For my Little sis – Guest post by the big sis ;)

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The one who rummages in my wardrobe for that one top that ‘might’ fit her and turns my organized closet into a mess. The one who wears my shoes even though they are one size small and in turn makes them loose for me. The one who buys a little something for me every time she goes shopping – be it a cute coffee mug or a chunky bangle. The one who shouts and threatens me when am buying a pile of useless stuff. The one who originally got me hooked to online shopping :P. The one who’s got the most unique sense of style and dares to wear stuff that we ‘normal people’ would never attempt.

The one and only!!! My sister!

We have the most varied yet similar tastes. Every time we go shopping we end up buying totally different things and I hate her selections. But the moment we come home and she tries it on, I am begging her to give it to me!

Time is flying!…

..It seems like just yesterday…

1. …when we had time for almost everything
2. …when I was counting on good calories in my diet
3. …when I was happy and jumping with the good ‘pregnancy hormones’ which were making my skin glow and hair all glossy.
4. …when my house was spic and span and we were a ‘neat couple’ with the philosophy of ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’
5. …when the weekends extended up to two in the afternoon lazily snuggling in the bed with absolutely no guilt.
6. …when I was looking out for 0000 size bub clothes in the stores.
7. …when we went all excited to choose baby pram and car seat.
8. …when we bought him his first toy.
9. …when we caught the plane to India all excited to show off our new possession (baby boy is after all a matter of pride according to still prejudiced Indians)
10. …when I was checking my weight almost every day and ‘boo-hooing’ over not losing even a kilo despite all the ‘bub-work’!!
11. …when we were buying 3-7 kg ‘for new born’ Huggies

…all these seem happening just yesterday…

Reality does strike sometimes like this one – three more months to go and we would be busy laying out the first birthday invite card for Vibhas [my 9 month old 🙂 ]

As long as I have such cherished memories I don’t care if time isn’t a slow mate of mine anymore!

This is a little something I wanted to do for my little sis (our only official fashionista cum official fashion blogger in the entire family…****toast****) – my fashion sense is a bit hindered by the hectic ‘bub-schedule’ but sometimes I do manage to put some accessories on and try a bit of mis-matching stuff I have long forgotten about in my wardrobe 🙂

I cannot believe how busy she has become! It really does seem like just yesterday when we were spending so many useless useful hours shopping and gossiping! With the arrival of a baby, your whole world changes and boy oh boy! Did her world change or what! When it comes to accessorizing I am way wayyy behind my sister. I am always confused by ‘How much is too much?’. Even with the most minimal amount I feel like its ‘too much’. Give me re-mixing clothes any day! Oh well! I am still learning! But she throws on the most random things ever and manages to look flawless. It also helps that she is 10 times prettier than me! 

The ‘I-am-trying-very-hard-to-pose’ pose 😉



Guest Post by Peevee from Confessions of the chocolate obsessed.

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Those of you who don’t know PeeVee, raise your hands! Now can slap yourself with that very same hand! If you haven’t read her blog Confessions of The chocolate obsessed you are missing out on A LOT. The Queen of short stories without a doubt, every piece of semi-fiction and fiction that she writes transports you to an entirely different world. Her witty charm, her ability of poking fun at herself and yet seem extremely cute and adorable, the way every post she writes just comes alive, are just some of the best things about her! One of my cherished blogger friends, one of the awesome-est writers that I know – Peevee (a.k.a Priyanka) from Confessions of the chocolate obsessed!

I am a fashion disaster.
Now that we have established that, I know you’re wondering why the hell Chandana has let me loose on her pretty, nice, organized, sensible blog? Well, every dog has its day na, and today’s mine. So HAH!
(Note: No, not crazy.
Ok FAIYYN maybe just a little bit).

Anyway, being a fashion disaster is an art in itself, one that has to be carefully cultivated over the formative years, honed during teenage and perfected by the time you reach adult. And finally come to terms with the fact that nothing you wear will EVER look sassy, sexy, cute, chic, awesome, funky, amazing perfect. Never. Ever.
Why? Because God made you a girl and forgot to include the gene that gives you the ability to put together a decent outfit. That’s why.
You say, ‘aww, no darling, you look just fine.’
I say (like I told someone in my class), ‘if you see me well-dressed, it is because somebody else did the picking and they are somebody else’s clothes.’

Now you might want proof. Even if you don’t, I insist.
1) NONE of my clothes fit. And when I say none, I mean n-o-n-e, none. And this is not some random girl complaining about ‘having nothing to wear’. This is actual problem of life.
Every piece of clothing I own is either too big, so big that it flaps around me like Batman’s cape.
Or too tight. So tight that I envy corsets. So tight that I come home, lock myself in my room, tear the dress off and then let out the whoosh of air that I had been holding till then.
So basically, I’m an adult (at least in size) in this enormously superficial world who just fails to look good on every single occasion.
Doesn’t help in the least bit that I don’t know what has to be worn where and hence it’s completely normal in PeeVeedom to go to class in an elaborate Anarkali set and go for a wedding in jeans and kurta.

2) My mother. I love her, I really do. And she has an awesome dress sense. Only problem? The ‘sense’ got stuck in the late ‘80’s.
Don’t get me wrong, the woman looks fabulous when she gets dressed up, so much so that roadside romeos prefer gawking at her rather than (sniff) me. But when she asks a 16 year old (me) to wear a ruffled shirt that has long tails to tie at the waist a la 80’s Tamil villians with lungi and bright yellow transparent vests, it just gives ‘embarrassment’ whole new proportions.

3) I have this love hate affair with white. Every single time I wear anything remotely white, I manage to ruin it for life.
Eg 1: School uniform kurta, I had three sets. I manage to ruin all three within six months of getting them stitched by consistently dropping my lunch on them every single afternoon. No kidding. It was either a bit of the achaar or my friend’s aloo masala or the rasam-kootu thingy that my other friend used to bring. If I forgot to drop something during the lunch hour, no worries, the soya manchurian from the canteen (during the break) would do the trick.
And so forth, my luck with white continued in the most clichéd of manners with everything from crow poop to sitting on the muddiest bit of benches giving me unparalled distinction in ruining whites.
Since 1990 and still trying…

4) Do you know how I learnt to wear heels? Right out of school, throughout which I’d worn school shoes, flats and sneakers, I went out and celebrated my ‘freedom’ with a pair of three and a half inch pumps. I was SO proud of them that night that I polished and buffed them up to shiny shine, sashayed down my hallway a few times, spent three hours admiring my legs in them in front of the full-length mirror wearing the shortest skirt I could find. Morning came and I had movie plans with friends. I donned my brand new pumps and walked confidently down the walkway before crumpling down in an undignified heap right outside my house.
Unable to get up with a twisted ankle.
Grandpa saw the copter going down, hauled me up with a kindly smile which did nothing to soothe my ruffled feathers and deposited me on the couch where I spent the next three days recuperating.
And the third day, I wear the pumps and go out. Again. This time I get to the theatre before nose-diving.
Another three days on the couch.
A week later, I go out with, wait for it, THE VERY SAME PUMPS. This time I almost make it home.
YET another three days on the couch.
And it went on for another three years before I actually could walk in those pumps without people clamping their arms to my waist to prevent me from hitting the pavement.
But hey, I made progress.
Note: It’s a wonder how I didn’t cause lasting damage to my legs and ankle.
Note II: I
think it was an OCD.

5) My tailor is the awesome-st thing since sliced bread. Why? He thinks I am a square-shaped organism. Why? Because all the suits I get stitched by him make me look like one. He manages to take the most beautiful of materials and cloth bits I get him and turn it into a perfectly square, perfectly crappy churidhar that I will never wear in my life.
So much so that at one point I actually had started believing that I looked like that, like a damn square. He should be sued for the emotional and psychological damage
And if you even say a peep about your amazing tailor, I WILL find him and feed him to the turtles.
It’s Karma, I tell you.

So at one point, I just threw in the towel, I don’t care anymore what I wear for I have resigned to the fact that I will never have a perfect dress day. I learnt over time that fashionable or not, always wear something that I’m confident in. For I might never be a fashion icon nor be gushed over for what I wore but I’ll always be remembered for who I am. And this is not sour grapes talking. Really 😀
But that said, even women have commented on how sexy my legs are and how hot they look in skirts and pumps. So maybe I’m not a complete waste of fashion space after all ;P
Thank you Chandana for being so patient. And I’m SO sorry about the delay.

A walk to remember

Guest post, Humour
Something that I had guest-posted on Kalpak’s blog sometime back!

Morning walks in my colony are so peaceful and also very amusing. Peaceful because it is a completely residential colony i.e no shops of any kind allowed, and lots and lots of greenery around. Amusing because of the kind of people you meet while walking. Right from retired army generals to youngsters jogging with earphones plugged in, women in sarees and walking shoes to girls in shorts and tank tops. If its your (un)lucky day you might just discover a whole new species.

1) The walking-talking-yoga doing-uncles –
One moment you find them walking at a normal, brisk pace but the next moment they stop under a tree, start dancing on one leg, and start performing their ‘aasanas’. All they need is a little bit of clear space and you’ll find them in various stages and positions of errr… yoga and meditation. Now, the various remixes they come up with might a good way of exercising but that doesn’t stop me from bursting into laughter.
2) The windmills – 
These are people you’d want to maintain some distance from. Literally! They walk/jog and at the same time keep flapping their arms around which is their so called ‘exercise’. And frankly they either look like a fish thrashing about in the water or a half-crazed man running on the streets. There was this one time when I was trying to cut in front of a man while jogging when, out of nowhere his arm shoots out almost hitting me in the face! Remember. Five feet distance. Minimum.
3) The singers – 
They have their earphones glued on to their ears, volume at its max, singing away to glory oblivious to everyone around them. Not once could I make out the tune/song/lyrics – nothing. They have the most horrible voices but they don’t give a damn. Lost in their own world, this is one kind that I am secretly envious of. I can never sing-away like that in public.
4) The human chains – 
This hyper annoying category mostly comprises of housewives. They finish their morning chores, don their best saree, their (fake) reebok walking shoes and start on their morning walk. They all either meet at one place or have their own walking route where they ‘collect’ each member from their respective houses. For reasons unknown to anyone they all have to walk in a horizontal line covering three fourths of the road. They gossip about everything under the sun in their loud voices, right from how their kaam-wali is demanding money to how their kids watch tv all day. They walk at an agonizingly slow pace, and you try your best to find a gap suitable for you to squeeze through their unbreakable chain and cut in front of them. That results in you zig-zagging behind them for a while until you go to the other side of the road and cut in front. But no amount of tch-tching from your side nor exasperated looks are going to make them realize they are blocking half the road.
5) The dog chasers – 
They spend half their time running behind their dog, which is in turn running behind other dogs or worse  – behind people. They keep up a continuous stream of “No boy!” “Heel!” “Stop!” “No! Come here!” hoping it would obey. As if. *eye-roll*. No points for guessing who is having who on a leash. 
6) The perfume bottles and the stinky socks – 
The moment they walk past you, you wonder if they’ve drowned themselves in a pool of perfume. .Is there such a shortage of water that they need to use ten perfume bottles? The smell is so strong that you start choking as soon as they pass by you. The other extreme are the ones who stink like they haven’t bathed for years. I am not sure if they have ever seen a bar of soap in their life.

7)The forever walkers –
Whether you go for a walk at 6:00am in the morning or at 9:00am, you will find them walking. Even if you are dragging your feet home at 7:00pm after a long day at work, they’ll be there – walking and walking and walking. Is that the only thing they do all day? Eat, walk, eat, walk? There are some walkers, whom I’ve seen in my eighth grade when walking to tuition, who are walking even today. Come hell or high water, their walking routine has never changed. Nor has their weight either, by the looks of it!

8) The sane ones –
That’s us. The rest of us. The ones who pinch our noses and walk faster, the ones who slow down to avoid the mad dog-chaser and their dog, the ones who take a short cut to avoid the human chains, the ones who look down and try not to giggle at the singers, the ones who share a secret smile of understanding at all the madness around them!

Guest Post by Red Handed.

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She’s witty, she’s brutally honest, she has an in-you-face attitude and she says exactly what’s on her mind! And you’ve got to love her for that! Her posts make you laugh, cry and laugh even more all at the same time. She’s a lawyer in the making, she’s practical, has her head on her shoulders and most important – she has her heart in the right place. She’s somebody whose tweets I look forward to, and someone whose attitude I’ve grown to love and admire! She’s none other than RED HANDED (‘coz she prefers to remain anonymous…. just adds to the mysterty doesn’t it ;))
Check out her blog at RED HANDED

We all try to copy someone else. Don’t tell me that you have never ever tried to copy someone’s style, the way they dress, do their hair or the kind of clothes they wear. Look at celebrities for example. The salons were flooded the day Karthik calling Karthik’s movie trailer got out. Everyone wanted Deepika Padukone’s haircut in that movie. When it comes to guys, I am sure you would have seen many Ghajini’s walking around, though not even one could pull the look off. We all have been wannabes at some point of our lives, though we could never come face to face with that fact.

So talking about being wannabes, my eyes are being tormented by people who I swear cannot pull off what they wear. You should drape yourself according to your body shape, your overall personality, your colour, your age and your attitude. Don’t wear something because FTv says that it is the fashion of the moment. Don’t wear it because Rani Mukherjee wore it in her latest movie. Oh God! How many Babli’s I saw when the movie Bunty aur Babli released.

So these are certain things people do with their face and body that ends up making them look like world class wannabes.

1)  Low waist skinny jeans 
Just because those chicks in the Levis ad look sexy in it, doesn’t mean that everyone can pull off that look. If you are too skinny or if you are really chubby with a potbelly, please do not wear these. Go for mid waist jeans, which will help you hide that fat. For the really skinny chicks, go for high waist pants and trousers, because they are the real in things and only you can look hot in them.

2) Red Lipstick 
     You need the right skin tone to do justice to these. I see so many dusky skin toned chicks wearing blood red lipstick which almost makes like look like blood thirsty cave women. If you still want to wear red lipstick, you get shades which suit your tone and according to your lip shape because there are so many shades of red. Really thin lips look really ugly in blood red lipstick.

                                                     SHADES OF RED LIPSTICK
                                                   CHOOSE YOUR SHADE WELL
3) Sleeveless tops
     If your arms are too fat like mine, do not go for sleeveless tops, or mega sleeves, or puff sleeves. You can look equally sexy in three fourth sleeves and also no one can pull off a full sleeve other than you. To hide your arm flab, go for sleeves which are a bit longer than the normal ones. True story!
4) Colored Lens
     Please stop wearing coloured lens! Nothing looks as sexy black eyes. Coloured lens look ridiculous and so artificial. They make your eyes look spooky and trust me everyone will ask you if those are lens because if God did not give you coloured eyes, he meant that you look just dazzling in those black or brown eyes.
                                                                          SPOT THE REAL     
5) Hair straightening
    This is really overexposed. Why do I see everyone with straightened hair these days? Where are those normal beautiful wavy hairs? I am not against straightened hair actually I support the whole look it gives, provided the person can carry it off. Please try temporary straightening first and get feedback from your GENUINE friends, before hopping into permanent. Besides it ruins the texture of your hair and within 3 months you end up looking like Tarzan, with your hair twisting at random spots.
                                                          Which one do you prefer?
So next time you go for a new style or try to copy someone’s look, please look at the mirror and really look at your style, your personality and your body shape. Think if what you are going to wear will look good on you and not attract giggles from others. People might not even tell you that you look pathetic in what you wear because that is how this world works. Wear what suits you and not something which you want to but cannot and should not.

Guest Post – Pranita via Artyheart

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Meet the cutest and most adorable girl on the block! She’s an artist with mind boggling creativity – check this, this and this. And she has the most enviable and lustrous hair ever! Our very own Indian Rapunzel 😉 Wouldn’t you agree? The girl who never fails to look perfect from head to toe, all thanks to her impeccable style – Pranita from Artyheart! Over to you 🙂

Hello new readers! (waves) I’m Pranita from Artyheart

Before I start talking (which FYI goes on forever) I’d want to thank Chandana for having me here! 😀
I was staring at my pile of clothes wondering what to wear for a guest post (my first guest post, yay!) & found the perfect outfit in a jiffy! (Lies. Truth = I was so nervous, I wanted to impress you girls and kept re-thinking about this outfit for about 15mins) I know its fall & its supposed to be breezy, airy and fun, in Mumbai, it isnt! The October heat is KILLING me! So thus this outfit !
For a warm climate, white or lighter colours are necessary (or the heat Lord will take you away). Floral print is my all-time-favourite thus a flowy floral skirt & happy sunglasses for your happy eyes! 🙂

sunglasses – Goa, dress worn as a blouse – Bangkok, skirt – ASOS, snake ring – Vero Moda, ring – Tanya’s giveaway , Shoes – Girly

Hope you girls enjoyed having me here! Feel free to ask/tell/suggest me anything ! : )
Happy Diwali / Halloween/ holidays beauties! 😀

Don’t you just love her shades? Pranita, only you can carry it off. I am 100% sure I’d look like a dork wearing those! 

Thank you for the lovely post 🙂

p.s – Am a little busy! Will get around to commenting on all your blogs soon! 


High Noon – Guest Post By Agam

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Agam is a management student and also one of the most down-to-earth and sophisticated girls I’ve ever known in blogosphere. She perfectly integrates all the latest trends into her daily dressing with a dose of her own individual style and that’s what makes her stand apart(we all like a little personal touch don’t we?). As most of you know, the main aspect that attracts me to any blog (even a fashion blog) is the way that person writes. And this sassy young lady writes so well and how! She isn’t afraid to experiment with her style. She’s bold, she’s fun, she’s hot, she’s classy…. and she’s agreed to do a guest post for me! 😉 
Check out her blog – Trimmings and Lace.

A big, bright hello to all the lovely readers!!
I am Agam from TrimmingsAndLace. It came as a wonderful surprise to hear from Chandana offering me a guest post for her amazing blog. I’ll be candid to admit that it was indeed ‘THE MADE MY DAY” moment and I was delighted and super excited to jump onto this voyage.
However, the moment I sat down to pen this post it seemed like that the words would never come. Perhaps it was the pressure of fitting into Chandana’s shoes and making your effort to come over to her blog and finding me here exciting and interesting.
So, to talk what I perhaps talk best – the Autumn / Winter runways saw a powerful comeback of long skirts – from pencil skirts to long column skirts, from the flared ones to the floor grazing ones, skirts definitely seemed to rule the roost. For this very post, I too adorned this effortlessly chic garment to create an autumny option for the day.
Here’s a look:

I wore an A–line side cut column skirt in rich purple with a basic stripped T – shirt. I went a mile more when it came to accessories by wearing these light beaded earings, a bangle and a cocktail ring. I am the one who likes keeping accessories subtle and let statement pieces do the talking, but isn’t it always fun to experiment and come out with good results. Well ya that’s what I would like to believeJ.

However, I did make a conscious effort to keep the outfit and accessories in more or less dual tones. I did not incorporate much of colour. But I did bring in some texture with my snake – skinned sling bag and pumps.
Skirt: Thrifted from Dubai
T – Shirt, Sling bag and Cocktail ring: Forever 21
Bangle and Earings: Thrifted
Pumps: Aldo
So what do you guys think of my outfit?
Skirts always present multiple options as to how they can be worn. I leave you guys with my favourite ‘skirt options’ for the season. I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together. Please visit me on my blog with your comments and suggestions. I shall be honoured. Once again thank you so much Chandana for inviting me to do this post and sharing my take on fashion with your readers!
  1. A whole lot prim and proper, team up pencil skirts with chiffon, georgette, crepe or lace blouses for that super feminine look. Try tweed skirts or jackets to exude that Audrey Hepburn charm.
  2. The day outfit I wear can be carried forward to the night by wearing a sharp blazer. If you wish to go edgier team a similar outfit with the classic black biker jacket.
  3. Try super glam sequined skirts from ZARA. Wear them with pristine white shirts for a sophisticated yet super glamorous look.
  4. It’s autumn and the stockings are out!! Add strong, colouful contrasts to woolen and patterned skirts.
  5. Bring in colour, smile and enjoy – that’s the real fashion trivia that never fails and a trend to make not only your outfits but your life beautiful.
Thank you for stopping by…