January Lookbook

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So there I was wishing everybody a happy new year and BAM! The year has come, the month has ended. End of January already. Am I making it sound like the apocalypse? I tend to be over dramatic when I am sick and in bed. Which brings me to another point. Whenever I am sick, I have this incredible urge to get out of bed, go about my daily routine, and prove to myself that I can still do it all.

Sometimes I go out of my way to do things that I wouldn’t do even on normal days. Its funny how my brain is wired all wrong. On normal days I am so lazy to do day-to-day errands like going to the bank, but when I am sick I go all out! It just shows how competitive human nature is. Always wanting to prove yourself. Luckily I am only concerned with proving it to myself and not to others! Anyway, enough talk.. now back to bed!

I typically don’t like doing a month end review post… but let’s just say I’ve had a change of heart ( or that I have no new outfits to post).

January Lookbook:

p.s – I am trying my best to reply to ALL the comments, but if I do miss a couple of blogs here and there, I assure you, it is not intentional! 
Just drop by another comment saying “Woman!!! Why the hell haven’t you replied??”. Chances are I’d get back to you ASAP.
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Tags are no fun I tell ya!

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Okay so I am struggling to write a decent post here. My mind has been blissfully blank today because I am *slightly* sick. All I want to do right now is curl up on my bed and go to sleep, so this post might be a tad boring and devoid of my usual dry sarcastic humor.

I got tagged by Ki from Dressing up for life sometime back. I am not really good with tags (meaning : I get too lazy and I don’t do them at all!). I don’t like doing the ‘7 random things about myself’ because let’s face it – after doing it thrice, its boring as hell. Every post of mine has random titbits about me – so haven’t we all had enough of the randomness?

**But I do appreciate all the awards and tags that you pass on to me. Yes I really do!**

Anyway this tag is different. Ki came up with a few questions that I am supposed to answer. I am also supposed to write random stuff about myself and tag 11 people. Which *obviously* I am not going to do. Someone please change the rules!

Or just break them, like I did. Yeah I am a wild child.

1. Paperback or e book reader?

2. Skirts or pants?
I am more of a skirts person!

3. Coke or Pepsi?
Honestly, they taste the same to me! *hides face* But i’ll go with coke because sometimes I find pepsi to be a bit sweeter. Is that the difference? 

4. Summer or winter?
Winter in India. Summer in Europe. That’s perfect life according to me.

5. If you had to learn a foreign language which one would it be?
Probably Spanish and/or French

6. What is your comfort food?
Surprisingly nothing. There is no particular food item that I crave for when i am upset. Nor is there any particular item that I can manage to eat when offered at any hour of the day! 
Which is good in a way.. ‘coz I don’t believe in using food for ‘comfort’. 
I know, I know.. sorry to be a spoil sport but I just can’t stand being addicted to anything. 

7. Which fashion trend would you never wear?
Snakeskin probably. I get the feeling that there are snakes slithering all over my body. Creepy!

8. What is your dream job?
I am yet to figure that out! Probably something with the combination of writing + travelling + photography. Or maybe even blogging 😉 ‘Coz am spending a lot more time here than at my ‘actual job’.

9. Which is the next place you would like to travel to?
Ohhh.. this is tough! Either Greece or Spain.

10. What are your wardrobe staples?
I am going to give a very boring answer by saying skinny jeans.

11. Who is your most favourite person in the whole world?
Me! 😉 

Jeans – UMM
Grey tee – H&M
Cardi – Top shop
Shoes – Catwalk
Necklace and bangles – Accessorize

Non-Indian readers, am sure you wouldn’t be interested in this. Its a (short) review of a recently released Hindi movie – Agneepath.

Watched Agneepath this weekend. I am not going to write a full fledged review here.. so here’s the gist. Hrithik Roshan was fabulous as usual. Another brilliant performance. I loved Rishi Kapoor’s role and character. He is one brilliant actor! Sanjay Dutt is the scariest villian I have ever seen in my life. I can still hear Kancha’s booming and absolutely frightening laughter in my head. To play such a role, build such a body and act with such finese at his age – I salute that actor! I have no idea what Priyanka Chopra was doing in that film. She opened a stupid chinese beauty parlor and that’s about it.

I liked the first half. But the second half really dragged on. At one point I was ready to scream “Kill him already!!! And get it over with so that I can get out and go eat!!”. But he din’t kill. He just dragged it on and on. Literally. (Watch the movie and you’ll understand). So I simply walked out during the last 15-20min and had some yummy cake. Yes I walked out of a film. This is a first for me!

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All things orange!

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One of the advantages or should I say benefit of style-blogging has been that, I seem to have finally begun liking loving ALL colors. When I as younger my favorite color was black. Which is weird because I thought all artists loved colors (Apparently not me!) Need a new bag? Buy a black one! New watch? Black! Shoes for birthday? Black! New jeans this winter? Black!

Yeah. You get the picture?

Now I find myself drawn to colors. All shades, all hues. And right now I am obsessed with…

…….all things orange! (Should I say tangerine to sound all sophisticated? Ahhh what the hell! Orange it is!)

p.s – Hello! To all the new readers/followers! Will catch up with all your blogs this weekend! 
Pinky Promise.

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Only bloggers understand bloggers!

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More than half the people in my life don’t know the concept of blogging and its really tough to have a conversation about my blog with them, without making a mess of the whole situation!  There are some things that they just don’t get, even though they are vigorously nodding their heads to your explanations. Like why would anyone want to share what they wear everyday with a thousand strangers? Isn’t posting pictures of yourself every single day heights of narcism? Why would anyone do this if not for the comments and compliments? That’s your real intension right? If you have time to do all this you must be really jobless.

Well dear Anons and Not-So-Anons, if you think that being interested in clothes makes us ‘shallow’, I wonder what I should call you for your ingenious way of thinking. Yes I am interested in fashion, clothes and shopping. Proudly so. But that is one tiny part of my life (although its a part that I thoroughly enjoy).
But that does not mean I spend a bomb every week and it also does not mean I eat, sleep and live in malls. Shocking revelations right?

I like to dress smart. I like keeping my outfits simple and stylish. I also have a brain that I am not afraid to use. I can be assertive but not to the point of arrogance.

So why don’t you just quit trying to ‘understand us’ and go do what you do best. Leave behind all this and let us bloggers blog away in peace!

Don’t you guys agree?

….Indian looks continued from previous post
Trying to get some use out of my much-neglected kurtis/tunics

Jeans – Recap
Kurti/Tunic – Stolen from Sis
Earrings – Gift from Sis
Shoes – Paprika

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Lunch munch and chop chop!

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I got a hair cut. Thank you for noticing. Actually I’d be glad if you din’t notice. Because as usual I am not at all satisfied 😐 I am such a brat when it comes to my hair! Only hair mind you! (I am going to ignore that little mental image of my mom shaking her head). I’ve been growing out my hair for a long time now and I wanted to keep it that way. But as usual the lady went chop! chop! chop! before I could even stop her. I know, I know its not that short, and like my grandma said “Did you even cut it?”. But its tradition to crib and whine until the very next day of my haircut. Read this and you’ll know why.
So let’s just leave it at that shall we?

But the good thing is that, I got to treat myself to a nice lunch date in the middle of the week. Yay!

Tunic – Random boutique in Pune
Jeans – Levi’s
Shoes – Inc. 5


First Video – Bloopers!

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I was trying to edit my holiday videos when I realized I had no idea how to use iMovie. I have a lot to explore in video editing! So in the meantime, I took the easier route. I dragged a bunch of my pictures to iMovie and let it take care of itself!

Just a little something to make you guys laugh (hopefully!). Turns out, I have more bloopers than ‘proper photos’ but hey am not complaining. These are as much ME, as are all those pretty poses!

This just might become a regular feature (if you guys like it). Because out of the 80 to 100 photos that we click for my outfits, more than 50% turn out like this! Every.single.time!


Another one down!

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Ever since I made this painting for my sister’s house, my mom has been after me to make one for our house as well. And then one for each of our relatives’. Ummm… yeah mom, we’ll talk about that later okay?

I paint more of landscapes or the sea or some far off distant tree.. (Hey that rhymed!) or something equally abstract-y and meaningful. Now painting ‘Gods’ never fell into that category.. so I gave it my own twist and a lot of color!

Personally I feel the other one came out better. 
Click here to check out all the paintings!

As you can tell I was slightly in love with the dupatta. And its crumpled. And I look dead tired. Which means it was a fun day and it was worth it!
Oh and Happy Sankrathi/Pongal/Lohri – whatever it is that you are celebrating! 
p.s – Purvi from Purvi’s creative hub was sweet enough to give me this award. I’ve already done ‘7 things about yourself’ tag here, here and here!
Thank you Purvi! 🙂


For my Little sis – Guest post by the big sis ;)

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The one who rummages in my wardrobe for that one top that ‘might’ fit her and turns my organized closet into a mess. The one who wears my shoes even though they are one size small and in turn makes them loose for me. The one who buys a little something for me every time she goes shopping – be it a cute coffee mug or a chunky bangle. The one who shouts and threatens me when am buying a pile of useless stuff. The one who originally got me hooked to online shopping :P. The one who’s got the most unique sense of style and dares to wear stuff that we ‘normal people’ would never attempt.

The one and only!!! My sister!

We have the most varied yet similar tastes. Every time we go shopping we end up buying totally different things and I hate her selections. But the moment we come home and she tries it on, I am begging her to give it to me!

Time is flying!…

..It seems like just yesterday…

1. …when we had time for almost everything
2. …when I was counting on good calories in my diet
3. …when I was happy and jumping with the good ‘pregnancy hormones’ which were making my skin glow and hair all glossy.
4. …when my house was spic and span and we were a ‘neat couple’ with the philosophy of ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’
5. …when the weekends extended up to two in the afternoon lazily snuggling in the bed with absolutely no guilt.
6. …when I was looking out for 0000 size bub clothes in the stores.
7. …when we went all excited to choose baby pram and car seat.
8. …when we bought him his first toy.
9. …when we caught the plane to India all excited to show off our new possession (baby boy is after all a matter of pride according to still prejudiced Indians)
10. …when I was checking my weight almost every day and ‘boo-hooing’ over not losing even a kilo despite all the ‘bub-work’!!
11. …when we were buying 3-7 kg ‘for new born’ Huggies

…all these seem happening just yesterday…

Reality does strike sometimes like this one – three more months to go and we would be busy laying out the first birthday invite card for Vibhas [my 9 month old 🙂 ]

As long as I have such cherished memories I don’t care if time isn’t a slow mate of mine anymore!

This is a little something I wanted to do for my little sis (our only official fashionista cum official fashion blogger in the entire family…****toast****) – my fashion sense is a bit hindered by the hectic ‘bub-schedule’ but sometimes I do manage to put some accessories on and try a bit of mis-matching stuff I have long forgotten about in my wardrobe 🙂

I cannot believe how busy she has become! It really does seem like just yesterday when we were spending so many useless useful hours shopping and gossiping! With the arrival of a baby, your whole world changes and boy oh boy! Did her world change or what! When it comes to accessorizing I am way wayyy behind my sister. I am always confused by ‘How much is too much?’. Even with the most minimal amount I feel like its ‘too much’. Give me re-mixing clothes any day! Oh well! I am still learning! But she throws on the most random things ever and manages to look flawless. It also helps that she is 10 times prettier than me! 

The ‘I-am-trying-very-hard-to-pose’ pose 😉


Foggy mornings.

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January here gives you lovely foggy mornings (if you are living in a residential colony. If its somewhere smack in the middle of the city then its smoggy mornings for you), blazing hot afternoons, and pleasant evenings. You’ll have fog for approximately half this month and then its back to business. i.e full time summer. Every morning I think of waking up really early and taking a few mystical, dreamy pictures in the fog à la my North-Indian counterparts. But until now I’ve only managed to wake up, go to the terrace, admire the ever-green view and snuggle back into bed.

I din’t want to start whining about winter leaving us so soon, but I think I am. It hardly lasted a month and I am not ready for summer! Again. 

So. Some day. In these fifteen days. You’ll get to see. The magical-mystical-foggy-morning-outfit-post. Because that is the only way I can hold on to the last shreds of winter. Until then, I leave you with this blazing-afternoon-dressy-outfit.

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

Wearing a dress as top (And no one could tell :P) Dress – Paper Scissors (Sydney)
White Skirt – Random shop in UK
Shoes – Local Boutique
Cuff – Accessorize
Pearls set – Gift