Come to life in a picture

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They will tell you that Monday mornings are always blue. But if all that you can see is a rainbow, I say paint it in how many ever vibrant shades you want – the more the better.  They’ll tell you that it’s just a mirage but you’ll show them. They’ll tell you how life “should be looked at” – the obvious choices, the beaten path, the same old storyline. They’ll try to rub their own insecurities onto you and pass them off as your own. They show their displeasure at how their dreams have crumbled by ridiculing yours. But you are a fire breathing dragon, so breathe fire into your dreams. Because it’s not a fantasy. It’s a dream and its yours.

They might not understand, but it’s not your job to make them. It’s your job to have faith and go on climbing. They might say many-a-things, but those are mere reflections of the defeated lost soul riding in them. Take a chance, make a change and breakaway. Keep at it, because the results are a special kind of gift that come from embracing all the chaos. When you see your dream flourish, when you feel that bolt of warmth – fierce with joy and pride and gratitude, you know you are on the right track.

Believe in miracles. Even when you stop believing in them. Because they’ll happen in a way you never saw coming, they usually do. Because you’ll find a way to make them happen yourself. Because you’ll shape it, mould it, give it meaning. Because you are young, full of love, full of life.

Because you come to life even in a picture.

oxblood pants, how to wear oxblood, indian fashion blogger, style drive

oxblood pants, how to wear oxblood, indian fashion blogger, style drive
oxblood pants, how to wear oxblood, indian fashion blogger, style drive
oxblood pants, how to wear oxblood, indian fashion blogger, style drive

Jeans: Kraus | Top:Paper scissors(Sydney) | Blazer:Gift from sis  | Shoes: Ruby shoes (Sydney) | Necklace: random shop | Cuff: Accessorize
Coincidentally, the last time I wore this jeans, I wrote a similar ‘philosophical’ kinda post. Even though the theme sort of sounds the same, the styling couldn’t be more different. Last time it was white and stripes and chambray, whereas this time I went with all dark hues.. or as they say ‘winter colors’ except that we are not having much of a winter here! 
In other news, the people from jabong did a little feature on me. The joy of finding your name in print is unparalleled! Do give it a read here 🙂

The girl at first avenue on Instagram (@thegirlatfirstavenue)

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I am totally addicted to instagram now! 
Thanks to two InFB challenges (OctWithInFb & NovWithInFb)

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p.s: Also really happy with the new blog header and other little changes I made. You like? 🙂
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FAS style #3 + Shwa Handbags

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What do you get when two sassy young women, one with with a passion for consumer behavior and the other with a love for entrepreneurial projects, and both with a flair for design, come together? An innovative brand with a beautiful compilation of Handbags with secrets!

Shwa handbags, is a store based in Mumbai and is founded by Ira Jhangiani and Chandni Nihalani. They decided to design handbags with some character (given how girls go ga-ga over their bags and carry their world in it and all!) by having a unique little secret in each bag. The first collection is called Grey’s Anatomy – Season1“. Just to keep things interesting they added a little surprise in each of the bags. You’ll find things right from key finders, pepper spays, bag lights, portable charges, to quick-fix lip glosses, make up pouches and other little essentials.

Soon to launch is their Winter/Festive 2013 collection which is inspired by two things.
1) This is “Season 2, Gossip Girl” which means you can expect the bags to be right on trend, youthful and vibrant. Each bag is named after a character in the show, so there’s your chance of having Chuck Bass on your arm! 😉

2) Season 2’s theme is also inspired by the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which is all about controlling our destiny with the Law of Attraction and positive thinking.

Chandni, one of the co-founders is also a modern day Tarot Reader. So with her awareness of this art, each handbag in Season 2 comes with a Tarot Card inside, which is meant to attract positive energy into our lives. Now whether you are a believer or not, its always nice to have a “something positive” with you all the time. If I am in a lousy mood and I happen to find a “STRENGTH” card for finding inner strength or a “SUN” card for happiness… I ain’t complaining!

So let’s go ahead and meet the characters shall we?

The one am carrying below is “Callie” from “Grey’s Anatomy – Season 1”. I don’t watch the show anymore, but the bag – I love!

On a side note, for someone who doesn’t know abc’s of stitching, I am very happy with the results of all three of my…ummm… trials (‘designs’ would be a bit too presumptuous!). The latest is this lemon yellow polka dotted circle skirt. More ‘designs’ to (hopefully) come soon!

Skirt: FAS(self-made) | Tshirt: Max Fashions | Necklace: Accessorize | Bag: c/o Shwa
*This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are based on my experience alone.

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Diwali Snapshots!

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How did Diwali rush by so fast? 
Its almost the end of 2013. I don’t know if I am ready to let go yet! *sad face* 
Take a look at the pictures below while I go sulk for a bit!
Cheery smiles
Pretty prints
Colors galore
New year hints!

A forgotten prayer
A wishful thought
A mumbled hope 
A battle fought

Lighting up the darkness
Sparkling in the glow
The impending prayer
tangled in the flow

There is fire in my eyes
in my heart, in my soul
A burning desire,
paves the path to my goal.

Shadows of the past
Lost in the present
A glimpse of the future
A promise that is kept

Stormy nights
Etched in the mind
Waves of thoughts 
that leave you in a bind

Cold gentle breeze
And smiles for some
Warm love awaits
For whenever you come
A breath of wind
whispers in the trees
Four words spoken
and time shall freeze 

One step forward
A skip and a hop
In no time at all
You shall be at the top!
Saree: Gayatri Saree House(Hyderabad) | Bangles&Earrings: Local shops

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Diwali nostalgia

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Diwali is always a special time at home. A house crowded with cousins and relatives, a big bag full of crackers, and the hullabaloo and ruckus specific and special to your family. But over the past couple of years, diwali has been filled with only two things – decorations and (lots of) photos. Cousins and friends are now scattered across three continents and I miss those times. Luckily we are a family who click photos for every random thing right from a baby’s first sneeze  to hanging a new painting on the wall, so there are always hundreds of albums to browse through every time you feel nostalgic.

One pic shows me holding a sparkler in a hand tightly wrapped in a handkerchief. Before you think I had an accident of any sort, that was my dad’s way of protecting my delicate hands from the flying specks of sparks. Another pic shows me lighting a match and bursting into tears (probably out of fear). I was five. Fun kid I was no? There was this one instance where we were all supposed to take a pic while waving sparklers around in the air. One cousin got a little too excited with the hand waves which resulted in burning a part of my hair. Although it was very little (a few strands) the smell took absolutely forever to leave!

You could be living in a far away land with relatives in India or, like me, you could be here at ‘home’ and your family scattered all over the world. But its just not the same without them! So I compensate by pushing myself into decorating, buying, re-doing, creating, dressing up and clicking loads of pictures… to browse through for another day!

p.s I din’t shop this diwali (surprise suprise), so I just threw together a festive-ish outfit and headed for lunch. Red (is always) = big festive occasion, so problem solved! 😉

p.p.s An outfit shoot after almost a month! We were so excited that we ended up with too many pics. Hence the slight overload!

Skirt&Shoes: Street shopping(Hyderabad) | Top: Max | Necklace&bracelets: street shopping |
Ha! This is one cheap diwali look! 
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