The 90’s and skulls

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If there is one thing I pride myself on remembering really well, its names. You could be saying “Oh remember that guy from 3rd  grade.. the one who was always chewing pencils… who had a blue cycle..” and pop would come out my answer before you even finished your sentence. But now-a-days I can’t freaking remember the names of any of the singers from bollywood! Each movie has three singers for a single song, and about nine songs in an album with almost all different singers… so you do the math!

Gone are the days when you could close your eyes and listen to the song for three seconds before deciding if it was Shaan or Sonu Nigam or Kumar Sanu (And where have they all vanished now???).
Songs that were ‘hits’ remained so for a substantial amount of time and not just a week or two before some other new ‘hit song’ (okay songs like kolaveri di and the likes are NOT hits. Not according to my definition of ‘hit’ anyway) made its way to the top of the charts. Songs remained hits till you knew every word (chorus included) by heart because of them being played repeatedly on tv. Because you would rush from your bedroom when it came on tv every.single.time. NOT because you had it on your ipod which was glued to your ears 24×7.

But now, there is an excess of mindless songs, with no meaning, hin-glish words that just don’t fit it, just a catchy tune, the sole purpose of which is to put you in a peppy mood when you are in the gym or at a club half drunk, and people trying to cash it on its ‘success’ which of course lasts only a week before the next wave of mindless songs set in.

Granted, a few gems sneak in here and there, but honestly they are not everlasting gems – definitely not like the ones we had before!  What can I say, looks like I am a true 90’s girl!

This little guy looked pretty keen to become a fashion blogger what with his repeated requests to click one more photo of him. Making his dreams come true. Am a fairy godmother like that.

Jeans: Levi’s | Top: Max Fashions | Watch: Gifted | Bracelet: Gifted (street shopping, Goa) | Shades: Guess | Shoes: From here
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Simple awesome things

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Beauty lies in simplicity, in the little things in life. Things that you usually take for granted and don’t really notice them or think of them as ‘important’ until someone points them out to you and you think ‘Oh yeah!’

We all have our little quirks that only people close to us understand. Some are endearing while some others might be the reason for you getting screamed at or shaken by your best friend. But hey, its a complete package and those quirky traits are what makes a person who he/she is! Here are some that I read on 1000awesomethings. Silly or not, I found them to be totally true in my case!

  • Laughing so hard you make no sound at all
  • Drinking the ice crystals in your freezing cold glass of coke
  • Taking your heels off and walking those last few steps to your car in bare feet
  • That feeling in your stomach when you go really high on the swings
  • Finding the last item in your size at the store
  • Waking up before your alarm and realizing you have a lot of sleep time left
  • Squeezing through a door as its shutting without touching it
  • The first squeeze from a new tube of toothpaste

See my previous list here.

In a totally different context, this is style #2 (see prev style here) wearing the coral top from FabAlley via I’ve taken to browsing their site every other day just to check out the new stuff that they keep adding. Right now they’ve got some really good stuff under Rakhi gifts. Although I am a day late, its never to late to demand gifts (or buy them!). They’ve got some pretty heavy discounts and a Buy 1 get 1 Free offer on some of their jewelry so do check them out!

Top: c/o FabAlley via | Skirt: VeroModa | Shoes: Local store(Chennai) | Bracelets & Chain: Accessorize | Belt: Gifted
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Veritas (Truth)

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I’ve been ignoring my first love – writing for quite a while now. What seemed at first like a short hiatus has slowly become almost an year. I’ve always been a private person and I am never comfortable with revealing my thoughts or feelings on my blog. I am opinionated and I love discussing my perspective on matters of interest but when it comes to personal matters I am a closed book. Whatever happened to all the stories and poems that I used to write! But something in my heart says that today is the day to write, to open up and reveal, if not everything then maybe a tad bit.

I’ve stuck to writing silly posts, because its so much easier than revealing what you are truly feeling. Putting out all your thoughts on the blog, for the entire world to see, makes me extremely uncomfortable. I am asked quite often, as to how I feel about posting my photos on the blog for everyone to see. A lot of people who are uncomfortable with posting pictures claim that its because they are ‘private’ people. But quite frankly its the opposite for me. My face would be the first thing even a random stranger on the road would see. There is nothing private about it. I think it has more to do with how confident you feel in your own skin, and how you decide you don’t give a damm what people think about your looks or your dressing sense as long as you feel you are beautiful. Thoughts and feelings – that’s an altogether different matter. And I choose to give access to those to only a privileged few.

I’ve stopped reading a lot of the blogs that I was following an year before. I just don’t seem to find them as interesting as before. When I do browse through them, I can’t seem to remember what it was about the blog that induced me to follow it in the first place. I blame my own ever increasing impatience for the change in attitude and not the bloggers. But in a way it feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders – of reading and commenting on every single blog. It was almost like a compulsion, an involuntary force, making me read every single one of them even though I din’t want to. A lot of them All of them, I now realize were reading and commenting on my blog thanks to the ‘I scratch your back and you scratch mine’ policy.

The downside has been that I’ve lost 50% (or maybe more) of my readership and comments, but like I said before its liberating to not think about it. I’ve realized it really doesn’t matter to me or affect the way I want to blog. I am sticking to writing more and more for myself – after all the blog is named ‘The Girl At First Avenue’ for a reason. It’s about the girl and all aspects of the girl.

Off late I’ve realized that you are your only true friend. People complicate matters in the most absurd ways and you just need to find the courage in your heart to say NO and move on and keep your life simple, the way you want it to be. Everybody has a mask on, but now-a-days they have multiple masks and frankly its not as appealing as peeling of different layers of a person with true character and personality. And for obvious reasons, I very much prefer the company of the latter in my life than the former. Difficult times test you and the people around you. True colors are revealed. True friendship is found. Lifelong bonds are made.

I’ve rambled a bit in this post. But this was more for me than for you guys. If you read this and get it well and good. If not, I guess I wasted 10min of your time 😛

This is only to remind myself that today, like every other day, I am in control of my life.

It matters not how strait the gate, 
How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate: 
I am the captain of my soul.

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Coral hues

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If only I could blog while driving or eating or working. Actually it’s only the first I have a problem with, the latter two? No problem-o! I’ve been scurrying around since morning trying to get things done and trying to get my car to start (it sure knows how to pick its moments to stop), which brings me to this: I want a new car. Remind me to ask my dad. Yes, there are some things in life where you should go back to dads, cars being one such thing. Tops my list actually. Anyway, I finally have a moment to breathe and blog. Anyone notice that my posts are gradually becoming shorter and sillier? I guess they are finally becoming a true reflection of me! Just keeping it real people!

This lovely coral top (or is it salmon colored? what do you call this color people?) is the new-est addition to my closet. Can you believe I have absolutely NO basic solid colored tops? Jabong has some really good basic, plain colored blouses. As much as I wanted to buy all ten colors available, I refrained, seeing that I only recently proclaimed to have stopped impulsive-buys. Must follow in life whatever I write on blog. Or is it the other way around? Am confused.

p.s: The giveaway ends in three days. Click on the (big round red) image on the left side-bar to enter!

Top: c/o FabAlley via (Buy here)
Jeans: Recap
Chain & bracelets: Accessorize
Shoes: Local shop in Chennai
Bag: Boutique in Bangalore 
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Fitness and Health: Workout – The Start

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So its been a month since I decided to make fitness a part of my everyday life (I was a lazy as hell before that) and as promised here is the post! I have a naturally lean body and I don’t tend to put on weight at all, so this is only going to be about basic fitness, toning up muscle, increasing stamina and endurance.

How I started:
My first instinct was to join a gym, have a personal trainer and go into full-on fitness mode. It took me only a single visit to decide that I din’t need their ‘services’. Here I am trying to make them understand that all I needed was to improve my stamina, and they were busy shoving ‘packages’ and promising me so many ‘kilos’ per month. O-kay. 
So I headed back home and took the help of trusty ‘ol google, a couple of books and my mom (who is my nutrition expert). After researching and reading a lot, and trying out what I read for a couple of days I chalked out a plan for myself based on my body type, my lifestlyle habits and a whole lot of other things.
Body type: Lean, long limbs, no tendency to put on weight easily.
What I lack: Stamina (so that was my #1 target)
What I started with:
It really doesn’t matter at what time you choose to exercise (early mornings or evenings) as long as you get some sort of exercise done during your day. I am all stiff-jointed in the mornings, so I only stick to exercises that allow me to stretch, like yoga.
Mornings: Yoga, light cardio (like jumping rope, brisk walking)
Evenings: Free weights exercises
                 Day 1: Upper body – Arms, shoulders, chest and abs
                 Day 2: Lower body – Back, Lower back, legs and abs(again)
                 (Repeat the same on alternate days)

What I learnt:

  • First two days are always the hardest 
  • Until it becomes a strong habit you need to revolve the rest of your life around your fitness routine (Finish my workout and then go out/Meet friends an hour later so I can finish my workout. Basically postpone anything that interferes with my workout!) and not the other way around.
  • Its more important to listen to your body than to stick to the same routine.
  • Never try any exercise or workout schedule or diet just because it worked for someone else
  • Cardio is a MUST. Just because you are thin and people say cardio is mainly for shedding calories and fat, doesn’t mean its not for you. The intensity can be moderated depending on what you are targeting (weight loss/weight gain/stamina)
  • Extremely important to warm-up and cool-off (I skipped doing it a couple of times and almost had a sprain)
  • Its important to have rest days but I don’t have any ‘fixed’ rest days. Depends on how tired I am feeling.
  • I need constant change in life. I strongly dislike routine. I discovered this applies even to my workout. I keep trying to include/exclude exercises to keep things interesting (I pick and choose from the pool!)

What I use:
Exercise/Yoga mat
2kg dumbbells
(Yes that’s all! Now that one month is up, am thinking of including an exercise ball)

Next post(s): Diet and food, Workout details.

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TheGirlAtFirstAvenue for Giveaway

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When it comes to online shopping its easy to lose your mind and go click-click at a pace where you end up buying half the store. And that tends to happen even more often when you have the COD option.
The more you add to your shopping cart, the more it feels like you are ordering free gifts for yourself! That is until the delivery guy shows up with neatly wrapped packages and demands payment! (which turns to be more than half of your monthly salary)

This is where sites like step in to save us! They work tirelessly, do all the scouting for deals and promotions that we are too lazy to do, and offer us the best deals and discounts which help us maintain considerably heavy wallets!

And since its been more than an year since my last giveaway (time sure flies!), its time to give something back to my loyal readers 🙂 They are offering the lucky winner, three flipkart vouchers worth Rs.500 each.

Flipkart has come a long way from being the #1 site for just books. Some of my picks from flipkart.. and these are all below Rs.500! 

Enter the giveaway by following a few simple steps
Giveaway lasts till August 15th.

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