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It started out as a feeling,
which then grew into hope.
Which then turned into a quiet thought.
Which then turned into a quiet word.
And then the word grew louder and louder.
Till it was a battle cry.
But all you heard was silence.
And all you saw was a smile.

Just because everything is changing doesn’t mean it was never this way before. Doesn’t mean it can’t be again.

Happy weekend! (while I go attend classes and finish assignments.. boohoo!)
p.s – Inspired by a friend.

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Bloopers – 2

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I have finally come to the stage where I don’t even feel like opening my blog, because that just makes me miss blogging all the more! Any semblance to my past life has long gone, and I have been cut off from the outside world for more than a month (a month?? feels like a century!). So far MBA is not giving me the kind of learning and experience that I hoped for (damn you typhoid!) , but it has given me the most unexpected lessons in life, the most bizarre and funny experiences – which I think would me more useful in the long run!

After this course what I would be left with is an year’s worth of memories, laughter and fun. And I think its worth all that!
A proper outfit shoot doesn’t seem to be on the cards anytime soon… so until the time that it does happen, we shall adjust with what we have. a.k.a random ramblings of mine. A couple of months back I’d made a second bloopers video, which I’d been intending to post since a long time but never got around to posting it.. same old story.. no time.
Anyway, presenting…

Life motto #2329 – Never ever miss an opportunity to embarrass yourself.

If you haven’t watched the first bloopers video then click here!

p.s – Its kinda shorter than the previous one. I think its time to add a little madness into my life again!

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