Jabong and Donald – huh?

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I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have started to write this long pending post. I start and I delete. I start and I get a call. I start and I have to rush to a meeting. I start and I get a mail about a new assignment. I start and I fall asleep on my laptop. I start and something or the other comes up and the cycle simply does not end!!! Arrgghh!

So frustrated-me finally decided to sit her butt down and type it all away. No matter what.

The weather here is amazing today. The perfect weather to step out, have some good food and go shopping. Yes shopping, something that I haven’t done since forever. Which is a partial total exaggeration because I have been shopping online a bit (note the phrase ‘a bit’). But going to a mall? What mall? Doesn’t exist in my world.

Thanks to the abundance of online stores I am saved. Mostly because the place I stay is is more or less a village in some godforsaken corner of Chennai. One site I’ve been shopping a lot fron these days is jabong.com. Its one of the most fun and vibrant sites that I’ve seen. One of my favorite items I’ve bought from their site is this Donald Duck tee. Am a huge fan of cartoons, animation movies et al, in case you din’t know before (in which case, shame on you! What have you been reading my blog for???). So quite obviously this was the first thing I bought… and its great for those days when am rushing for an early morning class and need to throw on something quick (which is pretty much the case everyday :/).

When jabong.com contacted me for a doing a product review I was more than happy. I like sites with prompt delivery and an abundance of choice so this perfectly fit the bill. I got my package in just two days and considering the fact that I live in some far of corner of the city, its great!

And Donald’s expression perfectly matches my mood when there is an 8:00 am class that I need to attend!

Zipper Jeans : Lee
Shrug: Local boutique (Hyderabad)
Shoes: Ruby shoes (Sydney)

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