Hyderabad’s best cab services

Most of the time, when I need to travel within the city, I take a cab. Although I work from home most of the time, any work related meetings, client meetings, events to attend as a blogger all happen on the other end of the city as opposed to where I live. Moving around the city in some of the best cab services in Hyderabad is the only way I get to any place on time without getting tired of driving around in traffic.

The first time I learnt to drive a car was when I was in the ninth grade. Of course I didn’t have a license and I couldn’t drive myself around, but I still did practice with my dad in an empty ground for a while. I did drive once in a while when we went on a family outing, on the highways or empty stretches of road before I finally got my license and started driving around properly! Since then I have almost completely stopped relying on public transport for going anywhere. As much as I love driving, as much as I enjoy the freedom that it gives me, I still do crib about the roads, the traffic, the maniacs on the road who have no clue how to drive, because, well this is India after all, where each person follows their own driving rules, resulting in utter chaos.

With traffic just increasing day by day in every city, and parking being the biggest headache of all, booking a cab seems like the easiest option. Especially on occasions where I know it’s going to be a late night, or if I am already stressed for a meeting, or if I just want to relax with music in my ears or by reading a book instead of inching through traffic.

Ola cabs have become my go-to service each time I need a ride. They services are open round the clock, whether it’s a short trip, an airport drop or a taxi for holidaying. The booking process is simple, the app is easy to use, the response time is very quick and you can expect a cab to be there within two to ten minutes. You get to pay by the meter and it’s a hassle free payment process. Also, they have a GPS tracking system where a family or friend can keep track of your route as well while you are traveling.
And lately they have introduced Ola Autos as well, which are just as convenient!

Meru in Hyderabad is always my first option specifically when am traveling from the airport. It’s just so convenient and such a smooth ride that there’s no second thought before choosing this option.

Uber was one of the first on-demand cab services and it still remains a popular choice. It uses a dispatch service to send the nearest driver to your location, and its easy no-cash payment that charges the ride directly to your card is one the most convenient solutions when you are in a hurry!

With easy booking options, and GPS tracking, hiring cabs has become very easy. Whether it’s a late night or early morning, most services offer instant pick-ups and drop-offs. Avoid the stress of traffic, the time taken for searching for a parking spot and the worry that you might have a drink or two in the evening and would have to drive back home alone. Book a cab, ask a friend to tag along and be safe wherever you go!


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