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Academic pressure beckons again and am craving for a vacation all the more now. I have the sun, sand and surf right next to me, but all I can do is stare at it from far while trying not to doze off on my desk.
Speaking of exams, I’ve had the most odd one today.

What do you do when you have an exam paper with questions that are out of syllabus, in a paper that you are already clueless about?

Create a ruckus. That’s what you do. Yep we were worse than a fish market.

What do you do when the exam is suddenly declared as ‘open book’ because of ‘wrong syllabus’?

You burst out the exam hall (all 100 students at once mind you) and run like rabbits, grab any and every book, paper, notes (all photo copied from someone else) and rush back.

Then you sit at your desk, stare expectantly at the stack of papers in front of you, waiting for an answer to spring up and present itself. That doesn’t happen so you do the next best thing. Look around at people hoping to find the answer on their face, only to have an equally clueless face stare back at you.

Finally you do the inevitable. Read through the painfully long notes for an hour and a half, realize you have just thirty minutes left, start scribbling furiously and hope that it makes some sense. If it all wasn’t so funny, I would be cursing my luck.

Did I tell you how badly I need a vacation?

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Sandals from a local store

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