Best moments in life should not be relived 🙂  Its special only the first time.

2) If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
There are a couple (or more) of foolish things i did. And that is putting it slightly. Very slightly. But i don’t really regret it to such an extent that i need to change it. They all taught me something *far-off thoughtful look*
Or maybe i just dont want to go throught it again… even to change it!

3) What movie or TV character you think you resemble most in personality?
Annie in ‘Father of the bride’ (And yes my dad’s just like her dad too. Only 10 times more.)

4) What movie or TV character would you really like to be like?
Haven’t thought about it. No one i guess. (Pretty boring imagination i have.. yeah)
5) If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?
Tempting. Yes Very. But i don’t think i can do it. Am the kind of person who’ll worry for the person pushing me off. So there’s no way i can do it. Am too kind. But there is one person. Two actually!

6) Name one habit you want to change in yourself.

Over-analyzing situations. More of a trait but, yes its become a habit. What can i do? :/

7) Describe yourself in one word.

Down to earth (Is that 3 words? Ok lets try.. simple)

8) Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.

Happy! 😀
9) Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.
Simple. Beacause i love it!

10) Name at least 3 people to send this meme to then inform them.
Hmm… I tag anyone who reads this. Do let me know if you do this tag!

11) Link back to the person who tagged you in this meme.
Thanks Always Happy! It was a pleasure to do this!
The Handwriting Tag – this one was by Anju from indianmakeupways
This one is definitely for me. Because i’ve completely forgotten what it feels like to write on paper. I’ve lost touch so it looks quite dirty. Also my writing has a tendency to ‘climb up the mountain’ (if you know what i mean) when i write on plain paper!
The questions i was supposed to answere were :
1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. What’s your blog URL?
3.Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song.
6. Favorite band/singer.
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass this along to a few bloggers

I cant help but doodle and add my own things. Empty paper does that to me.
Again i pass this on to whoever wants to do it. Do let me know!

Blogging highs and lows!

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*Try not to crack a bone laughing. Its too funny. Yes, i know am amazing *

After being a blogger for about 7 months, am finally sure of my place here. Early blogging days were those filled with an obsession. Any moment spent not blogging was a waste of time. I was hooked! Posting everyday was a ritual that was not meant to be broken. Who cares if no one reads it!  And seriously no one did read.. My first faithfull followers were my mom and dad. Because i could bug them till they read every new post and not feel bad about it. My friends, unable to bear my banter, read one or two. Not that they really had a choice with me shoving my laptop under their nose and not letting them get up.

Am sure they just wanted to scream, push me from the third floor balcony and get on with seeing Tom Hank’s movie on tv. Every time someone pinged from office saying, ‘Am so bored of work :(‘ i would be ready with my advice, ‘Then read my blog na :D’ . The moment they sign out, that big silly grin got wiped off my face. I resigned myself to the fact that, am the only one who’s going to read my blog.

Contrary to how many say that they started blogging for themselves, as a way to vent out their feelings, creativity, yadda yadaa yadaa… I started out of sheer boredom. I had just changed jobs. Finally free from a hectic 7-day week schedule. All my friends were, naturally, busy with their lives. It was pretty boring going out alone always. So then started facebook (i never used fb much before that, just had an account!) and one fine day blogger. I came across a few interesting blogs and started reading and from then on…. no looking back! The more i read, i realised that i wanted to be a part of this…

I was not exactly new to blogging. I had a personal blog which had nothing but sob stories in it. Oh my life, oh poor me, oh how sad.. you get the picture?  I grew so sick of it that i decided my new blog would be like a rainbow.. no sob stories, no self-pity, no anger, no frustration. Just a healthy dose of cribbing 🙂

I like following blogs which have a personal touch. Some of them have a trademark way of writing which makes it fun to follow. Its their brand. Even if they are fashion bloggers and their posts mainly consist of posting pictures or reviews about make-up, they add that personal touch, which feels good.
Then there are those who go like this :
“Hi ladies!!!! This is my monday outfit!! i just loveeeeeeeeeee this jacket! have a great dayyyyyy.. Hugs!!! :))) “
What just happened here? I feel like am being put through a sugar candy machine. Why do i care what you wore on Monday or anyday for that matter. What am i supposed to respond? I love your jacket too? err.. we’re both in love with the same jacket? WHAT?

Or some others who write like its a topic for an elocution :
“Hi there. This post is going to be about so-and-so. I feel this is blah-and-blah. You can find all these items here-and-here. For more info contact him-and-her”
You sound like a brochure honey. The ones they hand out at the gates of colleges, which are promply crumpled and used to hit your friend walking in front of you on the head.

I know blogging is not easy. It demands time and dedication. And i like to follow bloggers who i feel have put in at least some effort into what they are writing or posting. But all said and done, its a fun world! Like disney land. Some blogs just leave you gaping and wanting more. And some days you just dont feel like leaving this and going back to reality. Its a geat escape, a great way to pass time, a perfect way to improve yourself, a place where you can meet lovely people, a place where you can find your niche and belong. Its a place for all kinds of people. Yes even the ones i mentioned above. Hell they have more followers than me! Maybe i should start my next post with “Hi ladies!!!!!!! Love you allllllllllllll! Have a great dayyyyyyyy!

Wonder what category i am.. the versatile blogger? desperately trying to be funny?
Whatever! I think am happy this way! 😉

Pointless points……

Madness, Musings
Things i find nice and weird in foreign countries, no matter how many times i face them…..

1. Pedestrians on the road rule. The right of way is always theirs. Ok we rule even in India. Err.. in a slightly different way. All you need to do when crossing the road is raise your had signalling every vehicle to stop. Bus, scooter, car – doesn’t matter which. They’ll curse you, swerve to avoid hitting you, slam into each other, bump their bumpers… BUT you cross the road. And then there are those who’ve had enough of you hand raising. Yours and every other person’s. And they stop an exact inch away from you. And out flow the gaalis. But here its totally different. Even after all this while, when i see a car speeding towards me, i hesitate to cross. It just doesn’t seem to enter my mind that he will stop for me.

2. Cars always maintain lanes. Back in India – lane? what lane? If there is space you occupy it. Doesn’t matter if you have to directly cut across someone or block a dozen cars from the opposite direction or almost run over a pedestrian or push over a motor bike. You occupy. That’s it. Whichever lane you can find. Even on a 5 lane road, you can see a minimum of 10 zig-zagged lanes.
But here, there are traffic jams that stretch upto miles BUT you can see four perfect lines of cars in four perfect lanes. Well in most cities, except maybe Florence and other cities in Italy. They drive a bit like us.

3. The shops. The shops. Why why why do they close so early?

4. Back home we have Apollo Pharmacy open 24×7. And here we have, medical centers and chemists that close at 9. But hey liquor shops are open all night long! Next time you have a fever or a splitting headache, cure it with a bottle or two.

5. They have side walks for walking. Not for putting up road side shops (Although i admit i love shopping there!), not for beggars sleeping, and definitely nor for spitting.

6. You cant really see dirt. At least in the big cities. Every bit of ground is tirelessly covered in grass and shrubs. Which is why there is a lot less dust.

7. Windows seldom have grills. I love love love big french windows and such. And to decorate them with long flowing curtains, which, i would keep changing every few months. No grills! Ha! I wish… Actually i don’t know why we have grills. To keep the burglars out? Birds and animals? What then?

8. I know i have been cribbing a lot about the shops closing early. But i also love it from the point of view of the workers. Finishing your job at sharp 5 or 6 and then having the whole evening to yourself, your family, friends, is total bliss! They work hard, they party harder. Come evening and come weekend and holidays, everybody for sure goes away. For the weekend, for a few days. To the beach, with a boat in tag. A mini-van with cycles perched on top. Caravans and families. A pretty common sight, especially in Europe. They make sure they get their due of ‘ME time’ and ‘Family time’.

9. Shopping!!! Actually this is not area specific. *smirk*. But i love the different variety here. Ok who doesn’t!

10. Anddddd  #10 – Inspite of all these, there’s no place like HOME 🙂

p.s – All the new followers… welcome aboard!!  😀
p.p.s – Am again falling behind on reading all your blogs and visiting the new ones… Will catch up soon, i promise!

Random questions tag and an award.

creativity, Madness
Today’s been a pretty dull day so far. All because of my itchy throat. And thats because i indulged in some heavenly icecream yesterday. Its itchy, its sore and its itchy. Hmmm… I started a new painting today. Yes its for my sister’s house. Yesterday i went to ‘Riot’ – an art and crafts supply shop to get all the required things. How i wish we had such a store, such a huge store in India. I could spend hours looking through all the different things there. The variety is so amazing, so colourful that even a person remotely interested in painting/art/DIY would want to live in the store forever! Seriously its that good!

A week back Dipti from Sedative tagged all the girls to do the ’25 Random Questions Tag’
Since i have nothing better to now.. here goes…

1. Where were you three hours ago?
Outside the house staring at the neighbour’s cat (Its a scary thing. And so BIG)

2. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
My sister’s perfume bottle. I dont like pink. Its automatically branded as a girly colour and i generally try to avoid it.

3. What are you wearing right now?
Grey shorts. Red tank top. Specs.

4. What are the colours of your bedroom walls?
Lavender (Dont say thats more or less pink. Its not!)

5. Who is the last person you sent  a message/comment/BBM ?
Oh god! Ages ago. I haven’t switched on my cell since i got here (Sydney)

6. What does your last text message say?
Umm.. text message that i received or the one i sent? Ok both then…
Me – boarding the flight now 🙂 Bye 🙂
Reply – Ok 🙂 Have a safe trip 🙂 Bye again 🙂

7. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and coke?
Yes. And i like Coke.

8. Is your hair curly or straight?
Straight-ish.. wavy-ish. Thats the best way i can describe it!

9. What is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
Once i decide to do it, nothing is hard.

10. Favourite two colour cobination?
Black & white. Blue & white.

11. What is your favourite accessory?
All of ’em!

12. Which current celebrity style do you admire the most?
Surprisingly None.

13. What is your favourite fashion store/shop?
Ha ha ha ho ho ho… I’d have to list about 50 here!

14. When was the last time you drove out of town?
I flew out of country 3 weeks back. Does that count? Ok drive… well 2 years back.

15. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
People talking, sister singing, door creaking, spoon against glass….

16. What was the last thing you bought?

A pair of shorts and this…
Plan to paint it and…. dunno… do something with it!
17. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
Really dont want to mention it here!
18. Favourite Food?
Tough. Toughest question. Really depends on my mood.
19. Biggest turn off?
Oh many. People who talk while chewing. People with no respect for privacy. People who judge impulsively. Loud people. CROWDS.
20. What do you always have on you/wear?
My chain.
21. What does your screen name mean/how did you come up with it?
Chandana – well thats my name! But still it means sandalwood fragrance. My mom came up with it. LOL.
22. Favourite style of top/blouse?
Its got to have one particular kind of sleeve which is hard to explain. Like most of the things i like which are hard to explain.
23. Favourite tv show.
FRIENDS comes first. How i met your mother, full house and all the rest follow
24. Favourite tv show from childhood?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, Popye 😀
I used to only watch cartoons back then
25. What does your dream bedroon look like?
Spacious. Round bed. Huge walk-in wardrobe. French windows with long curtains. HUGE bathroom 🙂
Phew! Done! It dint seem so long when i started typing out the first question!
Ok dont go away… there’s more. You are bored, i know. But you wouldn’t have come this far if you weren’t already bored what whatever that is you are doing!
Got awarded yet another award by Purple Butterfly . Thank you so much! 🙂
Ok now.. Are you game? 7 more things about me? I could fill pages and pages.. so…

1. Am afraid of the dark. Even now.
2. I prefer summers to winters. Cant stand cold weather.
3. I bite my nails. Except when i have nail polish on.
4. I have a thing for lillies.. love them 🙂
5. Am hopeless at walking in high heels. More than 3 inches that is.
6. I have a phobia for lifts. I dont climb in unless i have some company with me (at least in India. I dont trust Indian lifts) or i take the stairs. Upto 6 floors is ok. I can climb. More than that am forced to take the lift.
7. For the first time in my life i’ve been reading a 300 page novel for more than a week! I usually finish in 2 days.

Now whom do i pass this on to?
Bhargavi Kashyap from Ink Imprints. Congrats girl! 🙂

Incy Wincy Spider.

Humour, Madness
So. There i was, happy that it was a Saturday, sitting cozily on my bed, with my lappy and a coffee.. when i suddenly see this giant spider on the wall right behind me! My coffee is all over the floor now… and am trying not to stare at it (the eight legged spider..not the coffee). Why.. why  do these creatures find only my house? I guess you cant help it, when you don’t live in the city and you are staying in a colony with trees all around.. Seriously you stand on the terrace and all you can see is green, till the horizon. Lovely place really, except for these dammed creatures. Anyway i was not going to go near it with a 10 foot pole.. so all i had to do was wait for the servant maid to come and get rid of it.

Finally she comes, and i rush her to my room, and she’s looking all over with squinted eyes, trying to spot out the huge giant spider i was talking about. Oh my.. woman…! its right there on the wall.. you have to be blind to not see it. And finally she says ‘Oh that spec over there?’ and she bursts out laughing.
Now am pissed. Because it most definitely is NOT a spec. Its huge.. not huge like the size of my hand but…well… big.. ugly.. creepy… gives me the shivers. Anyway she stops laughing (at my face) because i look like am going to go into a screaming rage.. and hurries out to get a broom stick..

Well well well… clever incy wincy spider began to climb up the bedroom wall here.. and here she is.. making random hitting and swiping motions against the wall with the broom. As if that would get rid of it. By now i realised that she was just humouring me in ‘getting rid of it’. Up and up it goes.. and settles right on my wonderful beautiful painting! And the servant maid, looking all proud with her job well done(or so she thinks) looks at me and says “Ademi cheyyadu ippudu… kindaki radu, nuvvu happy ga pani chesuku” [Translation : It wont do anything to you now. It wont come down, you happily continue your work]

This is so not done. So i gathered whatever courage i had, had a talk with God and decided to gently take the painting hanging on the wall out of the room with the spider balanced on it. Clever little incy wincy saw my hands approaching and began to run all over my painting.. Ugghhh.. spider legs all over… I cannot go into details of what i did here(don’t want to embarrass myself more than necessary), but i did it!!! Threw the spider out, with my own hands.. and insisted that my servant maid follow it, until it reaches and climbs up some far away tree… far far away..!
By now you would have guessed that she obviously dint do that… Did i scare incy wincy more that he scared me?