Best of 2013

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It’s become a ritual to do an year-end-recap post every december. I almost wanted to skip it this year, but for some reason, maybe an itch that the blog would be incomplete without this year’s recap, or because my basic human nature is to think back and reminiscence, I decided to pen down a post after all. Sometimes just putting pen to paper gives you clarity on what you want, what you need to do, what you have achieved, what you have missed and what next. My resolution for 2014 is quite simple really – it’s to be happy. Might seem very vague and ambiguous but it’s not. If I start asking myself that simple question every single day, it won’t be long before I fall into a routine, a hard to break habit of doing only and only what I love and what makes me happy every day. Be it work, personal relationships, travel, hobbies, art, exercising, health – anything. For someone who thinks extensively and incessantly about others’  (more than myself), ‘Be happy and be content’ is the perfect motto for me. Everything else will fall into place soon enough! 🙂

Like every other year, this year too had its share of ups and downs. In all my year end posts, I keep challenging the coming year to bring in on, and the universe seems to be taking that as a literal sign to reallyyyy bring it on. I think I know better now!

And as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog, for all your comments and emails and for showering this little corner of the web with so much love. Together we shall definitely take this blog to higher levels in the coming year!
Here’s a short recap of the best, silliest and moments of 2013!

p.s: I’ve also added a new lookbook section on the blog, making it easier to browse through all the outfits so far over the years. Take a look!


Kalki fashion

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I really have nothing to write about. No serious topics, no random ramblings, nothing substantial to share except that am here, there and everywhere all at once. I’ve been busy but haven’t really done anything except meet people, attend this function and that lunch-do and eat out a lot. So basically the last week of 2013 is flying by without me realizing how or when! Every event within the past week has been so spontaneous that time just flew by. And since everyone is busy with new year plans or with family simply enjoying the holidays, let’s just call it a day and move on to the outfit.

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion

kalki fashion, hyderabad fashion, green kurtas, indian fashion
Kurti: c/o | Earrings & shoes: street shopping (general bazaar) (previously barcode91) is an online retail store primarily dealing with ethnic wear. I fell in love with more than half of their saree collection, which are not only pretty but quite affordable. Next was probably the salwar kameez, where I could manage to spot quite a few favorites. They have lot of different Indian kurtis, although it did take some digging to find something that matched my taste. After my initial couple of choices turned out to be out of stock, I went for this simple teal kurti with thread work. Perfect for casual everyday wear!

Globetrotter: Eagle’s nest, Salzburg

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Before I even knew which country Salzburg was in, the place meant only one thing for me – the von Trapp family from Sound of Music! This was when I was in the sixth grade. Years later I was able to actually sing and jump around like a maniac at the very place where one of my all time favorite movie was shot. And the fact that it was shot in one of the most picturesque cities in Europe and not some lame studio was just icing on the cake! Austria has the world’s most well maintained cities… I swear!

Instead of staying in the city, we stayed in a quaint little spa town called Bad Reichenhall (in Germany), which is 20min away from Salzbburg (which is Austria). We were country hopping between Germany and Austria during our entire stay, and waking up to gorgeous views like the one below.

After breakfast ( of bread rolls, yogurt, eggs and lots of fresh fruit) it was off to Eagle’s nest. It’s a far away place in Germany and is a mountain home of Adolf Hitler. Its called ‘Eagle’s nest’ in english, probably because its only access point is through a tunnel and then an elevator through a 2000meter mountain.

You reach the base point where the tunnel starts by bus, and you reach the bus stop by car.
Tip: It’s best if you travel by road in Europe. Although definitely more expensive than trains, the roads are amazing, the scenery is breathtaking, you’ll never feel exhausted for the long hours spent sitting in the car, you can cover more number of places, you can stop wherever and whenever you like (our stop at this spa town was impromptu.. we loved what we saw and decided to spend a couple of days here before heading to Salzburg)…. and you’ll thank me for all this!

And I just can’t get over how green the grass is. For some reason each time time I see a stretch of grass like this, I picture a dozen white horses galloping (90’s bollywood influence)

I am now going to embarrass myself with my limited vocabulary by repeatedly describing the view from the top as breathtaking, picturesque and simply beautiful. Honestly even repeating the same words again and again does not justify the beauty, unless you coin a different word altogether in place of all these adjectives. I don’t deny that there are far more amazing places in this world, each as wondrous (or more) than the other. This place too has its own charm and attraction and definitely doesn’t disappoint!

There’s a short and really enjoyable trek to the top of the mountain amidst the ever present clouds (pic below). Although our innumerable stops for photos made it considerably longer.

After that it was back to base in the bus down a long winding road. We could learn a thing or two about driving skills from these guys. Honestly, the speed at which he was going downhill, I was amazed we dint drop down the cliff.

We really wanted to go on the Sound of Music tour but since it was already late it was closed for the day. After a lot of asking around and noses glued to maps, we managed to find a couple of places at least! Our whole family used to sit together and watch this movie (so many times) that it sort of became a tradition. So we had to see at least a couple of the places if not all.

Not so long ago, a great man with super powers, had a look at my horoscope and made a fabulous discovery and told my parents “You put a steering wheel in her hands, and she won’t return home for hours. She is independent and loves to travel”. Well, turns out its completely true (the great man is in fact a family friend quite adept at chalking out horoscopes and not just those marriage wala kind).

I love being at home but not as much as I love to travel. I hate going to the same place twice simply because there is so much more to cover and see, and so little time. If I had all the money in the world, I would spend it all on travel and even if I was broke, I would beg-borrow-steal and somehow travel. Some of us are born globetrotters (I mean how can you not love it?!). For a while I’ve been wanting to start a travel series on the blog, but was unsure of the kind of response it would have. But the urge to share my love for traveling was too overwhelming to be suppressed any longer.

Since we have all read enough of those what to see, where to eat, what to shop type posts, am only going to share my (mis)adventures! The series will include all the places that I’ve covered in the past, the ones am getting a chance to cover now and the ones I shall cover in the future. 

Golden hues

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Winter makes me one lazy cat. I literally curl up with a blanket and a book or laptop all weekend long, only getting up for the essentials – hot coffee, the courier guy at the door and the promise of italian food + outfit shoot. I’ve been spending most of my free time indoors glued to my laptop watching a marathon of 2 broke girls (I’m in love with that show) and a good mix of French and Iranian movies. In between all this I’ve also indulged in some retail therapy for the first time this year. Can you believe that? I’ve almost completely stopped shopping in malls thanks to so many new online stores, which not only have much better stuff that what you’d find in malls, but also spare you from the crowds and the entire process of having to try on everything. So am totally loving the current crop of new Indian online stores like missflurrty, donebynone, stylholic etc. About time they came up! And since am a girl of few words (some would attribute even that to laziness), you will finish reading this post in about 20sec. I wore this outfit to lunch on Saturday. Nothing like a slouchy sweater to comfortably dig into food.. the kind that makes you feel so full and content and drowsy all at the same time on a warm winter afternoon! 🙂

p.s: For those who asked (or din’t), my next travel post will be coming soon.

That’s the best possible ‘super model’ pose that I can do! hehe
Dust gold sweater: Gifted by sis | Jeans: Levis | Skull scarf: RedLorry via jabong  | Bracelet: H&M | Shoes: Steve madden

Weekend wedding snapshots

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Time gives us the best gift of all – the reassurance that every hard moment in life, when you feel there is no way out, will pass on. Its something that we all know – time waits for none. But in ‘those moments’ its hard to believe that you’ll ever feel different, or that you’ll ever feel happy again. It’s hard to believe that you’ll ever regain control over the chaos. So much so that you just feel stuck. Helpless. Worthless. Seconds become hours and hours become weeks. Time stands still, but not in a good way. But the fact is that it will pass on. What could be a greater reassurance than that?

It’s so simple yet so hard. But it’s possible. You just need to hold on long enough for it to pass on. Off late this is the only reassurance that I seem to need, to not back down. Hold on – with all you’ve got.

Day 1: Spent chilling at my aunt’s home.
Evening reception

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree

india wedding, saree, chennai saree, aayushi bangur saree
Day 3: Shopping & beach

Day 4: Chilling at home again!

…and enjoying the rain!

I did not have any time to take outfit pics, what with me falling sick and wondering if i’ll even be able to make it to the wedding. But I managed somehow! It’s no secret that I absolutely love wearing sarees and unlike many people I find it super easy to tie a saree on my own. Simple and elegant are the only two things I look for in a saree and I completely stay away from those heavy bilng-y ones. Not my style at all! So which is your favorite? The mustard & black or the red?