The shoe story

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After years of having to follow a strict dress code of only kurtis and salwars (in college and then later in corporate) I sorta went on a mad spree of stocking up on every kind of blouse, trouser, skirt and dress. But just like my love for sarees, I always come back to these when the whim strikes, with the only rule being, it has to be a unique piece and not the same ‘ol cotton kurta. This pretty kaftan with its bright pops of green and blue, by Howrah Bridge was an instant favorite the moment I saw it. It pays to have talented designer blogger friends! I’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear it, so when the weather turned sunny and I needed something comfortable to slip in for a lunch with friends.. this seemed like the perfect choice!

I almost ended up doing this shoot barefoot because these are the most uncomfortable shoes ever. Only I could do such a thing as go to the store, try them on, walk around in them, get them on sale and still end up with the most uncomfortable pair ever. Also it’s not like they are sky high stilettos, they are practically flats (1.5 inch does not qualify as a heel). But there is something wrong with this pair and I haven’t been able to figure out what exactly. So how do you wear a pair of most uncomfortable shoes? The logical solution would be to not wear them at all, but, we don’t do that do we? One, ‘coz they look pretty. Two, money doesn’t grow on trees and neither does a free second pair to replace the current one. Three, it’s a perfect match to a particular outfit. And once that happens, logic goes out the window because all that matters is that the outfit looks good. Whether you end up with blisters on your feet, or you are hobbling down the road, or you start walking barefoot after 20 bone crunching paces, it’s all secondary. Amazing how fashion makes so much sense right?

Kaftan: Howrah Bridge by Anupriya | Shoes: Charles and Keith | Necklace & Earrings: Street shopping
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