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I finished my first official sketchbook full of my own sketches when I was in the fourth grade. Since  then my interest in sketching and painting has only increased ten fold. Once I took up oil painting, I knew I it was going to be a hobby for a lifetime. I love creating beautiful pictures on a canvas, I love bringing them to life and I struggle (because I am still learning) to make them look as realistic as possible. Creative hobbies such as these give you a rush like no other. And when people appreciate your work, so much so that they think it is worth paying money for, it gives you an unparalleled high! I recently came across a very innovative company called that does just that. It gives you a chance to convert your art work into merchandise, making your work accessible to people who appreciate art and are willing to pay for unique products. has an easy to use design tool through which you can upload your designs and select the merchandise you want your designs to go on – tshirts, posters, canvas prints or laptop skins. Once you are done uploading your work, it gives you an option to select your profit margin. You also have options for choosing the colors of your tshirt. As soon as you make your merchandise public and confirm the ownership of the images, you are good to go! You can browse through various artist’s profiles, follow them to be up to date on the new designs they upload, or simply show your appreciation by liking their images. All the manufacturing and shipping is taken care of by their side. All you need to do is design some kick ass pieces and start promoting them among your friends and family!

Being an avid painter and designer myself, I couldn’t help but pick some of my favorite pieces from the artists’ collection. My first pick was a t-shirt with the iconic “V for Vendetta” picture and quote. Of Monsters and Men is one of my favorite bands, and their song Your Bones is hauntingly beautiful. When I saw another artist’s design of a poster inspired from a line in that particular song, I knew I just had to have it. It’s currently adorning my work desk, as a continuous reminder to hold on to my dreams and everything dear to my heart. When it comes to books and tv shows/movies, I would any day prefer the books. But Game of Thrones is the one exception to this rule where I seem to prefer the tv show more than the book (although that didn’t stop me from buying and reading them!). Tyrion Lannister, probably the most entertaining, witty, important and complex character of the show is no doubt my favorite and so an obvious choice as my next buy. Lastly another tshirt with Muhammad Ali’s catchphrase “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” which I think is a pretty perfect description of my personality!

Paintcollar has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for clothes with unique designs, iconic phrases or quotes, whether you are looking for posters to decorate your walls or add a personal touch to your workplace, you are bound to find it here. After all, all creative bees seem to think alike and there is a high possibility you will fall in love with more than one piece here!

p.s- This is not a paid review. All opinions are genuinely my own!

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The saree mix

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My love for sarees is quite known on the blog. I’ve previously worn them here, here, here, here, and here (wow that’s a lot!). I have a pretty decent collection of sarees already, so in order to do justice to my growing collection, and not have those how-many-will-you-shop-for???? accusations thrown at me by my mom, I wear them for any and every occasion. Be it functions, festivals, weddings, work or friends’s-sister’s-cousin’s-dog’s birthday I love to wear sarees! I’ve even worn them to work when I was in the corporate sector as an alternative to kurtis only to have eveyone asking me Did you get married? (really?)

I love Indian wear and personally, I’ve always wanted to see Indian fashion bloggers incorporate more ‘Indian’ looks in their blogs and in their everyday outfits and not just during weddings and festivals. But I think am aware of exactly only two bloggers that have experimented and featured Indian wear and importantly sarees on their blogs! Yes, sometimes they are difficult to manage and not the most comfortable attire to be running around in. And it’s hard to not give in and wear a comfortable pair of jeans and tee, but that doesn’t stop me from loving (a.k.a buying) them!

My search for buying good Indian sarees online ended with, an online ethnic store with a wide array of sarees and salwar suits. Their collection of designer sarees was one thing that really impressed me. You have an option to shop by color, price or fabric and they have everything from cotton to art silk to jacquard-butta and more. I chose a black and grey silk mix jute saree with a colorful border and pallu. With four colors in the saree, it’s easy to mix and match with a blouse of any of those colors for a different look every time. Who knew sarees could also fall under the ‘mix and match’ category right?

And to make it easy to all the NRI’s wanting to buy Indian wear, has international shipping too. With designer lehengas and anarkalis, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste so make sure you take a look at their collection!

indian wear online, indian sarees online, art silk sarees online, casual printed sarees online, indian fashion blogger, top indian fashion blog

indian wear online, indian sarees online, art silk sarees online, casual printed sarees online, indian fashion blogger, top indian fashion blog

indian wear online, indian sarees online, art silk sarees online, casual printed sarees online, indian fashion blogger, top indian fashion blog

indian wear online, indian sarees online, art silk sarees online, casual printed sarees online, indian fashion blogger, top indian fashion blog

Different strokes

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“I dream my painting and I paint my dream” – Vincent van Gogh

A quick post for those who have been asking! Making up for last year’s absence of paintings, I picked up the brush with a whole lot of hope this time. This might be a repeat for those of who are already on my facebook list, but for the others who haven’t yet had a peek at these paintings, here are a few of my all time favorites.

The first three are quite recent and the last two are old ones, although they still remain my favorite! Hope you like them 🙂

p.s – I am now taking orders. If anyone is interested shoot a mail at

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue for

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What’s the most essential gadget for a blogger apart from a camera? A laptop right..! And then a tab or maybe your phone. And however “smart” our gadget is, we all love to give it a personal touch in sync with our quirky personalities. is one such site that lets you customize laptop sleeves, phone cases, covers for your ipad or tab.

Darcy and Brian the two co-founders of Snupped, created their first ever laptop sleeve out of a curtain (totally my kind of people), which immediately sparked up an interest among their friends. Soon after they decided to offer custom laptop sleeves and much more to anyone who wanted something eye catching and unique. A couple of burgers and a lot of arguing later, they came up with an initial concept idea and thus Snupped happened!

Both Darcy and Brian are like their products – made in Singapore!

When they first contacted me I was blown away by some of the designs. They work with designers and artists all over the world, to transform their creative works into simple, fun, usable lifestyle products. As an artist myself, this was one fact that I really appreciated. Giving budding artists a chance to not just display their work but also make it useful for people who appreciate art to have it or take it along with them on an everyday basis – is simply genius!

How it works:
1. Choose a case that is most suitable for your device – laptop, tablet or phone
(They have standard options for samsung, iphone and Macbooks. If you are carrying some other model, you can specify it along with the dimensions. Basically it can be custom tailored for ANY device)

2. Choose the design for front and back
You first choose for the front of the sleeve and then the back. You can have different images on both sides. They have an extensive library of images from various artists to choose from. You can also upload your own picture/design and use it.

3. Choose the interior
You choose a design for the interior of the laptop sleeve.

4. Finally you can customize to add “handles” to your laptop sleeve or leave it just the way it is.

Try out their user-friendly design tool and design your own sleeve!

What I picked:
After browsing through their entire library of images, I found that I absolutely loved the images by Minjae Lee. He is a South Korean artist, whose work is characterized by the expressiveness in his female form art works.

For the front of the laptop sleeve, I chose a really ethereal picture of a girl looking away into the distance. For the back, I chose my own blog’s design.

I simply love it! It is completely waterproof and flame-resistant. With a lovely cotton fabric interior, it has been handcrafted to perfection. It has already been turning heads everywhere I go! Definitely recommend these guys for their designs and quality.

snupped laptop sleeve, customized laptop sleeve, the girl at first avenue, macbook sleeve, fashion blogger

snupped laptop sleeve, customized laptop sleeve, the girl at first avenue, macbook sleeve, fashion blogger

snupped laptop sleeve, customized laptop sleeve, the girl at first avenue, macbook sleeve, fashion blogger

snupped laptop sleeve, customized laptop sleeve, the girl at first avenue, macbook sleeve, fashion blogger

snupped laptop sleeve, customized laptop sleeve, the girl at first avenue, macbook sleeve, fashion blogger


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It started out as a feeling,
which then grew into hope.
Which then turned into a quiet thought.
Which then turned into a quiet word.
And then the word grew louder and louder.
Till it was a battle cry.
But all you heard was silence.
And all you saw was a smile.

Just because everything is changing doesn’t mean it was never this way before. Doesn’t mean it can’t be again.

Happy weekend! (while I go attend classes and finish assignments.. boohoo!)
p.s – Inspired by a friend.

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Another one down!

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Ever since I made this painting for my sister’s house, my mom has been after me to make one for our house as well. And then one for each of our relatives’. Ummm… yeah mom, we’ll talk about that later okay?

I paint more of landscapes or the sea or some far off distant tree.. (Hey that rhymed!) or something equally abstract-y and meaningful. Now painting ‘Gods’ never fell into that category.. so I gave it my own twist and a lot of color!

Personally I feel the other one came out better. 
Click here to check out all the paintings!

As you can tell I was slightly in love with the dupatta. And its crumpled. And I look dead tired. Which means it was a fun day and it was worth it!
Oh and Happy Sankrathi/Pongal/Lohri – whatever it is that you are celebrating! 
p.s – Purvi from Purvi’s creative hub was sweet enough to give me this award. I’ve already done ‘7 things about yourself’ tag here, here and here!
Thank you Purvi! 🙂


Guest Post – Pranita via Artyheart

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Meet the cutest and most adorable girl on the block! She’s an artist with mind boggling creativity – check this, this and this. And she has the most enviable and lustrous hair ever! Our very own Indian Rapunzel 😉 Wouldn’t you agree? The girl who never fails to look perfect from head to toe, all thanks to her impeccable style – Pranita from Artyheart! Over to you 🙂

Hello new readers! (waves) I’m Pranita from Artyheart

Before I start talking (which FYI goes on forever) I’d want to thank Chandana for having me here! 😀
I was staring at my pile of clothes wondering what to wear for a guest post (my first guest post, yay!) & found the perfect outfit in a jiffy! (Lies. Truth = I was so nervous, I wanted to impress you girls and kept re-thinking about this outfit for about 15mins) I know its fall & its supposed to be breezy, airy and fun, in Mumbai, it isnt! The October heat is KILLING me! So thus this outfit !
For a warm climate, white or lighter colours are necessary (or the heat Lord will take you away). Floral print is my all-time-favourite thus a flowy floral skirt & happy sunglasses for your happy eyes! 🙂

sunglasses – Goa, dress worn as a blouse – Bangkok, skirt – ASOS, snake ring – Vero Moda, ring – Tanya’s giveaway , Shoes – Girly

Hope you girls enjoyed having me here! Feel free to ask/tell/suggest me anything ! : )
Happy Diwali / Halloween/ holidays beauties! 😀

Don’t you just love her shades? Pranita, only you can carry it off. I am 100% sure I’d look like a dork wearing those! 

Thank you for the lovely post 🙂

p.s – Am a little busy! Will get around to commenting on all your blogs soon! 


Sketches over the weekend

Spent the whole of Saturday cribbing that i dint have weekend plans and that i was stuck at home. Sunday, i decided to paint. I have a half-finished oil which i need to restart. But was to lazy to set up everything. So thought i’d sketch instead. Its been so long since i held a pencil in my hand and my fingers are aching. Cant type anymore.

There is something nice about sketching everyday scenes… Like the market..

I love horses. They are one of my best subjects for sketching and painting 🙂

I’ll tell you a secret though. Am dead scared of climbing on one! Man they are scary!

p.s click here to view all Art posts!

Is that a tree?

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Sis selected a very complex photograph to paint. And it was a err… a disaster. She’s good at painting from imagination though.

So i stepped in with my magic wand brush and took over. I painted all black over what was originally a bird flying over a very complicated looking lake (Not all photos can be replicated on a canvas you know.)

Bad idea, since i din’t know what to do next. Sis and i came up with a (brilliant) idea of painting some sort of abstract tree on it. Painted a white, squiggly tree. It looked all ghostly and dead and creeped us both. Added gold leaves.

Turned out like this.

Not one of my best works. Truth be told, am not satisfied at all. Hence no signature. There’s no need for people to know that this thing was done by me. I’ll just tell people it was all her idea *innocent smile*

Anyway am hoping she’ll paint it all white and start over again!