Highlights of 2011

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2011, where do I start? Do I even want to start? Even thinking and recollecting what this year has been like seems like a chore to me and added to that is the fact that almost every blogger is doing a year end round-up post. But I did want to write this post ages back and since one of my new year plans (the word resolution totally puts me off. Hmph.) is to complete every task and idea that I have, here I am penning down this totally imperfect and incomplete list of highlights.

2011, you are a blur to me. A whirlwind that tore through my life, scattering my carefully laid out plans, throwing away my ideas in every direction possible, trapping me in your angry arms and leaving me lost and confused. Okay it wasn’t that bad. 

I joined Art classes in January which I had been postponing since 4 or 5 years! I started attempting paintings which I thought were totally beyond my capability and they turned out to be amazing! Plus I had an amazing time with fido! 😉

Then came February and I was busy planning for a trip to Sydney. It got postponed, work got disrupted, and I got super annoyed. Just as suddenly, everything fell into place and before I knew it my bags were packed!

March and April were spent in sunny/rainy Sydney. Beaches, long drives, shopping – A LOT, eating – A LOT, and being very lazy at home. And then the worst thing happened. I had to leave *sniff*

Much to my (and many others’s) surprise, I started style-blogging in May. I took baby steps because I was so extremely conscious. Initial posts were bad, photography was worse! But I think I’ve improved now (Feel free to disagree! ;))

June came but the rains didn’t. It was my birthday month and I had finally, miraculously gotten over the feeling of ‘growing-old’. I din’t feel bad one bit, and it was a very pleasant day when compared to my previous birthdays.

July marked the arrival of family from abroad. Whole month was spent ooh-ing and aah-ing over my little nephew! Nothing else! 😀

Attended my cousin’s wedding in August. I met her after almost two or three years. Had a great time with cousins, with midnight visits to the beach!

September and October were spent being buried under books. So much for all the studying. Results were not good 😐 September proved to be a month where I was constantly doubting my capabilities whereas October proved to be one of the best months of my life!

Rest of the year, November and December  were mostly a struggle. A struggle to find a balance, to find the right path, to make the right decision, to choose the correct option and to find answers.

Blogging-wise it has been a great year. Started writing at two other blogs too! I met some really brilliant people, all thanks to my blog. The kind of talent that is spread across blogosphere never fails to amaze me. Such genuine brilliant writers and stylish ladies!

I do not want to tag this year as the best or the worst or anything for that matter. I just want to let it be, for no year is perfect!
And in Peevee’s words (for I simply loved them!) You say GAH? I say double GAH to you 2011!
Happy New Year to one and all! And 2012 – bring it on!


Last outfit post for 2011!

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I expected a mixed reaction for this post, and I did get varied responses. But most of you understood exactly what I was saying. I really really appreciate that. Some of you felt it was rude to not reply when someone takes time and reads and comments on your blog. But like I said I always find some way or the other of reciprocating and my genuine readers have understood that fact 😉
My aim was not to offend anyone, and if I did so then.. apologies!

On a completely unrelated topic, I am facing a lot of problems with blogger. Post updates show up late in my reading-list (sometimes 2 days after the blogger has published a new post), and every time I click on ‘Manage’ to unsubscribe from a few blogs (that I haven’t been reading) it shows a server error. I have googled extensively about this but there seems to be no solution. Un-subscribing from google reader doesn’t help either. Any one else with the same problem?

So please please please all my favorite bloggers start using bloglovin. It is the best and easiest way to follow blogs. It is quick and I haven’t had any problems with it so far. You don’t have to open 10 tabs for reading 10 different blogs. You can move from one new post to another with a single click. You don’t have to scroll through your reading list searching for any updates that you have missed. I won’t even ask you to follow me there. Just register so that I can follow you there. All the fashion bloggers/style bloggers whom I follow are using bloglovin, so I request all you amazing writers too, to check it out. And NO, I am not being paid to promote bloglovin. I am just so sick of all the problems with blogger! Grrr!

Okay! So the last outfit post of 2011!!! Has this year flown by or what! 
Let me know what you think of it! 😀

What are your New Year plans? Mine is to stay at home watch a bunch of good movies, eat lots of food and sleep!

Dress – Aadro
Blazer – styleplatter.com
Boots – ?? (Don’t remember!)

And Winner of the Poll was… a tie! Between outfits #7 and #9. 
Thanks to everyone who voted! 🙂

Guest Post by Peevee from Confessions of the chocolate obsessed.

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Those of you who don’t know PeeVee, raise your hands! Now can slap yourself with that very same hand! If you haven’t read her blog Confessions of The chocolate obsessed you are missing out on A LOT. The Queen of short stories without a doubt, every piece of semi-fiction and fiction that she writes transports you to an entirely different world. Her witty charm, her ability of poking fun at herself and yet seem extremely cute and adorable, the way every post she writes just comes alive, are just some of the best things about her! One of my cherished blogger friends, one of the awesome-est writers that I know – Peevee (a.k.a Priyanka) from Confessions of the chocolate obsessed!

I am a fashion disaster.
Now that we have established that, I know you’re wondering why the hell Chandana has let me loose on her pretty, nice, organized, sensible blog? Well, every dog has its day na, and today’s mine. So HAH!
(Note: No, not crazy.
Ok FAIYYN maybe just a little bit).

Anyway, being a fashion disaster is an art in itself, one that has to be carefully cultivated over the formative years, honed during teenage and perfected by the time you reach adult. And finally come to terms with the fact that nothing you wear will EVER look sassy, sexy, cute, chic, awesome, funky, amazing perfect. Never. Ever.
Why? Because God made you a girl and forgot to include the gene that gives you the ability to put together a decent outfit. That’s why.
You say, ‘aww, no darling, you look just fine.’
I say (like I told someone in my class), ‘if you see me well-dressed, it is because somebody else did the picking and they are somebody else’s clothes.’

Now you might want proof. Even if you don’t, I insist.
1) NONE of my clothes fit. And when I say none, I mean n-o-n-e, none. And this is not some random girl complaining about ‘having nothing to wear’. This is actual problem of life.
Every piece of clothing I own is either too big, so big that it flaps around me like Batman’s cape.
Or too tight. So tight that I envy corsets. So tight that I come home, lock myself in my room, tear the dress off and then let out the whoosh of air that I had been holding till then.
So basically, I’m an adult (at least in size) in this enormously superficial world who just fails to look good on every single occasion.
Doesn’t help in the least bit that I don’t know what has to be worn where and hence it’s completely normal in PeeVeedom to go to class in an elaborate Anarkali set and go for a wedding in jeans and kurta.

2) My mother. I love her, I really do. And she has an awesome dress sense. Only problem? The ‘sense’ got stuck in the late ‘80’s.
Don’t get me wrong, the woman looks fabulous when she gets dressed up, so much so that roadside romeos prefer gawking at her rather than (sniff) me. But when she asks a 16 year old (me) to wear a ruffled shirt that has long tails to tie at the waist a la 80’s Tamil villians with lungi and bright yellow transparent vests, it just gives ‘embarrassment’ whole new proportions.

3) I have this love hate affair with white. Every single time I wear anything remotely white, I manage to ruin it for life.
Eg 1: School uniform kurta, I had three sets. I manage to ruin all three within six months of getting them stitched by consistently dropping my lunch on them every single afternoon. No kidding. It was either a bit of the achaar or my friend’s aloo masala or the rasam-kootu thingy that my other friend used to bring. If I forgot to drop something during the lunch hour, no worries, the soya manchurian from the canteen (during the break) would do the trick.
And so forth, my luck with white continued in the most clichéd of manners with everything from crow poop to sitting on the muddiest bit of benches giving me unparalled distinction in ruining whites.
Since 1990 and still trying…

4) Do you know how I learnt to wear heels? Right out of school, throughout which I’d worn school shoes, flats and sneakers, I went out and celebrated my ‘freedom’ with a pair of three and a half inch pumps. I was SO proud of them that night that I polished and buffed them up to shiny shine, sashayed down my hallway a few times, spent three hours admiring my legs in them in front of the full-length mirror wearing the shortest skirt I could find. Morning came and I had movie plans with friends. I donned my brand new pumps and walked confidently down the walkway before crumpling down in an undignified heap right outside my house.
Unable to get up with a twisted ankle.
Grandpa saw the copter going down, hauled me up with a kindly smile which did nothing to soothe my ruffled feathers and deposited me on the couch where I spent the next three days recuperating.
And the third day, I wear the pumps and go out. Again. This time I get to the theatre before nose-diving.
Another three days on the couch.
A week later, I go out with, wait for it, THE VERY SAME PUMPS. This time I almost make it home.
YET another three days on the couch.
And it went on for another three years before I actually could walk in those pumps without people clamping their arms to my waist to prevent me from hitting the pavement.
But hey, I made progress.
Note: It’s a wonder how I didn’t cause lasting damage to my legs and ankle.
Note II: I
think it was an OCD.

5) My tailor is the awesome-st thing since sliced bread. Why? He thinks I am a square-shaped organism. Why? Because all the suits I get stitched by him make me look like one. He manages to take the most beautiful of materials and cloth bits I get him and turn it into a perfectly square, perfectly crappy churidhar that I will never wear in my life.
So much so that at one point I actually had started believing that I looked like that, like a damn square. He should be sued for the emotional and psychological damage
And if you even say a peep about your amazing tailor, I WILL find him and feed him to the turtles.
It’s Karma, I tell you.

So at one point, I just threw in the towel, I don’t care anymore what I wear for I have resigned to the fact that I will never have a perfect dress day. I learnt over time that fashionable or not, always wear something that I’m confident in. For I might never be a fashion icon nor be gushed over for what I wore but I’ll always be remembered for who I am. And this is not sour grapes talking. Really 😀
But that said, even women have commented on how sexy my legs are and how hot they look in skirts and pumps. So maybe I’m not a complete waste of fashion space after all ;P
Thank you Chandana for being so patient. And I’m SO sorry about the delay.

Pet stories II and Poll II

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I feel like getting a dog again. And by that I meant for you to understand that we did have a dog before and we had him for thirteen years.

A pomeranian, crazy as hell, and impossible to train (Think Marley from ‘Marley and Me’). I doubt he ever understood a single command of ours, and even if he did he sure as hell dint bother to follow it. My mom and sister used to play rough with him. Cuddle him, hug him, let him lick and bite and all that. But I never liked that(the licking and biting part) and the best part was he knew. He would automatically become gentle and docile when he was around me.

He came to our house when he was a month old, scared and shivering and left when he was thirteen, half-blind, half-deaf but very much loved. I’ve been wanting another dog since then but my mom has put her foot down. ‘You get your own house, then you get your own dog’ is what she says.. which is fair I guess. I was just passing by his corner when I remembered how we used to make a little bed for him during winters so that he wouldn’t feel cold, and how he used to end up getting tangled in his blanket every single time and then start whining for help!

Wherever he is in doggy-heaven, he must be driving every other dog, cat, bird.. in short every animal CRAZY!

Anyway, I have no idea why I remembered my dog now… (oh yeah! I was browsing cute pet clothes for winter) but back to fashion!
Now that we have almost reached the year end, time for a little poll. This poll has been lying in my drafts since soooo long. I’ve posted so many new outfits after this, so let’s finish off with this poll first and then start with the others! Do vote and let me know your favorites! 🙂

Feel free to mention any other favorite outfits that are missing in this poll 😛

p.s – you have the option of voting for TWO outfits.

                                           ONE                          TWO                       THREE
                                           FOUR                        FIVE                          SIX

                                       SEVEN                        EIGHT                      NINE

TEN                                             ELEVEN


Mission Accomplished!

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Remember when I made all this fuss about blogging etiquette ? About how it is rude to not reply to comments at all? So before someone points out and asks as to why am I not replying to comments these days, let me clarify! (Because there are some of you who keep checking back for replies)

When you are a style blogger, most of the comments you get are of two types:
a) The ‘I-love-what-you-are-wearing’ type
b) And the ‘I-love-what-you-are-wearing-so-follow-me-back’ type. 
And since I also put in a few ‘words’ (which are not about the outfit) I get a few comments which are a little more meaningful than Type (A) from those who bother to read. Apart from a really heartfelt ‘Thank you’ I really don’t know what else to say. And when I get 20 comments of the same type, writing 20 ‘thank you’s seems kind of……silly. So from now on, if there is something specific mentioned/asked in the comment which requires a reply, I’ll get back to you either on my blog or your blog or facebook or twitter.

I appreciate every single comment left on my blog, but don’t you think saying 20 to 30 ‘Thank you’s on every post makes me sound like a pompous brat? Like all I want in life is everybody’s approval? See. I don’t want that. 

Plus I don’t want to be caught up in this number game anymore. Those who comment just for the sake of increasing their numbers can as well stop now. At least I’ll know who my genuine readers are! 
Now that we’ve got all this cleared out let’s move onto interesting things 😉

I watched MI4:Ghost Protocol today, and its definitely good! Action packed from the beginning to the end, with some very cool gadgets. Anil Kapoor’s role is really pathetic. I wouldn’t even call it a role! But all-in-all I loved the movie!

We found an Orange Wall just when we were leaving. It is so rare that I find colored backgrounds to my liking, that I had to click at least one pic here! (Also found a blue wall, a brick wall and a stone wall! Ha! I attained style-blogger nirvana :P)

Jeans – Mango
Top – H&M
Chain – c/o Crunchy Fashion store
Shoes – Catwalk
Bag – Boutique in Bangalore

Pink and Blue

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Sweltering heat in the middle of “winter” – check
Heavily embelished work saree – check
Sitting outdoors in the heat in your heavy saree – check
Crowds and crowds of people – check
Trying my level best to avoid people stepping on my saree – check
A friend who has worse luck than you (‘coz she broke her heel right in the middle of the crowd and had to literally drag her foot) – check

Perfect way to spend a sunday morning, don’t you think?

Another friend of mine got hitched. Yeah shocking. When she gave me the news two weeks back I was secretly happy that I had finally run out of weddings to attend. All my friends have been very consistently getting married one after the other over the past two years. Just when I thought this would be the last one for a while, another friend dropped by today to give her wedding invitation for next Sunday.

One thing that I don’t like about weddings is standing in those long queues that lead up to the stage so that you can go wish the bride and groom, shove a gift into their hands which is immediately swallowed by the huge gift-pile behind them (and sometimes is even lost), give them a hug and stand for that obligatory picture with them, with those harsh camera lights shining on your face, and the rest of the crowd staring at you. I don’t know about other weddings but this is the case with most Indian weddings.

Now if and when I do get married, there is NO WAY that me and my (future) hubby are going to stand like a pair of statues on the stage and wait for 500 odd people to slowly push and shove their way and come up just for the sake of a picture. I’d rather walk around and mingle with all the guests even if my feet drop dead at the end of the day.

In fact I have quite a huge list of do’s and dont’s for my wedding. A lot of specific do’s and dont’s. And I can be very stubborn and moody when things don’t go my way(specially if its my wedding!), so my family is going to have a tough time with me! Make way people – a full fledged bridezilla is on her way!

Saree – borrowed from cousin.
Next weekend I am sticking to my simple and elegant personal choice from my own wardrobe!


Featured on Stilettos Diary!

Should I give an extremely sentimental speech on the lines of ‘this-dream-wouldn’t-have-turned-into-reality-without-any-of-you-guys’? Should I write a super long thank you note mentioning each and every one of you who have commented, followed, promoted my blog and motivated me? (Am sure you would love this wouldn’t you?). Maybe I should just jump back onto the earth from cloud-nine and tell you what the heck am I talking about.

The lovely Meghavarshini from Stilettos Diary(who has quite a few features to her name herself) has done a mini feature + interview on me. Yes! Me!
*wipes tears* Oh! Let me have my celebrity moment will ya!
Someone out there thought all the random stuff that I write and the pictures that I post were worth appreciating. Funny how even after all this while I still consider myself a beginner. Anyway I was SO happy when she contacted me, that I rattled off extremely long answers to her questions to which she (very kindly) did not object at all!

Its called ‘Blogger watch Saturday’. Somehow it reminded me of ‘Potter Watch’ (Potter fans will know what I am talking about!).

So head over to her blog and read it. Now. Right now. Go!
Click here to read it.


Bits and pieces of the puzzle

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Looks like blogging has definitely taken a back seat in my life! I’ve always been an all or none kind of person. I either want it all or nothing at all. I either love or hate. I either give it my very best or not attempt at all. I either share completely or not spill a single word. I either wait forever or shut you out in an instant. I either post very regularly or not at all (or so I thought!) 😉 But its not the same anymore.

Somewhere down the line I started to become the ‘in-between’ person. Not really bothered with the outcome but only the effort I was putting in, a little indifferent but mostly adapting, being okay with the situation, whether good or bad, because I know its not the end of the world. There was a time when I used to vehemently fight against people, if they assumed something wrong about me. But now I am okay with people judging me (to an extent of course!).

I have changed so much, in fact I have started feeling uncomfortable around people with extreme personalities – people for whom it always has to be either a yes or a no. People who analyze everything under a microscope, people who are so rigid in their feelings, people whose beliefs are of one extreme or the other. Because not everything in life is black and white, its mostly shades of grey.
If only everybody believed that! *sigh*

Some of my looks from… last week.. week before that.. all scattered around!

Harem/Dhoti pants -Akkriti
Yellow tank – Target
Cardi – Max
And NO, this is in no way “inspired” from rockstar (I was so tired of explaining it to everyone who asked!) It just so happens that I find this outfit to be extremely comfortable. Plus I have long legs and I can carry it off.. so why not? 😉

White tee – Stolen from friend
Chain and Bangle – FabIndia
(I wonder why I look so grumpy… I don’t remember!)
Bag – Gift
Leopard print blazer – shopatgiasaysthat.com
Proper photo shoot with the blazer coming soon! 

Skirt – Supre (Sydney)
Top – Paper Scissors (Sydney)
Tights – Random shop (Sydney.. again!)
Scarf – Street shopping
Shoes – Paprika

A walk to remember

Guest post, Humour
Something that I had guest-posted on Kalpak’s blog sometime back!

Morning walks in my colony are so peaceful and also very amusing. Peaceful because it is a completely residential colony i.e no shops of any kind allowed, and lots and lots of greenery around. Amusing because of the kind of people you meet while walking. Right from retired army generals to youngsters jogging with earphones plugged in, women in sarees and walking shoes to girls in shorts and tank tops. If its your (un)lucky day you might just discover a whole new species.

1) The walking-talking-yoga doing-uncles –
One moment you find them walking at a normal, brisk pace but the next moment they stop under a tree, start dancing on one leg, and start performing their ‘aasanas’. All they need is a little bit of clear space and you’ll find them in various stages and positions of errr… yoga and meditation. Now, the various remixes they come up with might a good way of exercising but that doesn’t stop me from bursting into laughter.
2) The windmills – 
These are people you’d want to maintain some distance from. Literally! They walk/jog and at the same time keep flapping their arms around which is their so called ‘exercise’. And frankly they either look like a fish thrashing about in the water or a half-crazed man running on the streets. There was this one time when I was trying to cut in front of a man while jogging when, out of nowhere his arm shoots out almost hitting me in the face! Remember. Five feet distance. Minimum.
3) The singers – 
They have their earphones glued on to their ears, volume at its max, singing away to glory oblivious to everyone around them. Not once could I make out the tune/song/lyrics – nothing. They have the most horrible voices but they don’t give a damn. Lost in their own world, this is one kind that I am secretly envious of. I can never sing-away like that in public.
4) The human chains – 
This hyper annoying category mostly comprises of housewives. They finish their morning chores, don their best saree, their (fake) reebok walking shoes and start on their morning walk. They all either meet at one place or have their own walking route where they ‘collect’ each member from their respective houses. For reasons unknown to anyone they all have to walk in a horizontal line covering three fourths of the road. They gossip about everything under the sun in their loud voices, right from how their kaam-wali is demanding money to how their kids watch tv all day. They walk at an agonizingly slow pace, and you try your best to find a gap suitable for you to squeeze through their unbreakable chain and cut in front of them. That results in you zig-zagging behind them for a while until you go to the other side of the road and cut in front. But no amount of tch-tching from your side nor exasperated looks are going to make them realize they are blocking half the road.
5) The dog chasers – 
They spend half their time running behind their dog, which is in turn running behind other dogs or worse  – behind people. They keep up a continuous stream of “No boy!” “Heel!” “Stop!” “No! Come here!” hoping it would obey. As if. *eye-roll*. No points for guessing who is having who on a leash. 
6) The perfume bottles and the stinky socks – 
The moment they walk past you, you wonder if they’ve drowned themselves in a pool of perfume. .Is there such a shortage of water that they need to use ten perfume bottles? The smell is so strong that you start choking as soon as they pass by you. The other extreme are the ones who stink like they haven’t bathed for years. I am not sure if they have ever seen a bar of soap in their life.

7)The forever walkers –
Whether you go for a walk at 6:00am in the morning or at 9:00am, you will find them walking. Even if you are dragging your feet home at 7:00pm after a long day at work, they’ll be there – walking and walking and walking. Is that the only thing they do all day? Eat, walk, eat, walk? There are some walkers, whom I’ve seen in my eighth grade when walking to tuition, who are walking even today. Come hell or high water, their walking routine has never changed. Nor has their weight either, by the looks of it!

8) The sane ones –
That’s us. The rest of us. The ones who pinch our noses and walk faster, the ones who slow down to avoid the mad dog-chaser and their dog, the ones who take a short cut to avoid the human chains, the ones who look down and try not to giggle at the singers, the ones who share a secret smile of understanding at all the madness around them!