7 best pizza delivery places in Hyderabad

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Italian happens to be one of my favorite cuisines and any city that I go to, I never fail to explore the options it has to offer, for some of the best pizzas and pastas. When I went to Italy a few years back, I had a chance to try out authentic Italian dishes and that obviously set the bar pretty high up when it came to searching for options back home. But over the past couple of years, I did manage to find many tiny places that offer their own version of Italian and although it can never match up to what I had in Italy, they come pretty close in second place!

The best part about all these places is that they have home delivery in Hyderabad! So next time you are faced with the “Hungry Kya?” question, you know where to look.

Flying spaghetti monster
Away from the main road, and almost invisible, this place serves some of the best Italian cuisine in Hyderabad. It is easily one of the places that I frequent the most. The ambiance is great, the staff are friendly and the food is yummy!
Place: Jubilee hills
Most popular: Sicilia pizza, blueberry cheesecake
Price: Rs.1650 for two people

Italian Pizza
A tiny place on the Old Bombay highway and almost looking like a shack, this place offers a totally different pizza experience from the regular chains like Dominoes and Pizza hut. It’s easy on the pocket and though they have a small menu, they have some delicious toppings.
Place: Kondapur
Most popular: La-Provincale – Roasted eggplant, mushrooms and capsicum
Price: Rs.450 for two people

Pizza Den
This is one place that you will find to be always crowded. It’s been there since years, although they have shifted locations frequently. It is definitely a hidden gem which I stumbled across years back and since then it has permanently been on my frequently-visited list. They have yummy tasty pizzas in a slightly Desi version and friendly service. 
Place: Trimulgherry
Most popular: Mexican hot pepper
Price: Rs.250 for two people 

Lazzio – the pizzaria
This is one of the only all vegetarian pizza places that I know in Hyderabad. It is a cozy and small space with the feel of a roadside eatery/cafe. It is definitely value for money and you get good food for that price. The ambiance too is cute and well decorated. 
Place: Madhapur
Most popular: Thin crust gourmet pizza. Pasta in pink sauce.
Price: Rs.400 for two people

Viva Italia 
Located in the popular white house building, this is another budget friendly place that’s a must visit. It is most popular for the live counter and the thin crust pizzas that they make. The ambiance is not great but the moment the food arrives you’ll soon forget the surroundings. It is also one of the best places to be ordering home delivery from. The only regret about this place would be as to why you finished the pizza so soon!  
Place: Begumpet
Most popular: Pasta aglio olio, chicken salami pizza
Price: Rs. 500 for two people

Over the flames
Another place for casual dining, and tasty thin crust pizzas. This is sort of an underground place tucked away in a building, but any conclusions that you draw from the appearance is going to fade away once you taste their wood fired pizzas. Every pizza on their menu is good! Specially the thin crust ones. 
Place: Gachibowli
Most popular: Every pizza on the menu is good!
Price: Rs.700 for two people

Mama Mia Italia
Saved one of my favorite places for the last! This tiny place is easily one of the best and most authentic in the entire city. The crust always feels fresh and soft, the staff are friendly and even give you a little tour of their wood fire oven, for which this place is famous. The prices are on the affordable side and it’s a must do if you are in Hyderabad!
Place: Sainikpuri
Most popular: Veggie delight, arabiatta, Italian chicken pizza
Price: Rs.500 for two people 

Share your frequently visited places in the comments below! 


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