Fitness and Health: Workout – The Start

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So its been a month since I decided to make fitness a part of my everyday life (I was a lazy as hell before that) and as promised here is the post! I have a naturally lean body and I don’t tend to put on weight at all, so this is only going to be about basic fitness, toning up muscle, increasing stamina and endurance.

How I started:
My first instinct was to join a gym, have a personal trainer and go into full-on fitness mode. It took me only a single visit to decide that I din’t need their ‘services’. Here I am trying to make them understand that all I needed was to improve my stamina, and they were busy shoving ‘packages’ and promising me so many ‘kilos’ per month. O-kay. 
So I headed back home and took the help of trusty ‘ol google, a couple of books and my mom (who is my nutrition expert). After researching and reading a lot, and trying out what I read for a couple of days I chalked out a plan for myself based on my body type, my lifestlyle habits and a whole lot of other things.
Body type: Lean, long limbs, no tendency to put on weight easily.
What I lack: Stamina (so that was my #1 target)
What I started with:
It really doesn’t matter at what time you choose to exercise (early mornings or evenings) as long as you get some sort of exercise done during your day. I am all stiff-jointed in the mornings, so I only stick to exercises that allow me to stretch, like yoga.
Mornings: Yoga, light cardio (like jumping rope, brisk walking)
Evenings: Free weights exercises
                 Day 1: Upper body – Arms, shoulders, chest and abs
                 Day 2: Lower body – Back, Lower back, legs and abs(again)
                 (Repeat the same on alternate days)

What I learnt:

  • First two days are always the hardest 
  • Until it becomes a strong habit you need to revolve the rest of your life around your fitness routine (Finish my workout and then go out/Meet friends an hour later so I can finish my workout. Basically postpone anything that interferes with my workout!) and not the other way around.
  • Its more important to listen to your body than to stick to the same routine.
  • Never try any exercise or workout schedule or diet just because it worked for someone else
  • Cardio is a MUST. Just because you are thin and people say cardio is mainly for shedding calories and fat, doesn’t mean its not for you. The intensity can be moderated depending on what you are targeting (weight loss/weight gain/stamina)
  • Extremely important to warm-up and cool-off (I skipped doing it a couple of times and almost had a sprain)
  • Its important to have rest days but I don’t have any ‘fixed’ rest days. Depends on how tired I am feeling.
  • I need constant change in life. I strongly dislike routine. I discovered this applies even to my workout. I keep trying to include/exclude exercises to keep things interesting (I pick and choose from the pool!)

What I use:
Exercise/Yoga mat
2kg dumbbells
(Yes that’s all! Now that one month is up, am thinking of including an exercise ball)

Next post(s): Diet and food, Workout details.

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Travel and Fitness: Work it!

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Sitting and standing is proving to be quite a task since the past few days. My body is sore all over and muscles that I never knew I had are aching like they had the crap beaten out of them. Why? That’s because I’ve been working out. Yes skinny girls work out too. A smack on the back of your head if you raised your eyebrows in wonder. Fitness is for everyone. Okay?

When you have been on the skinny side practically your whole life, its easy to slip into the couch-potato mode with zero exercise and workout for your body. The couch becomes your best friend. No matter what you eat, where you eat and how much you eat, your clothes fit you the same. You see no reason to change your sedentary lifestyle  and before you know it, there is a tiny layer of fat building up which only you can see. One fine day you realize you are unable to carry a 3kg bag of groceries from the kirana store to your house, which is hardly half a kilometer. Climbing 3 flights of stairs leaves you breathless (At one point I did 6 flights every single day without a break) Few more such embarrassing incidents later you realize how pathetic your condition has become.

So I made some drastic changes. After google-ing and reading a lot, I devised a workout plan and diet for myself (which I’ll share soon). Although its just day #4, I like what am seeing.

These pics were shot on a short trip to Anantagiri hills, a perfect place for trekking. We also planned to visit the temple there (which is what it’s actually famous for) so I had to be in traditional clothes. If you are wondering why I was wearing walking shoes on this outfit… now you know why. Sometimes its all about the comfort.

Top: Max fashions
Bag: Gifted
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