New phase

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I am back to being a student, and in the coming one year I am going to be buried under case studies, presentations, exams, more presentations and projects, outings, parties and a lot of fun(the latter part is inevitable). In between all this I don’t know how much time i’ll have for blogging. I’ve always thought known that I was addicted to blogging, so this is going to be nice little test for me. Let’s just say I am about to pull a vanishing act on you guys and I don’t know for how long.

But I have to say, I am pretty excited about this new phase! (exams included!). After this one year I have a feeling I am going to take up blogging full time. I know one year is a loooong time to be making such statements but gut feeling says so! The mishmash of goals and aims that I’ve had in life, seem to be gaining some direction and clarity, slowly and steadily. So definitely looking forward to this year and the coming years!!!

I’ll be off the blog for a couple of weeks now, until I settle into the new place and new routine.But you can still catch me on facebook, twitter and instagram (@thegirlatfirstavenue) for your daily dose of TheGirlAtFirstAvenue.
I’ll keep updating this space as and when time permits!

Anyway… I finally ended up going for a haircut and I totally loved it (unlike last time). I was too excited about my hair to bother about ‘dressing up’. So I just threw on something casual and comfortable and headed out. Once we were out, we were too hungry to bother about photos and to cut a long story short, by the time we finished gorging on food.. it was already dark. But we went ahead and clicked a couple of pics just to have something to show you guys ‘coz that’s what a good style blogger does!

p.s – Expect a couple of scheduled posts!

I know my haircut is not really visible in these dark photos (sob!)
But I swear it’s cute! Check it out here!

Capris : Too old to remember
Tee – ValleyGirl (Sydney)
Earrings – Gift from a friend
Shoes/Bangle/Belt – Street shopping in Hyderabad

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Highly effective ways of annoying fellow bloggers.

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Welcome to today’s countdown. Or countup. Or whatever order you prefer.

Most annoying things about blogs:

1) Blogs with falling hearts, falling snowflakes, falling everything! Page loading takes forever and it is so visually disturbing! Specially when I am trying to look at your outfit through the incessant raining of hearts.

2) Blogs with countless photos of the same outfit, in the same poses, in every single post! There was one blog that I came across that had 41 photos in one outfit post. Yes I counted! (Sad part was, I loved her style, I loved most of her outfits, the photography was very professional and stunning. Everything else about the blog was neat and clean. But this overdose of photos did it for me.)

3) We all know neons are in, but blogs with hideous neon fonts and background colors? That’s taking it way too far! I’ve been blinded by such blogs far too many times. In the future, keep neons restricted to your clothing and accessories.

4) Blogs that have a widget that plays music. Specially when the blog theme and matter is in no way related to music. On top of that they have a disclaimer saying “If you want the music to stop, click the “pause” button on the side bar”. Why should I? I’d rather stop visiting your blog.

5) Blogs with weird fonts. Either you end up squinting your eyes off trying to read the post, or the font is so huge that its almost spilling out of the page or its so curly(?) that it feels like you are deciphering a secret code. Those fonts are worse than anybody’s handwriting that I know.

6) Blogs with teeny tiny outfit pictures. I know privacy is a concern and some people are not comfortable having large sized pictures of themselves, but really I can’t see anything except that there’s a tiny creature resembling a human being and is apparently wearing clothes :/

7) Grammar, spellings and punctuation. This is probably the first most annoying thing. Occasional typos are okay.. we all make them. But there’s a thing called spell check. And something else called grammar. Maybe its because I am a voracious reader, but I automatically keep correcting the sentences in my mind and concentrate on proof-reading rather than what the blogger is actually saying!

8) SMS language. “Tdy I wore dis outfit 2 a prty. Wore it wid mah nw pumps nd blzr. Also wore mah kewl new gogs”
Yeah I know the sentence makes no sense what-so-ever, just wanted to give a demo! Frankly I don’t type this way even while texting. I have to, and I mean have to type out the entire word and sentence. Even if I am not using dictionary, I type the entire word. Yes I am weird like that. But the least people can do is stick to proper complete words and sentences at least while blogging.

9) Too many advertisements and banners all wedged together without any breathing space. A blog should be clutter free and easy on the eyes. The first thing I should notice is the content and rest of your social networking widgets and sponsors-advertisements etc all neatly arranged around it. But squeezing an ad into every minute bit of space available? Big no-no.

10) Too many giveaways, too little content. Jyoti’s (from Style-Delights) tweet says it all – my respect for the blog decreases when I see more giveaways and less ‘posts’ on blogs” . And I couldn’t agree more!

Feel free to add more, agree/disagree!

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Buzz in the air

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I have nothing at all to say today. Nil. Nada. Zero words.
Except these three:
Sugar candy
Summer rain
Chunky jewelry
Whatdoyaknow! That turned out to be 6 words.
#off-topic : I’ve come to realize that I cannot live without a photographer in my life. I’ve also realized I’ll not have a photographer (at my beck and call) in a month’s time. 
*horrified look*

Update : 
Some of you have already responded via comments and emails about what I’d asked yesterday. For those who don’t follow me on facebook, here’s the gist! By the end of this month i’ll be completing one-year of style blogging (in my eyes that’s a HUGE deal!) so in order to show my appreciation towards all of you (readers, followers, stalkers…), I wanted to do a compilation of all your thoughts/comments about me and/or my blog.
So if you have anything at all to say about my blog – how it inspired you, helped you, made you think, made you laugh or even if you simply hated it, please send your thoughts to It could be a few lines, pictures, anything at all! And i’ll be featuring everyone who has something (nice) to say! 😉

My hair’s growing long again! Time for another haircut?

These are the most well fitted and comfortable cotton pants I own, but I hate the fact that they crease so easily, even while walking :/ 

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Summer whites

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Sunday afternoons on a summer day.

Hot. Dry wind blowing. A lazy dog stretches itself in the shade of a nearby tree. AC on full blast. Cool lemonade and ice cream stocked up in the fridge. Neatly cut pieces of mango and watermelon, cold and fresh out of the freezer. Download and watch movies. Go for a stroll after 6pm to your favorite coffee shop. Have some ice tea and a green apple mojito. Drive down to a friend’s place with the windows down. A blast of hot and cold air hitting you in the face. A dip in the pool, not to swim but only to ‘float around’. Having coconut milk on a road-side stand. Sleeping and being lazy all afternoon. The only ‘outings’ you have are to the mall or the movies ‘coz those are the only two places with air-conditioning.

I know that the concept of summer holidays is a thing of the past now, but that doesn’t mean summer has lost its charm. In-spite of hating the scorching, uncomfortable heat, in-spite of cribbing about not being able to get out of the house, in-spite of the heat sapping up all your energy, in-spite of wishing that winter would last ‘just a few more days’, in-spite of having no vacation, summer will always be special in some ways!

Another thing about summer, the BEST THING actually, is dressing up in white. It is so pleasing on the eyes and your body.

And me! 😉
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“At some point you realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee. There’s the little empty pain of leaving something behind ‒ graduating, taking the next step forward, walking out of something familiar and safe into the unknown. There’s the big, whirling pain of life upending all of your plans and expectations. There’s the sharp little pains of failure, and the more obscure aches of successes that didn’t give you what you thought they would. There are the vicious, stabbing pains of hopes being torn up. The sweet little pains of finding others, giving them your love, and taking joy in their life as they grow and learn. There’s the steady pain of empathy that you shrug off so you can stand beside a wounded friend and help them bear their burdens. 

And if you are very, very lucky, there are a few blazing hot little pains you feel when you realize that you are standing in a moment of utter perfection, an instant of triumph, or happiness, or mirth which at the same time cannot possibly last ‒ and yet will remain with you for life”

These words come closest to describing me and my entire life. I’ve always been in love with words, but these just took it to a whole other level.

Onto the outfit now! I din’t expect my pink jeans to make their second appearance so soon!

a) Because they are pink jeans. I think I already gave a big explanation last time!
b) Because I don’t tend to repeat clothes very often. Typically if I’ve worn these pink jeans today, I would give it a gap of at least a month or two before wearing them again. That way I use all my other clothes!

In fact I thought they’d go into hibernation for a long while but here they are – another black, white and pink combo, just like last time.

Jeans : Lee (’12)
Top : Paper scissors (Sydney ’11)
Lace Jacket : Cupcakes and closet (’11)
Cuff : Accessorize (’10)
Bag : Fox (’11)
Shoes : Inc.5 (’12)
Image 4554

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