The grey jeans

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You know those situations where you keep searching and searching for one particular shade of jeans and when you finally find it, it is exactly what you wanted? Now grey is not really that hard a color to find, but fit-wise, I had a hard time finding this pair. This easily the most worn jeans in my closet. I feel every color that looks good with black and blue, looks ten times better on grey. Yep. You are looking at a grey fanatic right here.

Grey jeans and a plain black tee in three different ways
1) Wearing the black tee over a bright colored tank top
2) Wearing a casual shirt over the tee
2) Wearing a sheer polka dot tank over the tee

Grey jeans in 3 more ways

here, here and here

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And its just begun…

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The first few weeks here have been a roller coaster ride. In a short span of days, there have been so many changes in my life and I have met so many people, participated in so many activities – that it almost feels like I’ve been living here for months. My days are packed with so many events one after the other from morning to night. So many, that, its getting rather hard to keep track of what I’ve been doing the entire day!

On top of all that I fell sick and was also hospitalized for the first time in my life for typhoid. Of all the places I’ve eaten at back home, of all the kinds of street food I’ve filled my stomach with.. I had to go ahead and get typhoid here. Now. Perfect timing.

After four days of deliriously high fever, midnight rushes to the hospital in an ambulance, getting poked with IV needles, injections, totally losing consciousness of what’s been happening around me, nausea, headaches and a whole lot of other symptoms (which I really don’t want to get into now), I am sort of beginning to feel like a human being again. Typhoid is an exhausting illness. It saps you off every last drop of your energy. I’ve solely been running on mental strength for the past two weeks, and! BUT it could have been worse, a lot worse and am thankful that I am getting better slowly and steadily.

I miss blogging, I miss writing, I miss the photoshoots we used to have, searching for locations, putting together outfits for specific shoots… basically I miss my life! I know I haven’t visited or commented on any of your blogs. Heck I haven’t even been able to visit my blog! Its a miracle if I am able to sit at the desk for an hour without completely exhausting myself. Hopefully I’ll have time and energy for it soon. Until then, just a few random pictures from before I fell sick.

Good news is that am back on twitter and instagram(@thegirlatfirstavenue)!
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Is this fair?

We REALLY live in a fairness obsessed country!!! Forget about fairness creams, I am unable to find a single sunscreen, moisturizer, compact.. heck even a deodorant that DOES NOT have a ‘fairness’ tag attached to it. Every single product available in the market, be it for your face or feet or body or hands – is guaranteed to make you fair. Well, you know what.. I am happy with my color. I would have been happy even if I was darker than what I am now (which FYI, I was during college). All I want is healthy, glowing skin. Not healthy, glowing fair skin. You can be of a darker shade and still glow like a lightbulb.

Even the sales people in the stores show products that are a shade lighter than your skin color. And then proudly proclaim saying it will make you look fairer. Every single time, I need to ask them for the next shade and they look at me like I’ve gone bonkers. They hand it to me all the while chattering about how the lighter shade will make my skin look fairer. NO IT WON”T. It’ll make me look like I have white wash on my face, and am not really fond of that look.

The other day I had a particularly hard time getting this sales girl off my back while I went around the store making purchases. She literally followed me to every aisle, and kept pushing me to buy the fairer shade. I was in no mood to shout at anyone so I just walked out with only half my shopping done :/

People really need to change their mindset drastically. Bring fair does not automatically make you beautiful. Being fair does not automatically make you superior. Being fair does not automatically make the world a better place for you. Be ‘fair’ in the real sense. 

Walk by faith, not by sight.
We are all the same color, when you turn off the light.

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The balancing act.

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Recently a friend asked me “How does it feel to be read (through the blog) by more than 700 people?”. But are all the 700 really reading it? I doubt that! The number is a transient one, constantly changing. Today there might be 100 and tomorrow 25. There will be those few special ones who will stick around but the rest is not a fixed number.

If you constantly keep worrying about the number of followers, readers, comments that you are getting, you will neither have any peace of mind nor will you be able to produce any quality work. I have never publicly declared that “Oh I have so many followers!” or that “I have reached/crossed so and so number of followers” because it has never (honestly never!) bothered me. I have people following/un-following every day and its a continuous process.

Be it in blogging or in any other aspect of life, I stick to one rule that helps me stay balanced and focussed.

“Never let insults get to your heart and never let praise get to your head”. As long as you keep this in mind, come anonymous haters or lovers – you’ll be good to go!

p.s : This post has been submitted for InFb remix : Florals.

Jeans : Levis
Top : PaperScissors (Sydney)
Floral jacket : Max
Necklace :
Shoes : Catwalk

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One year of style blogging

I published my first outfit post on May 1st last year. So if my math is right (it’s usually wrong!) I finish one year of style blogging and one year – seven months of actual blogging!

And here’s what people have to say 🙂

If there was a word bigger than a ‘thank you’, that meant much more, I would definitely use that. Its such a great feeling to be appreciated for something that you love and have worked so hard for. I’ll definitely be blogging for a long, long time to come!

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