How To: Turn a t-shirt into a cardigan

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I’m the kind of person who always wants to ‘thrown on something’ over a t-shirt. A lightweight denim/chambray shirt or a plaid shirt or a cardigan are my three most favorite options to wear over a t-shirt or a dress.

Since I have a ton of old t-shirts lying around, I decided to turn one into a cardigan for casual use. This is one of the most easiest DIY and hardly takes you ten minutes. Also, the options here are endless. I chose a plain v-neck tee in a very thin, soft material (bought in Marks & Spencers ages ago).  If you have any t-shirts in a thick sweater material that you hardly use because it’s too warm to layer with anything else, it would make a great cardigan for layering! 

You can choose a striped tee or a printed one too. Or you could choose a plain one like me and add your own designs over it. You can add embellishments, studs or spikes, patchwork pockets, brooches, or simply paint/write over it with fabric markers! Like I said the options are endless. But let’s get started with the basics: 

What you need

Draw a straight line from the center of the t-shirt neck, all the way to the bottom

Cut across the line to ‘open up’ the t-shirt

Fold the edge over about 1/4th inch and hem the edge with a thread and needle

Iron the edges to make them flat and you are good to go!


First Avenue Style #2: The Maxi skirt

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Black. The color of darkness. The color of fear. The color that makes you envision something sinister and evil. A black heart, ruthless and unforgiving. Black magic, ominous and threatening. Black death, deadly and horrific. The Black wind, mysterious and possessing.

Black. The color of a freshly wiped black board on a new school day. A black stallion, powerful and majestic. Long black hair, smooth, shiny and beautiful. Black diamonds, rare, exquisite and expensive. Black night sky, velvety and mesmerizing. A sleek black car, empowering and classic. A little black dress, elegant and graceful.

Black, the paradox color. The color of evil and pride. The color of rejection and resourcefulness.
Blackmail. Black-belt
Black sheep. Black coffee.

The color of power, of control. The color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown. The barrier, hiding feelings, building walls, shrouding everything that it surrounds that it all seems to vanish into shadows. Black, authoritative and uptight. The color of self-control and confidence. The color of independence and strong will. Black, conventional and conservative; sophisticated and dignified. Black, the intriguing temptress.

Black the end. The end becomes a beginning. Black, a new beginning.

One color. Two sides. The good, the bad. So the same applies to people, yes?

Skirt: FirstAvenueStyle(self-designed) | Top: (I don’t remember?!?) | Shoes: c/o Done by None
I’ve been wanting a blue maxi skirt for so long but as always, all my attempts at searching for one proved to be futile. It was never the right shade or the right price so I decided to just make one myself and get it over with! And I absolutely love the result! A word of caution about these shoes. I love them, the color, the design, everything but it has the most uncomfortably designed strap. It could be that its just this piece that is faulty or maybe this design. This is just my second wear and with every five steps that I take (literally exactly five steps), it snaps off and I need to stop and buckle it again. Extremely annoying to do that. And the strap has already started fraying at the edges. Another couple of wears and I can see it coming off completely. So a word of caution for anyone wanting to purchase these. Like I said the design is really bad so I’ll probably get it changed to a regular old buckle because other than that they are super comfy and cute. Done by None has really some really trendy and innovative designs but definitely need to improve on their quality!
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How to: DIY Shoes

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I’d been wanting a pair of new sneakers for a long time. Why? No idea. I hardly ever wear shoes on a daily basis except when I go walking/jogging. I had a pair in a dirty-brown-military-green color. I think I bought them when I was going through the phase of ‘only-black-or-brown-are-proper-colors-for-shoes’. Bright reds and yellows and blues for sneakers? Oh the horror! Now I am repelled by anything that doesn’t have color.

So I sat down over the weekend and gave my dirty-brown-military-green color shoes a much needed makeover. My dad entered the room, saw me happily sprawled over the floor, with paints and brushes spread all around me and said “Why would anyone want to paint their shoes?”


Men! They just don’t get it.

What you need:
1) A pair of shoes (Duh!). Pick the ugliest looking pair. So even if you mess up it’ll still look prettier than the original. Unless you are that bad at painting. Then I can’t help you.
2) Paints in whatever colors you want. I used fabric paints.
3) Brushes and cloth
4) Lots of free time and music

1. Think of the colors before hand. Unless you want to paint over it again and again. Umm.. No I din’t do that.
2. Once you are half-way through it’ll start looking so horrible that you’ll regret even dipping the brush in paint in the first place. But its okay. Keep going (Like you have a choice)

3. Annnd you are done! Wear your new shoes and prance around.

4. Add some fun laces. Click a few pics. Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Ugly to Brand New