The girl at first avenue on Instagram Part II (@thegirlatfirstavenue)

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Hello! A quick hi to all those bracing the cold winter weather with the help of hot chocolate and warm layers and to all those melting in the heat. And not to forget the ones stuck in between a.k.a moody can’t-make-up-it’s-mind weather. What a contrast right?

Not to sound like a broken record but time really is flying! I know I keep saying it all throughout the year but I can’t help it! I always seem to be lagging behind on my things-to-do list or maybe I am constantly going on adding to it so it’s like a never ending list. But hey! What can you do when there is so much more to see, learn, explore and do? Just make sure that you get to do what you enjoy and love every single day! 🙂


The girl at first avenue on Instagram (@thegirlatfirstavenue)

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I am totally addicted to instagram now! 
Thanks to two InFB challenges (OctWithInFb & NovWithInFb)

Polka dot kinda day | Monochrome love | Shadow face | Winter mornings |
Trek in anantagiri | warm winter nights

Yummy chocolate ice cream | Denim jacket | Favorite drink | Green grass & positive thoughts|
End-of-day pick me up | Current favorites | Desert | Weekend at the resort

p.s: Also really happy with the new blog header and other little changes I made. You like? 🙂
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