First Avenue Style #2: The Maxi skirt

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Black. The color of darkness. The color of fear. The color that makes you envision something sinister and evil. A black heart, ruthless and unforgiving. Black magic, ominous and threatening. Black death, deadly and horrific. The Black wind, mysterious and possessing.

Black. The color of a freshly wiped black board on a new school day. A black stallion, powerful and majestic. Long black hair, smooth, shiny and beautiful. Black diamonds, rare, exquisite and expensive. Black night sky, velvety and mesmerizing. A sleek black car, empowering and classic. A little black dress, elegant and graceful.

Black, the paradox color. The color of evil and pride. The color of rejection and resourcefulness.
Blackmail. Black-belt
Black sheep. Black coffee.

The color of power, of control. The color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown. The barrier, hiding feelings, building walls, shrouding everything that it surrounds that it all seems to vanish into shadows. Black, authoritative and uptight. The color of self-control and confidence. The color of independence and strong will. Black, conventional and conservative; sophisticated and dignified. Black, the intriguing temptress.

Black the end. The end becomes a beginning. Black, a new beginning.

One color. Two sides. The good, the bad. So the same applies to people, yes?

Skirt: FirstAvenueStyle(self-designed) | Top: (I don’t remember?!?) | Shoes: c/o Done by None
I’ve been wanting a blue maxi skirt for so long but as always, all my attempts at searching for one proved to be futile. It was never the right shade or the right price so I decided to just make one myself and get it over with! And I absolutely love the result! A word of caution about these shoes. I love them, the color, the design, everything but it has the most uncomfortably designed strap. It could be that its just this piece that is faulty or maybe this design. This is just my second wear and with every five steps that I take (literally exactly five steps), it snaps off and I need to stop and buckle it again. Extremely annoying to do that. And the strap has already started fraying at the edges. Another couple of wears and I can see it coming off completely. So a word of caution for anyone wanting to purchase these. Like I said the design is really bad so I’ll probably get it changed to a regular old buckle because other than that they are super comfy and cute. Done by None has really some really trendy and innovative designs but definitely need to improve on their quality!
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How to: Choose a unique blog name

I love discovering new blogs to read. But there were many-a-times when I was thoroughly confused with similar sounding blog names that I eventually gave up reading those blogs rather than trying to match the blog name to the right author. With so many fashion and style blogs popping up, every other name has either one or more of words such as, ‘fashion’, ‘style’, ‘confessions’, ‘diaries’, in it.
Well, when you are starting a fashion blog what better way is there to indicate that its about fashion than naming it fashion. Right? I couldn’t agree more. There are already well established blogs with such names. But as more and more such blogs are popping up, you really need to move away from the same old beaten path, if you want your blog to stand out. 

Content is king. Agreed. But your blog name will play a major part in attracting people to your content (only then can they decide that your content is king.. or queen!)
These are some of the reactions that your blog name should/shouldn’t be getting from people.
The “Of course I know this blog/I always read this blog!” reaction.
Your blog name must be unique enough that it stays in people’s minds not slip away. The moment they hear a word or see something connected to it, your blog name should be the first to pop into their minds.
The “Why would I want to read anything named like that!” reaction
You don’t want a blog name that is too unique i.e something that sounds like you are trying too hard. That actually ends up creating a disconnect between the name and content (or may just put off people.. like me!)
The “Been there, seen that” reaction
Unless your content is really really good and offers something that doesn’t already exist, a very mundane blog name will receive only a very mundane reaction. “Oh so ‘fashion something by someone else? Another style blogger.. big deal”
The “Don’t you have at least an ounce of creativity?” reaction
There are many well established popular blogs with phrases such as ‘style’ ‘fashion’ ‘confessions’ etc. They were the pioneers so, yes, they could afford to name it whatever they wanted. Try to stay away from those common phrases as it adds to confusion. Naming your blog similar to your favorite popular blog will only make yours invisible. 
The “Identity mix” reaction
Lastly, if someone googles your blog name, yours should be the first to pop up. NOT another blog with a similar sounding name that is more popular than yours.
90% of the time, your first choice of blog name will not be available. Try out some word play, add/delete few words, change the spellings, try to let it describe your style rather than just saying its about fashion. Use those brain cells and make sure its unique!
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Inkkas Shoes

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Shoes are a girl’s best friend right? Shoes.. diamonds.. its debatable but for now lets be BFFs with shoes, kay? And when those shoes serve a purpose, that is bigger and better than making you jump with glee or magically transforming your day from bad to good as soon as you put them on, they become your all the more favorite and best-est friends. That my friends is the story of these striking blue inkkas shoes. Inkkas shoes are all handmade, manufactured in Peru, South America, with really interesting details and colorful aztec, tribal prints. And they are shoes serving a social cause – a part of every sale goes to help protect the amazon rainforest and its inhabitants.

Speaking of rainforests, I sure feel like am living in one. What is with the non-stop deluge? It looked like the rain gods finally gave me a 15min break between downpours today, just as I was getting ready. And since I was trying to shoot since three days (talk about perfectly good outfits going waste.. bah!) I literally ran out and wrapped it up in ten minutes. I picked these bright blue beauties today to contrast with the gloomy weather. Who says you need to wear shoes only with pants? Shorter hems and covered feet are my mantra for a rainy day. And the brighter the better!

Dress: Local boutique | Belt: From another dress | Bracelets & Earrings: here & there | 
Shoes: c/o
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First Avenue Style: Printed Skirt

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Dreadful internet connection problems , rain playing havoc and spoiling outfit shoots, bad lighting conditions, and when all is well and perfect – a missing photographer. Is there no end to this fashion girl’s problems? *insert heavy dramatic voice* Why? Why? Why? Sadly I have no answer. In-spite of these major problems of this major drama queen, we shall battle on,  and not give up. Next time, I don’t care if I get drenched in the downpour or blown away in the wind – when I want me some photos, am gonna get me some. Period.

Now that my little rant is over, these are the few pics that I could manage to salvage. We were checking the lighting, location and going about all the ‘pre-shoot’ work before the rain came down. So these are the only pics I have as of now. I was too excited to show off my self-designed skirt to wait another week for a proper photo shoot, so here goes! Trust me when I tell you that it is hard to shop for clothes when you have long legs. Skirts and shorts end up being shorter than what you expected or what you saw on the model. Minis become micro minis, middies become knee length and long flowl-y skirt become awkward length skirts :/  Anyway, like all things I design and create, first and foremost I need to name it (major OCD). So in case you still haven’t understood what First Avenue Style (FAS in short) means, its self-designed 😉

Keeping it short for now, hope you like it!  🙂

Skirt: FirstAvenueStyle (self-designed) | Top: Local boutique | Bracelets&Ring: Accessorize | 
Belt: Gifted | Shoes: c/o Done by None

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Color me green!

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First, respect to all those models whose job is to pout and pose day in and day out *bows down to them* I have no idea how they do it and how they make it look so easy. I, on the other hand, am a photographer’s dream turned nightmare. I have a photogenic face (or so am told), but getting that face to stay still and look natural is a task not many are willing to take.

I keep talking, I keep looking around, I keep making faces, and I.Can’t.Stand.Still. You’d think I’d try a little harder seeing that its my blog and my job in the first place. But no. Add to that humid weather, sweltering heat and a ton of mosquitos attacking me like am their last meal… I am a terror to work with. I also keep fidgeting and looking around to see if anyone is looking at me, which is highly annoying to someone trying to make you look pretty and poised in a picture. I guess this is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to my photographer, for putting up with me and not giving up! (like there’s a choice.. ha!)

My heels have all rebelled against me. I left them all at home when I was in Chennai for the past year, and now every time I step into a pair, I get blisters. Even the most comfortable pair, in which I could walk a whole day (that’s pushing it, maybe half day) refuse to leave my feet in peace. So I’ve taken to living in flats and it’s not such a bad thing. I don’t even feel like buying any heels these days. I guess I can strike off the shoe-crazy part in the about-me section. Wow… who knew!

That’s actually me swatting away mosquitos which were everywhere! I think we should do a behind-the-scenes post with all the pics that show the struggle we go through to get decent shots. 

Tweeting, instagram-ing, whatsapp… phew! Never ending cycle!

White kurta: Max Fashions | Cotton trousers: Akkriti | Sandals: Street shopping (Chennai) | Necklace: Street shopping (Goa)
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