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Orange has never been one of my favorite colors, rather it’s been one of those ‘ignored’ colors for some reason. But with each progressing day of summer I’m turning to shades of orange, coral, peach more and more. I know people always say white is the color of summer but, for me, bright has always been the color for spring and summer. This orange high-lo dress has been waiting to make it’s debut at a possible beach side summer vacation, but seeing that as usual, my vacation plans have been postponed, I decided to wear it already. I am currently obsessed with pairing dresses, slit dresses, t-shirt dresses etc. with jeans, and I went with the same style for a coffee date! I know that at any time of the year and day I would be up for traveling, and in fact that’s one of the main things that I keep on talking about on the blog (and complaining some times) but right now, I wouldn’t mind if my travel plans, dreams get postponed a bit more. I am in one of the best phases of life professionally and personally. April has been a roller coaster of a ride with extreme highs, and am really excited to be working on some of my dream projects that have been in the pipeline for a long time, and I can’t wait to reveal more about all of that! The title of this post is exactly how I am looking at my life right now. Blooming in every aspect and every direction. All that’s left to do is work my a** off, never lose focus and take time to stop and smell the flowers!

Dress: Code | Jeans: Levis | Bag: NewLook | Shoes: Catwalk | Earrings:


Styling with – Look1

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The end of the year is approaching and the next two months are a busy time of the year for many, what with various festive holidays, christmas parties, weddings and new year get-togethers to attend. It’s also the onset of winter and the time we all heave a sigh of relief for getting a little respite from the heat. The hot chocolate drinks and cozy mornings under blankets are all well and good, but styling for tropical winters (which is my term for winters in Indian cities where it’s only chilly in the mornings and evenings) poses a slight challenge. You don’t want to don too many layers, because by mid-day you’ll want to start peeling them all off. At the same time you want to wear something warm and comfortable and look chic the entire day.

Am sure all of us have these specific online stores that we go to for specific items. Shoes from one brand, blazers that fit you great from another store. Frankly it sometimes annoys me to keep ten tabs open and check them all for new arrivals, items on sale, and I’m always wishing there was one store where I could find everything I needed – one store that has my back for all my activities ranging from coffee dates/meetings, work days followed by dinner, friend’s wedding to family functions and parties. And at the same time not compromise on quality or on my personal style. On my search for this utopian website, when I came across, it seemed to fulfill all these requirements, in theory at least. So I decided to test it out practically, and see if I could come up with an outfit, for all the occasions in my social calendar.

For my first look, I wanted something that would keep me put together the whole day, as I spent the morning working on my paintings, replying to blog emails, then running errands, and finally ending my evening at my favorite coffee shop. I wore a comfortable black printed kurta, paired with a pair of blue palazzos and cinched it at the waist with a chain belt. I always dress according to my mood and occasion. Since my dressing depends on my feelings and is very spontaneous, it can lead to all sorts of eclectic combinations. The bright blue palazzos only made me want to add a few more hues of blue to the outfit, and hence the blue earrings and sandals. All in all it was definitely the kind of laid back outfit I would have picked for an easy going day!

Kurta, shoes, earrings: | Palazzos: Biba
Photography by: Divya Medikonda
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Untold stories.

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She looks at you with dancing eyes
She laughs that tinkling laugh that you love
But what you don’t know is what she hides
The pain and sorrow behind that mask
She walks into the room and she owns it all
She steals their hearts and walks away
But what she doesn’t show is how she is swayed
By waves of emotion that flood over her.

She cares not for her looks nor your praise
Only pretends like she cares
Behind that graceful walk of hers
And all that cheerful love that she spreads
is a woman in pain and something worse.
She keeps her chin up in-spite of it all
not admitting defeat at any cost
nor does she care that its eating her inside
she doesn’t want to be another lost cause.

She laughs with you and fools around
acting like its just another day out
but you fail to see what’s in her heart
a million pieces ‘coz its broken apart
she’s tried her best to fix it up
but fixing it meant she would forget him
So she’d rather fake a smile and go her way
and pretend like its all okay
she’d rather have the pain and sorrow
than to not remember him tomorrow.

This is my most favorite long skirt! Perfect for a chilly winter evening, at my favorite coffee shop, sitting outdoors with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other, and some truly awesome live music playing inside. Next time you come to Hyderabad make sure you visit The Coffee Cup. A cozy hangout with really great books and heavenly coffee and extremely talented, friendly staff. Okay more about the place later! My cuppa awaits!

Few of my favorite things.

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Things that never fail to cheer me up…

1) An episode of FRIENDS. Any episode will do!
2) Ice cream in a soft serve cone.
3) A new pair of shoes.
4) Music.
5) A long shower with an amazing smelling shampoo.
6) Painting
7) Courier guy coming with my online goodies, about which i’d totally forgotten!
8) A solid nine hours of sleep.
9) Fresh lilies (white lilies are my favorite flowers)
10) A new novel
11) The smell of a new book/old book/any book
12) Cash in hand
13) A full tank of gas when driving
14) Puppies on the road
15) A light drizzle (NOT heavy rain)
16) Thinking about the good old school days
17) A phone call or message from the past (a typical blast from the past)
18) A new haircut
19) A cup of heavenly coffee
20) Good skin day 😀

Well these are just a few that I could think off the top of my head. There are a LOT more(few that can’t be mentioned here ;))

What about you? What is it that never fails to cheer you up?

I love this tee with asymmetrical stripes (at the top and bottom which you can’t see)! This is the first time I’ve tried the half-tuck but am not quiet sure if I like it. 

Ramblings #3

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Todays turn of events:

I feel much much better today. Maybe bcoz i woke up late had breakfast and then again slept like a log. Its been days since i had such a deep sleep. Very refreshing.

The trap used to catch the rat ( read RatStory first in case you dont know ) has been moved from its place (by the rat?) . The trap is closed, the food has vanished, but there is no rat. I guess we are dealing with a super-rat here. Apart from vanishing from a closed cage, wonder what other powers its going to show.

I fell down today.. i was getting down the steps at dominos and at the last 3 steps… THUD!! Am down on my butt.. and i felt so bad.. not embarassed, even though a few people laughed, i really couldnt care less! but i fell down.. its frustrating coz i dint trip.. no one pushed me.. my heel dint break.. i just fell.. no idea how that happened..

And.. am happy today.. today is an overall happy day 🙂 ( NOT bcoz i fell)


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My dear friend Anusha broke all her previous records this time.. she messaged.. she called.. she answered calls.. and we met up!!! Just kidding anu… am really glad we met up after so long. Times have changed, we  all have changed.. and everybody has gone their separate ways.. its only an occasional mail or msg thats keeping us in touch with our friends. Thanks to all the social networking sites you are a part of everybody’s virtual life.. but its just not the same as meeting someone face-to-face. So yesterday was really refreshing.. It reminded me of the days when we would sit and talk and talk for hours with no worry at all.. no thought of work pressures.. nothing. Girls if you both are reading this…. we should do this more often!

Quick post for now… My cold has worsened, and i have a fever. My head feels like a lead ball. So ill take my sleep deprived-puffy eyed-tired face and dig into some of the yummy chocolates that anu has bought 🙂

Ahhh… Nothing like chocolate therapy !

p.s- Anu you made it to BOTH our blogs! Thanks for following 😛

Ramblings #2

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Excuse me people but today i just want to rant! Yes, i know i do that everyday but today is somewhat different. You’ll know as you read.

First, i feel sick. I just want to lie on my bed and sleep the whole day.
Second, i feel like breaking something into pieces. Crush it with my hands till it vanishes.
Third, i feel like yelling at the top of my voice but unfortunately i have zero energy to do that. Am exhausted even though i have done nothing. So it would be very nice if one of you could just yell for me. Thats right. Go to the person nearest to you and yell his brains out. For me.
Fourth, am shivering with cold. No, i dont have a fever. Yes, i can see its burning hot outside. But i feel cold cold cold.
Fifth, i have a block. A mental block. Am not able to think of anything. My mind is blank. You would think i’d be relieved to not think for one day? This is worse than my continuous thinking. I’d prefer “thinking” to “this” anyday. Trust me.
Sixth, I have some huge news to share.
Seventh, Ok i lied. There is no news. No news is good news right?

And now.. i have officially lost it!

Until i “find it” again……………………..

I can see my sense of humour has gone for a toss.. so before i get hit with rotten tomatoes.. i take your leave!

A ‘thank you’ said and a ‘promise’ broken!

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Its a great feeling when people tell you that you have inspired them to start a blog (Amuktha), or that the first thing they do in the morning after reaching office is to read your blog (Teja), to get that smile on their face, a fresh and happy start to their day. I know many people read my blog, so a BIG thanks to the few special ones who do leave comments and follow it 🙂 and also to all those who read my blog and love it.. it makes my day when you say it… and makes me want to write more 🙂

Thank You!

p.s- i knew my lazy self would not maintain the promise.. aaggghhh.. fine i agree.. Last Warning!
       A-post-a-day it’ll be from now on!

p.p.s – settling down with a hot cup of coffee now!

The never ending rainy season

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Its been raining for almost 5 months now!!! I guess no one can actually believe it.. Just upto last year we were lucky if it rained for a whole week.. talk about 5 months!!! Aaahhh.. I remember those days, when it took me 4 hours to get home from office.. Frustrating for the driver- yes, as for me, i would sit in the back seat watching the raindrops form patters on the window and shimmer like stars under the streetlights.. sounds romantic na? Well not always.. There were days when i would be hungry as hell, tired, cramped legs and would have done anything to get out of that inching traffic..! But most of the days were good.. I discovered so many tiny shops and places which i would have otherwise missed ( if i was zooming past ). So all in all – good days! Although i must say my driver disagrees.. He is so happy that i left my job.. and that too, at the right time, is what he said. Being at home is no fun at all on a rainy day.. and when its combined with studying – it downright sucks!!! Aahh well, only a few more days.. and then freedom!!! I can go back to getting stuck in traffic, and water getting splashed all over me while waking on the road, going for long walks in my colony in the rain…. and who can forget?? hot cups of coffee 🙂
Of course all this only if the rains decide to drench us for a few more days… and looking at the trend so far.. i think they are here to stay.. dont you?? 🙂

Me at my best.. or is it?

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What all DONT i do to make it look smart, witty, short and at the same time describe me and my blog.. all in one single phrase.. phew! The number of days and nights i spent to come with a half decent blog address.. its so frustrating to see that every address you come up with is taken by someone who has opened a blog 5 yrs ago with a single post and a single sentence. I let it be in the beginning.. for a while.. waiting for something unusual to pop up in my mind.. something catchy.. something.. ANYTHING! i googled.. extensively.. i stringed together the most unlikely and random words hoping it’ll transform into something hilarious and smart.. All i got was pages and pages filled with incorrigible phrases.. every witty title i come up with has been taken.. this was enough proof that i was totally overestimating me and my brain.. finally..  i stuck with this.. Coz that was what i had in my hand and mind at that time.. and luckily this title was available ( i wonder why ).. so here it is.. A toast to my heavenly coffee and my momentary madness.. U helped me out!