Mahabaleshwar Photo Diary – Day 1

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There are some destinations that are never on your ‘to-be-visited’ radar only because, for reasons unknown, you have sorely underestimated the place. Mahabaleshwar was one such place that I never expected to find myself in because I honestly din’t think it was my kind of place. So when I got the chance to go there for a couple of days, am glad it proved me wrong in many ways!

We (me & family) went by road from Pune and reached in about 3 hours. The moment we entered the hill station we were greeted with an amazing view of the road, greenery and chilly mountain weather.

After a brief rest at the Bella Vista Resort, we set out to explore the place. The best way to see the sights and sounds of a new place (according to me) is to avoid the overtly touristy spots. So basically the ‘points’ were something we were keen on avoiding. Well every point has the same spectacular view but from a different angle. So we din’t want to be rushing to all the nine (or maybe more) points and pushing through crowds and trying to avoid monkeys grabbing our bags (And there were so many!)

So we decided on Kate’s point, which was nearest from our resort, had almost zero crowd and of course offered a breathtaking view of the Deccan traps.

After a couple of hours of frolicking around the mountain streams, enjoying the fresh green view and worsening my cold (sniff), we decided the time was perfect to go for a boat ride in the famous Venna Lake. It’s one of the major tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar. It’s a man made lake where you can enjoy a boat ride in a row boat (no electric boats allowed). Ten minutes into the boat ride, a huge mist descended upon us making it impossible to see beyond three meters of our boat. Typical hollywood movie thriller where you except some sort of alien sea monster to jump out of the fog and swallow your boat whole.

Unfortunately all we managed to spot was a spooky looking tree branch and of course my cold got worse. After the boat ride, it was back to the resort, piping hot food while it poured outside and snuggling in bed with a hot lemon tea!

Holiday so far so good.. eh?

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A walk in Interlaken, Switzerland | Globetrotter

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Switzerland has always been a popular destination for us Indians. Be it newlyweds who want a Swiss honeymoon or bollywood directors who want snowcapped mountains as scenic song backgrounds, this beautiful country is always the #1 choice! So naturally when I got the chance to turn a work trip into a full fledged holiday with the promise of swiss chocolates and frolicking in the snow, I grabbed at it without a second thought.

Interlaken is a little town in Switzerland, sandwiched between two lakes on either side. And of course it is famous for its popular Jungfrau Park. Every road you turn into is as picturesque as the previous one and its populated with cute Bed ‘n Breakfast places all over. Of course, it’s also very expensive but that’s the price you pay to enjoy this 

So let’s take a walk around town while I give you reasons why it is worth a trip!

You get to enjoy lush green views and snowy mountains at a distance. All this with warm and bright sunshine!

Pretty and colorful flowers are blooming all around (and so well maintained!). Instant mood uplift!
There is no traffic. No people. No noise. Which makes a walk on a rainy day so much more enjoyable without anyone around and without having to watch out for puddles and splashes of water

Trains are on time. Platforms are not messy. Trains are fast, neat and clean. Did I mention they are on time? And they come with a view! 😉
You never know when you’ll bump into someone ‘going to work’ on their horse. What? That’s a mode of transportation too! Also converts into a pet when you are having a bad day at work and you need someone to make you feel better.
When hotels look like this, you really have nothing to say except scream with joy for you have finally found yourself inside an Enid Blyton novel.
Your friendly neighborhood postman has a super cute yellow bike and is actually friendly enough to have a chat and pose for you!

You walk on the main street of the town and you find THIS. A refreshingly blue stream flowing through the town, with water so clean that you could almost drink it.
They have little ‘fountains’ or taps with continuously flowing fresh water from the melting mountain snow/ice. We filled out our bottles here and the water was ice cold! (*lousy tourist-y pose alert*)
Cobbled streets. Need I say more?

And it’s perfectly normal to encounter colorful little toy trains going about this too-good-to-be-true toy town. Wanna hitch a ride to the next station?
The other side of the stream. Still blue. Still clean.

Random works of art on the street. ‘Coz why let an old tree trunk just be, when you can do this to it?

And when you are back from your long walk, thinking it can’t get any better, you enter your Bed ‘n Breakfast and you see this. A little cabin common room complete with the famous Swiss cow bells (I bought a teeny tiny one back.. remember the DDLJ version?) and firewood chopped and ready to be put in the fireplace for the night!

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Kalki fashion

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I really have nothing to write about. No serious topics, no random ramblings, nothing substantial to share except that am here, there and everywhere all at once. I’ve been busy but haven’t really done anything except meet people, attend this function and that lunch-do and eat out a lot. So basically the last week of 2013 is flying by without me realizing how or when! Every event within the past week has been so spontaneous that time just flew by. And since everyone is busy with new year plans or with family simply enjoying the holidays, let’s just call it a day and move on to the outfit.

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion
Kurti: c/o | Earrings & shoes: street shopping (general bazaar) (previously barcode91) is an online retail store primarily dealing with ethnic wear. I fell in love with more than half of their saree collection, which are not only pretty but quite affordable. Next was probably the salwar kameez, where I could manage to spot quite a few favorites. They have lot of different Indian kurtis, although it did take some digging to find something that matched my taste. After my initial couple of choices turned out to be out of stock, I went for this simple teal kurti with thread work. Perfect for casual everyday wear!

Weekend wedding snapshots

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Time gives us the best gift of all – the reassurance that every hard moment in life, when you feel there is no way out, will pass on. Its something that we all know – time waits for none. But in ‘those moments’ its hard to believe that you’ll ever feel different, or that you’ll ever feel happy again. It’s hard to believe that you’ll ever regain control over the chaos. So much so that you just feel stuck. Helpless. Worthless. Seconds become hours and hours become weeks. Time stands still, but not in a good way. But the fact is that it will pass on. What could be a greater reassurance than that?

It’s so simple yet so hard. But it’s possible. You just need to hold on long enough for it to pass on. Off late this is the only reassurance that I seem to need, to not back down. Hold on – with all you’ve got.

Day 1: Spent chilling at my aunt’s home.
Evening reception

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree
Day 3: Shopping & beach

Day 4: Chilling at home again!

…and enjoying the rain!

I did not have any time to take outfit pics, what with me falling sick and wondering if i’ll even be able to make it to the wedding. But I managed somehow! It’s no secret that I absolutely love wearing sarees and unlike many people I find it super easy to tie a saree on my own. Simple and elegant are the only two things I look for in a saree and I completely stay away from those heavy bilng-y ones. Not my style at all! So which is your favorite? The mustard & black or the red? 

Diwali Snapshots!

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How did Diwali rush by so fast? 
Its almost the end of 2013. I don’t know if I am ready to let go yet! *sad face* 
Take a look at the pictures below while I go sulk for a bit!
Cheery smiles
Pretty prints
Colors galore
New year hints!

A forgotten prayer
A wishful thought
A mumbled hope 
A battle fought

Lighting up the darkness
Sparkling in the glow
The impending prayer
tangled in the flow

There is fire in my eyes
in my heart, in my soul
A burning desire,
paves the path to my goal.

Shadows of the past
Lost in the present
A glimpse of the future
A promise that is kept

Stormy nights
Etched in the mind
Waves of thoughts 
that leave you in a bind

Cold gentle breeze
And smiles for some
Warm love awaits
For whenever you come
A breath of wind
whispers in the trees
Four words spoken
and time shall freeze 

One step forward
A skip and a hop
In no time at all
You shall be at the top!
Saree: Gayatri Saree House(Hyderabad) | Bangles&Earrings: Local shops

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Good days ahead

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Now that the academic year is almost coming to an end (4 months left.. yay!) the itch to travel has started again. I feel like taking an year off just for traveling. If only I could get paid while doing that. For travelling in business class, eating in exotic places, watching sunsets, lazing around in an infinity pool and siting at a beach sipping on a drink. I’d be really good at that. It only makes sense that I be paid for what I am good at.

You know what else I should be paid for? Laughing at inappropriate moments, dancing while cleaning, chasing after (cute) puppies, looking puzzled in every outfit pic (proof below) and living in pajamas for a week at a stretch.

So… who’s hiring?

(That’s a camera case in my hand.. in case you were wondering)

Dress and earrings: Local Boutique 
Lace jacket: Cupcakes&Closet
Shoes: Ginger

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Summer fantasies

My wish-list…
                  this summer….

Wear this..

Eat this…
Wear this…
Go here…
And do this…!
Summer for me, has always been associated with ‘summer holidays’. Planning for a vacation, probably to a beach or a pleasant and cool hill station, stocking up your refrigerator with ice creams and mangos, sleeping in late – summer holidays were the best! 
And then school life came to an end and so did the vacations. Its been almost ten years but I vividly remember the excitement on the last day of the final exams and the first day of the holidays! Nothing can beat school life or the holidays! Period!
p.s – Shout out to all the new readers! Welcome aboard and Thank you for reading! 🙂
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Holiday foods.

Food, holidays
What is the one thing that you indulge in when on a vacation, no matter where you go? FOOD!
Whether its a relaxing spa holiday or an action packed adventure spots holiday, you need to indulge in some wine and dine or a power packed breakfast accordingly.

Over the years, unknowingly I seem to have clicked a lot of ‘food pictures’ in all the places that I’ve visited. Sometimes it was a hearty breakfast at a hotel, at other times it was a quick stop for lunch on the highway while driving through a city or making do with whatever simple vegetarian meals we could find at a nearby cafe.

Some of the memorable few out of the hundreds that I’ve clicked.

1) Hotel Eliza – Prague, Czech
I absolutely loved the breakfast here!

2) After a long day of walking, museums, shopping – at a road side bistro in Florence

3) Quick stop on the highway en route to Stuttgart, Germany

4) Thai food – Bern, Switzerland

5) More pasta and pizza – Florence, Italy
6) And when all other options fail.. its fresh fruits to the rescue!…

7)…. or you forage for food in the local super market all the while trying to determine whether what you are holding is vegetarian or not!

8) Some days you make do with a bag of potato chips, bread and some read-to-eat dal and curry packets that you’ve got from home!

9) Baked beans, potato and vegetables – picnic on the highway!

10) Even now I am not entirely sure what this was. All I know is its some sort of soup and its vegetarian!

11) Potato and rice! 

Yummy pancakes! – Sydney, Australia

….with plums and cherry..

Coffee on the go…

and then some of our very own, good ‘ol pani puri!

p.s : I repeat again, I try my best to reply back to each and every comment but sometimes its just not possible (because I am only human, despite what I sometimes seem to project ;)). Apologies if I miss a few here and there! I assure you its not intensional!
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