Travel and Fitness: Work it!

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Sitting and standing is proving to be quite a task since the past few days. My body is sore all over and muscles that I never knew I had are aching like they had the crap beaten out of them. Why? That’s because I’ve been working out. Yes skinny girls work out too. A smack on the back of your head if you raised your eyebrows in wonder. Fitness is for everyone. Okay?

When you have been on the skinny side practically your whole life, its easy to slip into the couch-potato mode with zero exercise and workout for your body. The couch becomes your best friend. No matter what you eat, where you eat and how much you eat, your clothes fit you the same. You see no reason to change your sedentary lifestyle  and before you know it, there is a tiny layer of fat building up which only you can see. One fine day you realize you are unable to carry a 3kg bag of groceries from the kirana store to your house, which is hardly half a kilometer. Climbing 3 flights of stairs leaves you breathless (At one point I did 6 flights every single day without a break) Few more such embarrassing incidents later you realize how pathetic your condition has become.

So I made some drastic changes. After google-ing and reading a lot, I devised a workout plan and diet for myself (which I’ll share soon). Although its just day #4, I like what am seeing.

These pics were shot on a short trip to Anantagiri hills, a perfect place for trekking. We also planned to visit the temple there (which is what it’s actually famous for) so I had to be in traditional clothes. If you are wondering why I was wearing walking shoes on this outfit… now you know why. Sometimes its all about the comfort.

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Bag: Gifted
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17 thoughts on “Travel and Fitness: Work it!

  1. You look good ! Lovely pictures. Even I started working out from last week and I can feel it in my every body part. I love the changes its bringing to my body.
    Stay in touch.


  2. You are right. Stamina can only be improved with workouts.Nice post and as always, you look great. Do you have sports as part of your workout? Awaiting your share on workout plan and your diet plan 🙂 Happy workout Chandana!!!


  3. The trend of hiking and trekking is increasing in many parts of the world. Trekking has countless health benefits and the beauty is that it doesn’t cost you much. It helps improve their physical stamina and team building skills. So just go for trekking & enjoy yourself with your healthy physic…

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