Little Heaven

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There is something beautiful about all scars, whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed and done with.”

I read this somewhere and it couldn’t have been more true. I believe there is a Master Plan for each one of us by the Big Guy up there. I believe there is a framework for everyone, but what you choose to do within it, the path that you decide to lay, the direction that you decide to follow, how you decide to fit the pieces of the puzzle depends on you.

How much of it is in your control and how much of it is that elusive little devil called ‘fate’? I do not know. I don’t have all the answers. But lately I realize its ok not to. At least I know that there is some part in my control. And as long as that doesn’t change, am not letting it go.

You can make it bold, colorful, dull, exciting, pitiful, serene, playful, serious, content, kind, greedy…. anything you want. Its all about how best you utilize the time and opportunities that you have. What all you do for others and for yourself. How best you choose to live with your choices without any regrets.

How best you build your own little heaven.

Tee: Gifted by sis
Bracelets: Random shops
Necklace: (Short) Gift from Dad,
(Long) Gift from sis 
Shoes: Catwalk
Bag: Gifted 
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Delicious days: Mahabhalipuram Cafes

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I have some sort of inexplicable magnetic pull towards beaches. I could sit and stare at the sea for hours without getting bored. And surprisingly even the hot, humid, coastal weather doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. Add to that some delicious food and am in heaven.

Seaside restaurants are my favorite! Luckily such options were plenty for me over the last year.These pics were shot at Radison Blu (a five star luxury resort) which was the last thing I expected to find in the ancient little town of Mahabhalipuram. It was cloudy drizzly morning, but even a hurricane couldn’t have stopped us from going and attacking their breakfast spread, which, needless to say was yummy-licious!

But more than this, the cozy little Indo-french cafes and restaurants are a must visit in Mahabhalipuram. So if you ever head that way visit…

Le Yogi – for their pasta and sizzlers (both veg and non-veg)
La pizzeria de mama – for their chilly potato and pizza with eggplant
Sunrise Cafe – for their cheese omelet and gobi (cauliflower) with white sauce

…My top three favorites!

The decor has a very rustic-thatched roof-paper lantern vibe. Very exotic and chic.. You can kick back and relax with a game of scrabble or uno, which are provided by them.

And while I dream of all those amazing dinners and brunches I had there and get all weepy.. you can enjoy the pics below!

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The feeling of peace. The epitome of being content. That wonderful semblance of perfection. When nothing, absolutely nothing can go wrong. Everything feels right. The moment when time stands still to the last micro second. The feeling of being lost in a world unknown to anyone but yourself.

Sleep = Bliss. That’s what it is.

Let’s see.. apart from sleeping an obnoxious 10 hours per day, what else have I got to share?
Its summer at its peak. The sight of anything denim makes me want to push it back into the darkest corners of my wardrobe. The sight of all my pretty little dresses makes me wish I was living in a city where I could wear them anywhere and everywhere and not just to ‘specific places’. Easy, breezy, bright kurtis is what am living in. That and pajamas. Ok only pajamas to be honest.

This ↓ happened by sheer chance.

p.s Yes am back for good! 😉

Kurti & Leggings: Max fashion
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