Comfort dressing

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So it’s finally ‘goodbye summer’. I think. Being in India and particularly in Hyderabad you can never completely bid goodbye to summer, but in the hope of that elusive monsoon which should have arrived by now – one can try. I’ve gotten so used to ‘comfort dressing’ this summer that I am finding it hard to let go of it! With the rains playing hide and seek, and with alternating days of humid weather, I very much prefer to stick to this uniform. Who knew that one day I would turn my back on my favorite skinny jeans and instead go for ‘the baggier the better’! We all have those phases don’t we?¬†Palazzos and me are a match made in heaven. I just might say the same thing about studded shoes, maxi skirts, books and coffee or a beach vacation. No one ever said there should be only one match made in heaven ūüėČ
Well as long as the phase lasts.. I am happy to indulge!

p.s: I turn an year older today but I just don’t feel it. Perfectly normal right?

Palazzos: | Tee: Maxfashion | Necklace: | Sandals: Lavie 

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8th grade Chandana felt she looked ridiculous in specs. So from the time she could afford it, she started wearing lenses and chucked those ugly looking spectacles out of her life. Turns out she was so wrong!

I’ve been wearing lenses for more than 5 years now, but for the last couple of years I’ve started to collect some really cool and colorful frames as it’s just not practical to wear lenses all the time. I now realize that my 8th grade self din’t know a thing about style or fashion or what a right pair of glasses can do to your look and your persona!

Big, oversized and thick-rimmed glasses have become synonymous with geek-chic. While some might be willing to splurge 25k (or more) on a pair of Versace spectacles for achieving that look, I’d rather not!¬† is one such store that offers you the best of the best without burning a hole in your pocket. Founder, Avinash Eriggineni, who decided that he’d had enough of paying huge sums for designer frames (which sometimes turned out to be counterfeit), started on a journey to end this spectacle once and for all (see what I did there?)

Every Happster frame, is hand made out of finest quality raw material. With a collection of nine shapes in twenty colors having a brilliant finish produced by Italian material, they have carefully considered the designs befitting of a high quality boutique store. It also includes top-quality, high-index power lenses, made from polycarbonate in all frames at no extra cost for all prescriptions. They have a 100% free trial option ,where you can select 4 frames of your choice to try at home and flaunt them for two whole days in front of your family and friends. Once you are happy with your choice, return the four frames (which has a prepaid return shipping label), place a new order – and voila! They arrive at your doorstep with the prescription lenses that suit your power.

Their  unique One-to-One campaign, where they plant a tree for every pair of glasses purchased, is the cherry on the top of a great deal. And for your assurance they provide a certificate confirming the donation!

If you are looking for unique designs, that are sturdy, on par with high-end designer wear, and lenses that are comparable to the best¬†yet don’t cost a bomb, is the place to go!

Top: (buy here) | Jeans: Levis | Custom laptop case: | Shoes: Steve madden | All frames:
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Daisy print

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The summer heat is draining me out of every bit of enthusiasm I have for outfit shoots, which is why this is my first post in this month (and in days!). I hardly feel like stepping out in the sun for a shoot. But I finally managed to do it, thanks to this fun daisy print top from The summery print was enough to get me on my feet and straight to sunday brunch. Promise of good food and new clothes always works!

It also looks like I’ve been drained out of any further thoughts, so let’s keep it short and simple for now!

Top: (buy here) | Jeans: Levis | Bag: newlook via | Shoes: Catwalk

Venice on a stormy day | Globetrotter

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“You may have the universe, if I may have Italy”

There is nothing that I don’t love about this beautiful country. Right from the cuisine (we all know am crazy about Italian food) to the places and the fashion!

Spending just two days in Venice is not enough to satiate your senses. But when you have no choice and you are given a limited time in wonderland, you make the most of it by trying to soak in as many sights as you can possibly see.

The day we picked to visit Venice couldn’t have been more perfect. It was cloudy, windy, cold and stormy – not exactly the kind of ‘perfect’ that everybody prefers. But this city – that is already considered one of the most beautiful on earth, seemed to magnify in beauty on that stormy day. The dark clouds that seemed to shroud the entire floating city in a matter of minutes, ¬†the soft play of lights on the water, made us see the city from a whole new angle. Rare, fierce and royal.

By daylight it is a bustling city full of tourists, delivery boats, and gondolas. By night – if you feel you are short of words to describe the place, then it is clear that you have truly loved and understood its beauty.

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