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Has it been months? Years? Decades? I seem to have suffered from short term memory loss and forgotten I have a blog. Well I won’t be justifying or explaining my absence and making promises of regular posts.. coz let’s face it, chances are I’ll disappear again for a while.

Truth be told, I did remember I had have a blog, but I have lost the zeal for blogging lately. Laziness, procrastination, lack of interest, did I mention laziness? And the hardly-any-comments on the past few posts have also put me down a bit. As much as we bloggers proclaim that “we blog for ourselves”, we love comments. Comment are good. They make us feel important. Like all this nonsense is worth reading and responding (shower some this time will ya?) So why the sudden urge to blog? Well I have a very important exam tomorrow. And me being me, blogging seemed like the most obvious thing to do right now. If only life always made such total sense.

So what’s going on you ask?

Am having a gala time here. Yes literally. Gone are the days of slogging from morning to night. Subjects are few, the load is less and assignments are copied from google with utmost sincerity and promptness. And I am busy catching up on my usual 8 hours of sleep, going for sunday brunches, spending a week at home, shopping, reading books and basically slipping back into normal life. It feels good after months of hecticness (and I just realized this is not a word – thank you auto-correct).

In other news, my BFF got hitched. With this almost all my close friends are finally married. Naturally daddy dearest is getting a little jumpy that his darling daughter is ‘left out’ but more than me it’s he who isn’t ready for the big M word. He was heard discussing with my Mom whether he should put up a couple of extra bedrooms for me to come and live in.


And the worst part was he was not kidding. Just imagine! Oh the horror!

Definitely not ready to let go!

Dress – gifted
Shoes – Catwalk

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