The Red Jeans

Every time I sit down to “think” – you know, one of those introspective, philosophical moods that you sometimes get into, I just can’t believe how much I have changed in such a short span of time. And by change I mean, change in my attitude, the way I deal with people, situations and pressure (the rest of me is pretty much the same :))

For one thing I am yet to throw out the dead spider lying by my door. Can you imagine me and a spider (dead or alive) in the same room for more than a second? I know this might seem insignificant but for me this is HUGE. I’ve been dealing with all kind of insects and lizards thanks to the “green” campus that I live in.
Second, I am literally living in a pressure cooker ever single day. 24hours is never enough for the amount of work we have here. There is such a drastic difference between the way I dealt with pressure before and now. Its become second nature to me. When I find myself relatively free now, I feel flustered, confused and I cannot focus. I’ve become so used to being busy that now I constantly need ten things to do at once.
Third, one of things that I learnt here (which of course is something that I already knew, but nonetheless got ingrained in my brain further) is that there is no one that you can trust completely. You  have to look out for yourself. You have to be selfish and you need to be focussed. And the most important, have minimum expectations from others.
Do what makes you happy. Then do it more. And more.
Red jeans – different ways:
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Keep it simple silly!

Musings, thoughts
Whatever setting you are in – school, college, post graduation, corporate life, family – you only find a handful of people who are intelligent, mature and responsible adults. The problem is that majority of them don’t even think of using whatever minimum common sense that God has given them.

Sometimes I wonder, how can anyone be so oblivious to their surroundings and to other’s feelings and reactions. Its hard to believe that a person can be that dumb. The only alternative explanation is that they are consciously behaving in that manner. Ego. Biggest enemy ever.

If only people realized what a waste of precious time it is to hold on to petty things that happened in the past. If only people realized that there is more to life than simply earning money and passing an exam. If only people realized the value of love and friendship. If only people realized that revenge does not give you as much satisfaction as does forgiving a person and letting go of matters.

When you really, really think about it… Life is pretty simple. Just live it.

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Am back… only to vanish again.

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It has been DAYS since I’ve update my blog. I have never gone this long without writing anything at all! Honestly, for the first time ever I haven’t felt like writing anything. A full time MBA kinda squeezes out even the little time that you have set aside as ‘me time’. I din’t want to post something just for the sake of posting but it has simply been too long, my blog is literally rotting and I couldn’t resist any longer. 
Well… where do I start? Assuming that you all (or at least a few) are interested in the boring details of my student life.. i’ll go ahead!
The last few months have been overwhelming to say the least. SO MUCH has happened in just four months, that hasn’t happened in twenty-five years of my life. Tight schedules. Three to four hours sleep everyday. Assignments. Case studies. Projects. Case studies. Mid-terms. And more case studies. End-terms. Bad food. Typhoid. Recovery. New friends. And in between all this we managed to squeeze in some fun times too! But to sum it up in better words – read the last post. More than the course I think its the “life-lessons” that I’ve learnt, that are going to help me going forward.
You know that most common question people ask during interviews “Why MBA?”. I think I have the answer now. I think its appropriate to ask that question after someone has joined an MBA program rather than before.. ‘coz lets face it.. majority are clueless why they really want an MBA. 
Two terms have gone by. Got a break of 6 days. Came home. Slept like a log. Ate like a pig. I have no clue why am typing in short sentences. Anyway its time to go back again. One more term to go and things will lighten up a little.. and ill be able to breathe again.. phew! 
I thought I could manage blogging inspite of the hectic schedule but I don’t think I ever properly realized the amount of time that goes into blogging. The amount of time that actually goes into writing one single post. And time is one thing that I simply don’t have here… I miss blogging, I miss reading blogs and discovering new ones… and I can’t wait to be regular again! Cross my fingers and hope that’s soon enough!

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