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Ok so for all those who have enjoyed P.S.I love you, this book is going to be a complete treat. Complete chick-lit novel, more like a fairy tale that proves that true love never dies. Not sure if something like this would ever happen in real life but its nice to dream. As Rosie Dunne (The protagonist) says.. Dream, Dream, Dream Chandana!

I absolutely loved the different style of writing. Not one single line of what we call as “conversation” in the whole book. Right from page one the story unfolds before our eyes, through the notes that Rosie and Alex wrote to each other in class for 12 years of their lives, the letters and emails that they exchanged. And the letters and emails exchanged between Rosie and her parents, sister, brother… well the whole family. For me the highlight of the book was the emails written by Katie(Rosie’s daughter) to Sally(Alex’s ex-wife). LOL. I’d want my kid to be like that!

Ok i know this is making sense only to people who have read the book… so i urge you to please please read it as soon as possible. Its worth it and i would definitely recommend it. And for those of you, who, like me, love the concept of writing letters and emails and don’t think that its something old-fashioned or for dorks, it might just bring back that old habit again 🙂

The only negetive aspect is that, as you reach the middle of the book, it tends to drag on like those never ending saas-bahu serials where the hero and heroine  just dont come together and get married to every other person, have the most ridiculous misunderstanding and so on. I did feel like tearing all the pages in between and leaving the first and last intact, at least so i know that they end up together!
Short. Sweet. Simple. Very similar to Erich Segal’s famous ‘Love Story’. Its touching and makes you shed a tear or two at all the right places (Yes i cry for books.. not movies).

Nicholas Sparks is a great writer but i like his book ‘The Notebook’ beter than this. Even the movie was great (only because of Ryan Gosling – amazing actor). Oops am not reviewing this.. so… yes… A Walk To Remember… definitely a book to remember!


Din toh accha tha ji :)

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[Translation of the title – My Day Was Good 🙂 ]

My day started with a little fashion parade. All for i-me-myself.

No wait, before that, as soon as i was up (read : before even brushing, because i never do anything before brushing. Not even talk. So there.) i checked whether the internet was finally working. I could hear a chorus of tiny voices in my head singing ‘Addicted.. Addicted.. Addicted’. Naturally i chose to ignore them. Early morning internet is like early morning coffee. A stimulant that i badly needed. For now. ( I’ll give it up  reduce it soon.. i promise!).

Then started the fashion parade. Now like every other girl in the whole wide world(WWW), i stand in front of my closet, looking at the huge pile of clothes, thinking i have absolutely nothing to wear. I love dressing up, but sometimes (when i need it the most) my mind goes blank. I repeatedly keep grabbing the same old tees and my eyes refuse to see the stuff-i-bought-and-never-ever-wore bruried deep underneath. Which brings us to the fashion parade.
1. Grab a few tops (All different colours)
2. Grab a few pants
3. Spread them out on the bed.
4. Try on different combinations until you come out of that ‘same old’ state and end up with something new.
5. Get screamed at by mom for taking so long to dress up… err… not necessary on this list, but if it happens.. well and good!

So i started… and i got upto point #3 when i noticed i had pulled out a tee which i had worn only once around 5 months back. So bingo! 🙂

Next on agenda was lunch and a movie. We failed to get tickets for anything except ‘Dil Toh Bachha Hai Ji’.
It was an ok-ok movie. Comedy. We ended up giggling the entire time for reasons better not mentioned here..which  made it more fun!

And then with all the overdose of the ‘SALE’ signs in all the shops… i dint even feel like entering (Blasphemous eh?). I really cant shop or even look around in crowded malls. I cant stand crowds! I need to have some space, and not bump into someone everytime i turn around. And i have absolutely no patience standing in those long never-ending trial room queues. For me shopping is meant to be on a Thursday afternoon or a Monday morning. Empty Empty Empty. Only me and my choice of clothes! Bliss 🙂

So with clothes window shopping/shopping ruled out, i headed to the only place where i dont mind shopping even if there was a stampede in progress…. Bookstores! 🙂 I had to get home early so i dint really get my quota of book-browsing. I grabbed the first three books i saw for light-reading and headed out.. so another visit is a must!

I have seen the movie ‘A walk to remember’ but never read the book. I anyday prefer the original book rather than the movie…. so lets see… Occupied for the next few hours! 🙂

How was your weekend?

TGI Friday!

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I have again become lazy about doing new posts… i think i have discovered a pattern here.. after a few creative posts my brain cells refuse to work… its like they need a recharge to function properly again.. so thats exactly what i have been doing.. recharging myself! Last few days have been very relaxing indeed… what with shopping.. reading books.. eating and sleeping… i have pampered my lazy side a lot more than it deserves!

Its going to be a busy weekend… with a marriage and a gruhapravesham to attend… and before that shopping again today for gifts.. ! (Thats one thing i never get tired of)… i cant believe its the end of the year.. 2010 has gone by very fast! December and January are going to be a blur for me… I have a lot of things planned..and hopefully they’ll all happen!

Just a short post for now… while i go back to my book… 🙂

Currently reading :

Will post a review as soon as am done!


Broken Image

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*Warning – Any resemblance to characters/events in real life is purely coincidental. Consider this as pure fiction 🙂 *

She flew up the stairs trying to outrun all the screaming. The taunting little voice in her head spoke up. ‘You think you can run away? You think u can just drown that voice? You think u can run away from the truth? ‘. She took a deep breath, tried calming herself and slammed the door to her room. She had to do something but, now was not the time. She need to escape, not physically but mentally.  5 months had gone by. She was dreading the sixth but had no idea how she was going to escape it. Time wasn’t going to wait for anyone. Time…. she closed her eyes cursing herself. Time…. had been her best friend and her worst foe all these years. She dint want to think of the past. She wished she could shut it out.. out of her mind. She browsed through her perfectly written plans and schedules, as if an answer would spring to her from the pages. She turned the pages over, going through the meticulous planning she had done over the years.
Was it really over? She still had hope.. despite the turmoil that she was in. She dint want to let go… Time was flying by.. She sat there, silent, lost in thoughts… Was it really over??


So i gave in to my creative “story telling” side and this is an excerpt from.. well… lets say… my future novel.. 😉  It doesn’t have a story line yet . Only a tentative title… Lets see where it goes..!

Bright Shiny Morning


Finally got my hands on this 🙂  I have been searching for it since so long. After ‘A million Little Pieces’ and ‘My Friend Leonard’ , i couldnt wait to read this and had a lot of expectations from it. Of course now am familiar with James Frey’s style of writing so most of it was what i expected it to be. Although the content seems the exact opposite of what the title suggests, when you dig deep, it seems just perfect. Its plain and truthful. He puts truth and reality right in front of your face and as much as you hate it, you just have to accept it. It has 4 parallel stories:
Amberton & Casey – the rich actor/actress couple who seem to have everything they want.
Old Man Joe – who sits on the beach and waits for an answer and wants to do some good.
Esperanza – struggling to cope with her self-confidance and self-esteem.
Dylan & Maddie – hopeful, in love and in search of a better life for themselves.

Apart from these it has snippets of stories of people with dreams, hopes, who go west , who drive towards the “glow”, to start a new life. And quite a few facts about Clifornia and LA.
As much as i expected the ending to be tragic, i was hoping it wouldnt be. With every turn of a page, i was dreading that this would be it. But like his previous books, he saved it for the last pages ( Doesnt make it any less depressing ). But somehow the story wouldn’t have been “right” with a happy ending. So its disappointingly, tragically, perfect.

Cant wait for his next book!