The end and the beginning

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I usually don’t like taking long breaks from the blog, but December was such a busy month (if you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll know why) that I couldn’t set aside any time for blogging. But I decided to end the year by sharing a look that we shot almost three months back. I didn’t need to think at all for this outfit. I just picked all my favorite pieces and threw them together and came up with this messy hair (I blame the humid seaside weather) fusion look.

I don’t believe in new year resolutions, but I did make some (for lack of a better word) plans for the coming year and I can’t wait to see how they go! This year has been great for my blog in terms of collaborations, features in magazines and all the opportunities that have come my way and am hoping for even better experiences in the coming year. Thanks for reading my blog, for all the comments and all the support. Let’s continue the journey!

Skirt: Street shopping (Hyderabad) | Shirt: Forever21 | Shoes & earrings: Local boutique | Necklace:

The labour colony

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I’ve always maintained that fashion & styling for me, are like a blank canvas waiting to be filled up with your vivid imagination and wild ideas. You can tell any story you want, become any character you desire, and look like a million bucks without actually spending much. Last week I was invited to the Max fashion store at Hyderabad, to pick and style a few pieces from their recently launched Winter Collection. The store has been surprising me with every visit with their International trends at affordable prices and the rate at which new products are being churned out every few weeks.

My style has always leaned towards the ‘casual and laid back’ side, but this time after browsing through the collection I wanted to do something very different. As a blogger and an artist I have a constant stream of visual story telling ideas buzzing through my mind, and sometimes the outfit, the backdrop, the styling, the theme and the photography – it all falls into place like a perfectly written story.

A pair of printed pants and a stunning faux leather vest formed the base for this outfit. Once the base is sorted, you are free to mold, sculpt and shape your look to perfection in any way you please. After browsing through my accessory collection, and a brainstorming session with my photographer, we decided to do a tough grunge look while still retaining a bit of femininity and grace, with the color black, being the main focus. I personally find it fascinating how dressing a certain way can bring out certain traits and characteristics in your behavior, that are associated with that particular look. The texture of the vest, the sharp angles of the necklace adding a toughness to the look and the skinny printed pants, the casual ease of sunglasses on your head providing the much needed feminine balance!

Leather jackets/vests make a statement no matter how you wear them. I am strictly against pure leather, but here are some tips on styling a faux leather vest:

  • Make it an all black or shades of grey/black look like the one am wearing
  • Style it over maxi dresses to toughen up the look a bit
  • Try a different shade of faux leather like burgundy or dark blue instead of black
  • Wear it on white or any light colored tops & dresses for a contrast

Visual story telling is an art, and I think we’ve achieved more than what we could hope for while styling and shooting for this look. Waking up at 5am for this was totally worth it! 

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(faux) leather vest & pant: Max fashions | Shoes: Catwalk | Sunglasses and necklace: Forever21
Photography by: Divya Medikonda’s Perspective

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Sand in my feet

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The last month of the year always seems rush by at an abnormally fast pace. It feels like sand slipping away from between your toes. The more you try to dig your feet deep inside, the next wave comes, washing away the sand from beneath your feet. Probably my entire life itself feels that way. Always running, never a pause. But with time I’ve come to accept that feeling, if not enjoy it. There are moments when the rush leaves me all giddy and exhilarated but there are also moments when I am scrambling around to find a pause button.This was an impromptu photo shoot on one such day when I hit pause. Took a day off, went for a drive, pushed back life and all of it’s pending decisions to be made and just let go! Need to make time for more such days in the coming year!

Jeans: Levis | Tshirt: Marks & Spencers | Blazer: (here) | Bag: c/o Max fashion |
 Shoes: Catwalk
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