Busy Bee.

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When I look back at my initial days of blogging, I really have no idea how I came up with a post every single day. For the past three or four weeks I’ve been posting only once a week, and not my usual ‘once in two days’. I really want to say I’ve been busy, but that’s not entirely true.

So what was I up to? Lets see.

1) I’ve been addicted to online shopping. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t shop online(which I highly doubt) please don’t ever try it! (again, which I highly doubt you’ll follow). More addictive than online shopping, is online-window-shopping. Which is what I seem to be doing mostly, because I am not supposed to shop (another self imposed ban)

2) I’ve been eating like.a.pig. I am eating out everyday. My healthy diet has gone for a toss, thanks to holidays and relatives at home.

3) I’ve been volunteering at an NGO, which helps translate text books into audio format for blind students. Proof-reading BA second year history text books was not at all what I had in mind, but its for a good cause so its okay!

4) I’ve been spending a lot of time with my 7-month old nephew! I am NOT the kind of person who goes ga-ga over babies. I mean, yes they are cute and cuddly but I’ve never oohh-ed and aahh-ed and sighed at the sight of babies. But this little fellow has managed to change my perception quite a bit!

5) I’ve been trying to get myself to start another painting. I’ve selected a few but I really need a push to actually start one!

6) Regarding social life – this has been one of the best weeks ever! Been out every other day, visited friends, partied… you get the picture!

So in between all these, I simply haven’t felt like blogging at all. I don’t know when I’ll get back to regular everyday posting, but until then its once a week! I don’t really miss blogging everyday, ‘coz I am having too much fun in life right now!

Jeans -Levis
White top – Paper Scissors (Sydney)
Shirt, Necklace – Invogue (Local Boutique)
Shoes – Paprika



Untold stories.

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She looks at you with dancing eyes
She laughs that tinkling laugh that you love
But what you don’t know is what she hides
The pain and sorrow behind that mask
She walks into the room and she owns it all
She steals their hearts and walks away
But what she doesn’t show is how she is swayed
By waves of emotion that flood over her.

She cares not for her looks nor your praise
Only pretends like she cares
Behind that graceful walk of hers
And all that cheerful love that she spreads
is a woman in pain and something worse.
She keeps her chin up in-spite of it all
not admitting defeat at any cost
nor does she care that its eating her inside
she doesn’t want to be another lost cause.

She laughs with you and fools around
acting like its just another day out
but you fail to see what’s in her heart
a million pieces ‘coz its broken apart
she’s tried her best to fix it up
but fixing it meant she would forget him
So she’d rather fake a smile and go her way
and pretend like its all okay
she’d rather have the pain and sorrow
than to not remember him tomorrow.

This is my most favorite long skirt! Perfect for a chilly winter evening, at my favorite coffee shop, sitting outdoors with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other, and some truly awesome live music playing inside. Next time you come to Hyderabad make sure you visit The Coffee Cup. A cozy hangout with really great books and heavenly coffee and extremely talented, friendly staff. Okay more about the place later! My cuppa awaits!

Time is running out, Ain’t no more you can borrow.

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“What would you do today if the world was going to end tomorrow?”

Spending time with your family and friends seems to be the most common answer. Although I don’t deny its importance, its also a very cliched response. Think of.. unfulfilled dreams, fantasies, crazy adventures. What is that ONE thing that you would love to do?

Rob a bank? Skydive? Visit a country that you’ve never visited before? Play a sports game with your favorite International sports star?

As tempting as all these may seem, what I would really love to do is to tell some people what I truly feel/think about them. Not necessarily nice things 😉

These have become my go-to pants. Especially when I don’t feel like wearing jeans and its too chilly for skirts.

Beige pants – Central 
Striped tee – Max
Jacket – Topshop
Belt – is from another dress
Shoes – ASOS


What bloggers say and what they mean

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What they say : I started blogging for myself. This is my space and my creative platform
What they mean : Okay its been three months and I have five followers. Five???!! Hmph.

What they say : I absolutely hate the “Follow me/I’ll follow you back” kind of comments.
What they mean : So I left such comments on about 12 blogs and not ONE had the decency to follow me bak! Huh!

What they say : Oh my gosh! I absolutely love your blog!
What they mean : You better love mine right back!

What they say : I am hosting a giveaway as a thank you to my lovely followers!
What they mean : Ok faithful followers! Spread the word and get me more followers!

What they say : Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long!
What they mean : I have had the most boring, lifeless week and I have no clue what to blog about.

What they say : I am a fashion blogger.
What they mean : I click meaningless/grainy/blurry pictures of myself and post them on my blog
I cut/copy/paste pictures from fashion shows (from google of course) and post them on my blog
I am jobless. So I shop. Then I dress up. I make my boyfriend click my pictures. I post them on my blog. I shop again. Wheeee!

What they say : I don’t think I can categorize my style. Its continuously evolving.
What they mean : I have no clue about what suits me. Mix and match? Umm… no idea! So I just look at my favorite bloggers, buy the same clothes and voila! I am a fashion blogger!

What they say : I just created a facebook page for my blog! Check it out!
What they mean : Check it out = Follow me. Also on twitter. And bloglovin. And Lookbook. And stylepile. And everywhere else. And of course GFC (Duh!) But don’t stalk me if you spot me on the road. Now that following I don’t like.

What they say : This xyz trend is so in right now!
What they mean : What? I know it looks hideous but everyone else is wearing it and since I have nothing better to do, I follow it too!

This is just for laughs. No offense meant to anyone! I know there are genuine bloggers out there and you guys know who you are :). But there is no denying that such (like the ones above) people exist too!
Truth be told, I am jobless right now with nothing better to do! 

Okay then, you! Follow me. NOW! 😉

Are you tired of these grey denims yet? Well you are going to be seeing a lot more of them this winter!

Walking backwards 😛

Wearing :
Grey jeans – Recap 
Black tee – Lee
Black and pink polka dot top – Macys 
Bangles – Accessorize
Shoes – Rubi shoes (Sydney)
Bag – Gift 

p.s – I stopped writing this ‘where-i-bought-what’ list. But since I started getting comments from people asking me where I bought certain things, I just thought I’d start again! Let me know if you want this or not.. or if doesn’t make any difference either way!

p.p.s – I absolutely loved Rockstar movie! I think I have a thing for weird story-lines and abrupt endings! And of course great music 🙂

When the going gets tough…. I try not to shop.

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I know I said in my last post that I’ve created a shopping monster here, but I am kind of getting bored of wearing the same things again and again (already!) a.k.a – I am a spoilt brat. The whole purpose of starting style blogging was to teach myself a lesson (or two) – that I don’t need to wear something new to create a good look. I think I need a refresher course. Darn! Just when I thought I was doing so well.

If I knew this was going to happen I would have stuck to writing and never forayed into style blogging. I could have become the next J.K. Rowling or the next Stephen Meyer. Or I could have thrown together a couple of witches  and vampires and voila! Something bigger and better! *gives a pat on the back* I was born to do this. Clearly. Ahhh… dreams.. someday they’ll all come true.

But for now let us stick to the challenges that we currently have. EBEW colored tights! I don’t wear tights at all, and I realize now what I’ve been missing! Until now every outfit I’ve posted was something that I’ve actually worn on that day or the previous day or the previous previous day or umm… at some point in my life. This is the first outfit that I have worn just for the sake of this challenge. Dressing up for no reason is always fun.

I was half-blinded when I took a look at these pictures on my laptop screen ‘coz of the bright red. Don’t say I dint warn you!

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear


Guest Post by Red Handed.

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She’s witty, she’s brutally honest, she has an in-you-face attitude and she says exactly what’s on her mind! And you’ve got to love her for that! Her posts make you laugh, cry and laugh even more all at the same time. She’s a lawyer in the making, she’s practical, has her head on her shoulders and most important – she has her heart in the right place. She’s somebody whose tweets I look forward to, and someone whose attitude I’ve grown to love and admire! She’s none other than RED HANDED (‘coz she prefers to remain anonymous…. just adds to the mysterty doesn’t it ;))
Check out her blog at RED HANDED

We all try to copy someone else. Don’t tell me that you have never ever tried to copy someone’s style, the way they dress, do their hair or the kind of clothes they wear. Look at celebrities for example. The salons were flooded the day Karthik calling Karthik’s movie trailer got out. Everyone wanted Deepika Padukone’s haircut in that movie. When it comes to guys, I am sure you would have seen many Ghajini’s walking around, though not even one could pull the look off. We all have been wannabes at some point of our lives, though we could never come face to face with that fact.

So talking about being wannabes, my eyes are being tormented by people who I swear cannot pull off what they wear. You should drape yourself according to your body shape, your overall personality, your colour, your age and your attitude. Don’t wear something because FTv says that it is the fashion of the moment. Don’t wear it because Rani Mukherjee wore it in her latest movie. Oh God! How many Babli’s I saw when the movie Bunty aur Babli released.

So these are certain things people do with their face and body that ends up making them look like world class wannabes.

1)  Low waist skinny jeans 
Just because those chicks in the Levis ad look sexy in it, doesn’t mean that everyone can pull off that look. If you are too skinny or if you are really chubby with a potbelly, please do not wear these. Go for mid waist jeans, which will help you hide that fat. For the really skinny chicks, go for high waist pants and trousers, because they are the real in things and only you can look hot in them.

2) Red Lipstick 
     You need the right skin tone to do justice to these. I see so many dusky skin toned chicks wearing blood red lipstick which almost makes like look like blood thirsty cave women. If you still want to wear red lipstick, you get shades which suit your tone and according to your lip shape because there are so many shades of red. Really thin lips look really ugly in blood red lipstick.

                                                     SHADES OF RED LIPSTICK
                                                   CHOOSE YOUR SHADE WELL
3) Sleeveless tops
     If your arms are too fat like mine, do not go for sleeveless tops, or mega sleeves, or puff sleeves. You can look equally sexy in three fourth sleeves and also no one can pull off a full sleeve other than you. To hide your arm flab, go for sleeves which are a bit longer than the normal ones. True story!
4) Colored Lens
     Please stop wearing coloured lens! Nothing looks as sexy black eyes. Coloured lens look ridiculous and so artificial. They make your eyes look spooky and trust me everyone will ask you if those are lens because if God did not give you coloured eyes, he meant that you look just dazzling in those black or brown eyes.
                                                                          SPOT THE REAL     
5) Hair straightening
    This is really overexposed. Why do I see everyone with straightened hair these days? Where are those normal beautiful wavy hairs? I am not against straightened hair actually I support the whole look it gives, provided the person can carry it off. Please try temporary straightening first and get feedback from your GENUINE friends, before hopping into permanent. Besides it ruins the texture of your hair and within 3 months you end up looking like Tarzan, with your hair twisting at random spots.
                                                          Which one do you prefer?
So next time you go for a new style or try to copy someone’s look, please look at the mirror and really look at your style, your personality and your body shape. Think if what you are going to wear will look good on you and not attract giggles from others. People might not even tell you that you look pathetic in what you wear because that is how this world works. Wear what suits you and not something which you want to but cannot and should not.

Mom’s birthday

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So it was my mom’s birthday yesterday. Turns out I am okay when it comes to celebrating someone else’s birthdays, I just have a problem when it comes to my own 😐

My sister(cousin) and I, rushed out for some last minute shopping (like we always do). We had planned to replace at least half of my mom’s wardrobe ‘coz believe me she needed it! The last time she shopped for herself was ummm.. an year ago… I think.  Most young girls follow after their mothers when it comes to fashion. The first time raiding of mom’s closet when you were ten, the first time you smeared her lipstick all over when you were eight, the times when you sift through her wardrobe for something ‘new’ to wear which you later steal borrow. Unfortunately that’s never happened with me.
My mom’s the exact opposite of me. Doesn’t care about clothes, dressing up, fashion or makeup. I haven’t once seen her have an itch to shop (gasp!).
So I seriously have no idea where I got this shop-a-holic gene from. Must be one of my aunts *Hmmm*

So there we were, buying stuff for my mom, when we (me and sis) were hit by a sudden urge to check out a new place (where we knew we’d find more stuff for ourselves than mom). You know how it is when your feet get a life of their own? They literally drag you out, make you walk to the car, and push down the gas pedal and they break only when you reach that destination? Never happened to you? Weird.

That’s what happened. My feet took me there. Well I used my hands too… and followed my heart. But not my brain. So we ended up shopping, but I did use my brain in the end – which looked at the pile of clothes in my hands that I was about to buy and informed me that my account balance would very easily reach zero and then plummet down into minus if I was planning to buy ALL those things.

After a long internal battle, and a battle with my sis who was busy piling on clothes for herself and at the same time giving horrified looks at my pile, I decided I had to stop. The excuse of ‘Its-my-mom’s-birthday-so-I-need-new-stuff-too’ worked like a charm till I was fourteen. I wasn’t really sure it was going to work this time. So no more malls for me. No more streets for me. No more boutiques and cute-shops-at-the-corner-of-the-street for me. I might as well lock myself in my room and put bars across the window so that I don’t escape. You guys I’ve created a monster here.

Green | Everybody, Everywear

And when Aakash presented his hat in TheGirlAtFirstAvenue style, I just had to make the hat my style 😉
Its a good thing that I love hats!
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