February and March Lookbook

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I had to meet up my friends for lunch today and now I am just back from an amazing dinner with my parents (After so long!). Its been a long day and I am desperately trying to keep my eyes open in order to type this post. If I told my 18 year old self that one day I would consider 11pm as ‘late’, I would have laughed my head off. But the day has come my friends. Its 11pm. And its late. And all I want to do is sleep and rest my body. Of course I’d feel different by tomorrow night but that’s a different matter. 

Feb and March have been two very productive months this year in terms of professional life! Here’s a snapshot of how I dressed for various places in between all the professional madness!

February Lookbook:

1, 2, 3
March Lookbook :

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

You can check out the January lookbook here

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Shampoo wars

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I just wrote an entire post about how my hair’s been having mood swings this entire week and how it now closely resembles a bird’s nest. Because I am subjecting it to the terribly hot outdoor temperature and freezing cold air conditioned indoors alternatively. Also thanks to the overall dry weather. I wrote about two paragraphs, went back to read it, and then I fell asleep. So am going to spare you guys the story. I am pretty sure I also wrote something about shampoo wars. Or maybe I dreamt that. Never mind!

I have another post sitting in my drafts since weeks. I am just waiting for a perfect outfit shoot to accompany those words. You know, because that makes perfect sense. Do any of you girls do that? Write a post and then shoot an outfit according to it? If you do then mail me. We’d be best friends.

I am having the hardest time trying to style this grey polka dot dress. I tried a lot of different combinations until I was forced to give up ‘coz I was running late. At least I got dressed. Step one is complete.

Dress : Local boutique (’10)
Belt : Wearing a tie as a belt
Leggings : Raasaa (’12)
Bangles : Assorted bracelets and bangles
Necklace : Crunchy fashion store (’11)
Shoes : Ruby shoes (Sydney ’11)
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Here we go again!

Everybody wants a slim and trim figure with flat abs and mile long legs. Everybody is envious of that one girl who has it all. Envious that she can wear skinny jeans, itsy-bitsy shorts and fitted tops. Yes, the very same girl who eats like a pig, yet her body refuses to put on weight!
But let me tell you, not everything is as starry and rosy for tall, skinny girls either. Yep they can fit into any kind of clothing they want, their legs look fab all the time but there are also oh-so-many embarrassing moments like the following

1) You search and search and search for that one XS top that you know is there somewhere, when finally the sales person sniggers and says “Please try the kids section”. All heads turn in your direction, including that cute guy shopping next to you.

2) And when you do enter the kids section (Lets face it. You have no other choice) all you find are Hanna Montana t-shirts and barbie t-shirts which you promptly feel like ripping apart.

3) You wear those 5-inch heels and find yourself towering over everyone in that place including the sales boy who looks up to you and asks “Is the size okay?”. For a second you feel good, powerful until you feel everybody’s stares on you. Why the hell is everyone looking at you like a clown on stilts instead of a model on stilettos?

4) You have to repeatedly, time and again face those annoying questions about why after all these years you are still thin, whether you are eating properly or not, from fat relatives you hardly know. “We have to fatten you up” they exclaim proudly and proceed to stuff 344566 sweets onto your plate.
I’ll let you be fat. You let me be thin. Truce?

5) It is always assumed that you can squeeze into any small space, specially in public transports, just because you are thin. Fat aunties very easily manage to push you off your seat with their huge butts. You somehow extract yourself out of that tightly wedged space all the while telling yourself to keep breathing.

6) You are the first person people call when there is a ladder to be climbed because there are less chances of the ladder breaking. What they forget is that the ladder might not break, but if we fall we break our bones.

7) People give you a knowing look when you say you aren’t hungry and they don’t believe you when you say you just ate.

9) People give you an incredulous look when you say that you exercise. So how about tying your eyebrows to your nose so they don’t go up and meet your hairline, when we mention about our early morning jogs. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight. Stamina, endurance, toned muscles anyone?

10) You can never find bracelets and bangles that fit your dainty, tiny wrist
When people hug you they say “OMG am scared i’ll break you”
You cant recall how many times you said “I have a fast metabolism”

Jokes apart, a stereotype has been established that being thin = being sick. And I am here to break that stereotype. Have you ever heard of someone approaching a fat person and asking “Why are you so fat, do you keep eating all day long?”. Never. But being thin means inviting all sorts of unwanted remarks, comments and free advice onto yourself.

There is thin and there is anorexic. Know the difference. It irks me when people use both the words interchangeably. Just because you are on the plumpy side doesn’t make everyone else anorexic. Anorexia nervosa is a physical and mental illness/disorder and calling someone with a slim body and size zero figure as anorexic is downright insulting and wrong. Not everyone who is thin or size zero is anorexicBut the fact is that people do know the difference, yet they tend to refer to only women with curves as “real woman”. What are the others then? Invisible? Fake? Artificial? Just because a thin body is everybody’s envy, it doesn’t make thin people any less “real”. They are as average and real as they make ’em!

You need to feel good about yourself and your body, because you are happy with your body. Not because you feel there is someone else who is far worse than you. If the only way to feel better about your body is to insult someone else’s then that’s definitely not a healthy way of gaining self confidence!

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The new ones.

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Off-late, I haven’t been reading many blogs or exploring new ones either. All of a sudden (or maybe it was gradual but has come to my notice only now) I feel there are too many new blogs with no direction, no passion, no personality except a want for more and more followers and fame, cropping up. I’ve been blogging for only a little more than an year, but in this short period of time, I have seen numerous such new blogs come up. There is that rare chance of one or two of them being genuinely good, but the rest all fall into the same category – started to share their “passion for fashion and all things beauty related”, to “express themselves and connect with like-minded people”. Frankly I see those bloggers do everything else except these two things that they so earnestly express.

There was a time when I was excited to read and discover more and more blogs. But now I’ve reached a limit! If I come across another blogger that describes themselves as someone who “loves everything fashion and beauty related” (seriously??! Can’t you be a little more creative and original when describing yourself?) or as a “shopaholic” or starts quoting random quotes of Coco Chanel assuming that makes them a fashionista, or keeps spamming everyone’s blogs with the “follow me on facebook, twitter and every damn social networking site I am part of” routine, I am going to snap!

For now I think I am quite happy sticking to the blogs that I already follow!

Jeans : Recap (’11)
Black tee : Lee (’09)
Coral pink tank : Target (’11)
Shoes : Enroute (’11)
Bangles : Street shopping (’10)
Necklace : crunchyfashion.com (’11) 

p.s – Added the year I’ve bought the particular items as requested by a reader. But honestly I am not that good at remembering, so you’ll get to see a lot of blanks here! 
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Summer fantasies

My wish-list…
                  this summer….

Wear this..

Eat this…
Wear this…
Go here…
And do this…!
Summer for me, has always been associated with ‘summer holidays’. Planning for a vacation, probably to a beach or a pleasant and cool hill station, stocking up your refrigerator with ice creams and mangos, sleeping in late – summer holidays were the best! 
And then school life came to an end and so did the vacations. Its been almost ten years but I vividly remember the excitement on the last day of the final exams and the first day of the holidays! Nothing can beat school life or the holidays! Period!
p.s – Shout out to all the new readers! Welcome aboard and Thank you for reading! 🙂
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Dream catcher

Destiny, Look of the Day, thoughts

I love being busy. Being idle is not for me! An idle brain is a devil’s workshop but MY brain is like a workshop of a devil warlord on a high. You.Don’t.Wanna.Know.

My brain has this involuntary tendency to drag itself back to the past, to go over things again and again, to analyze people/situations/reactions a little lot more than necessary. So, for me to remain positive and optimistic, keeping myself busy is the best and safest bet. The past one year has been relatively slow and monotonous. Many a times, it has left me extremely frustrated that I was unable to be as busy as I wanted to be. And just when I thought I’d had enough, everything’s changing. Everything’s happening all at once. There are a million things to be done staring at me from different directions, while I am spinning on the spot wondering which path to take first. Irony if life! Sometimes it is simply all or none.

Time to build new bridges and cross them and never look back! Time to build new ladders and climb up and never look down!

Skirt and belt : Supre (Sydney)
Tee : Max
Shoes : Soles
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The day I wore pink.

Fashion, Look of the Day
If there was one color that I’ve never liked much my entire life, that’s pink!

*long pause ‘coz I can literally feel all your horrified stares*

But I’ve always disliked the color for some reason. Almost my whole life, black has been my favorite color or my go-to color, and after I started style blogging, I pretty much started embracing all colors – except pink. There are a few shades of pink that I don’t mind wearing like, extremely-light-almost-looks-like-white pink or pinks-that-are-almost-coralish-orange. In fact purple has always been my substitute for pink.

So for someone who dislikes a color this strongly and for so long, I must have been freaking out of my mind when I bought these pink pants. I honestly have no idea what went through my mind when I bought them (online). I only remember thinking that they looked quite good (??) and since the time they’ve arrived home in a neat package, they’ve been sitting in my closet all wrapped up and still in their cover. Every time I open my closet, I look at them dully hoping to utter some stupid spell like “Sunshine daisy butter-mellow, turn this stupid pink pant yellow!” and change its color!

And then I thought.. what the heck??! When I can carry off a scorching pair of red pants with such panache, why can’t I carry off pink? I mean technically it is supposed to be THE COLOR for girls (who ever set that stupid “rule”)

Anyway… I feel it looks good. On its own it looks nice but not nice enough to make me like pink. Yet!

Jeans: Lee
Tee: Max
Chain: Accessorize
Bangles: Random shops
This look has been submitted for the InFB Remix : Pastels. 
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The strong survive, the courageous triumph

Look of the Day, thoughts
The fact that life is unpredictable is a universally known fact. One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. But you have no idea how unpredictable until it hits you right where it hurts. And when it does hit you, you either lose or you win with strength that you never even knew you had.

We get inspiration from the most unlikely sources. For some it’s the thought of having someone behind them, someone who is ready to catch them in case they tumble and fall. For others it’s that incredible urge to win against all odds. The feeling seeps into your mind and heart with such intensity that every cell in your body yearns to win.

You go ahead and you do it. But all you feel is a hollow in your chest. You win but you don’t feel victorious. You fail to understand whether you gained or lost.  Whoever said winning wasn’t important sure knew what he was talking about. Victory is what is important. Triumph is what makes you satisfied. Winning, is just holding a big fat trophy in your hand a.k.a its useless. Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.

p.s – This outfit is more than a month old. Just found it in my drafts! 

Stripe dress – Mango
Red tights – Local Boutique
Shoes – Catwalk
Blazer – styleplatter.com
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Weekend-ing away!

Look of the Day, weekend
What I planned to do over the weekend:
Clean my room
Watch a good movie
Finish my all (pending) chores/errands
Take lots of great outfit pictures
Try out a new restaurant that I’d heard about
Read a good sci-fi novel.

What I ended up doing:
Spent the entire weekend in my room (not cleaning)
Watched back-to-back episodes of Castle
Finished ONE errand (yay!)
Wore pj’s the entire weekend.
Ate a huge bowl of icecream + 2 biscuit packets + LOTS of smoothies (its so freaking hot!!!)
Had to read ‘Elements of Business statistics’ 😐

Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!

I have lost count of how many times I’ve worn these pants. If I’d photographed them every time I wore them, you’d probably shoot me and un-subscibe from my blog. Or the other way around.

Jeans – Mango
Tee – Max
Shoes – Paprika
There was a brilliant response to the boticca giveaway. Thank you all for entering and making it such a huge success. Even though most of you have followed the blog because of the giveaway, I hope some of you most of you, decide to stick around! 
The winner is:

Shoot me an email in the next 48 hours!

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