In the downpour

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I look like a panda these days.. with two big black eyes. Its alarming because I’ve never suffered from dark circles ever before. For a few days I thought it was the result of using heavier-than-usual kajal and not-so-thorough cleaning at the end of the day. But its not. I was quite disappointed actually. It would have been a simple problem to solve. But now I need to stop thinking, stop worrying about my future, eat properly, sleep on time, not strain my eyes and all that jazz. Dang! I’d rather look like a panda that attempt to do all these. Might as as well put on more weight ‘coz nobody likes skinny pandas. And learn kung fu along the way. Move over Po, I think am going to take your place as the next dragon warrior and fight a peacock or a swan or whatever it is that’s going to come next.

Speaking of pandas, did you guys ever watch that video of a baby panda in a zoo cage that sneezes suddenly and scares its mother? Its got more than a million hits. I agree that its cute, but really.. million hits for a 20 second video in which a panda sneezes? I’ve seen much cuter things. Did you ever see me sneeze? If you did then you’ll know what am talking about. Or you might just be disgusted. Depends on your definition of cute.

Maybe its all this panda talk but i felt like wearing an (almost) all-black outfit today. I say almost because unless I mention it or unless you have extraordinary observation skills you wouldn’t notice that my pant is a dark brown and not black. If you’ve noticed then 10 points to you! I added the bright yellows in the last moment because my sixth sense said it would rain. And I like to look bright in dull gray weather. Also pops of neon are useful for spotting people through the heavy downpour. BUT, the way it rained today.. Oh dear lord! You couldn’t have spotted me if I was covered head to toe in fluorescent bulbs and waving flags! An instant river had formed through the whole city. Seriously, anyone who wants to know what rainy season is all about should visit a tropical country. None of that European rain… Its more like an annoying mist than rain!

Good that I dint get washed away! And please ignore the almost disappearing mehendi on my hands. (The one and only thing that I hate about it. Urrgghh!)


26 thoughts on “In the downpour

  1. I have started to recognize the existence of those circles under my eyes.When things dont leave, you start giving them a place in your existence 😛
    I hope they leave you soon though!
    Cute outfit!


  2. Talking of Pandas, if you actually want yourself to be compared to one, I'd say the Panda needs to loose some fat to match you, or maybe you need to swell up a lot 😛

    And did you do some photoshop, because the mehendi is not disappearing at all. I tried cleaning my screen, but that doesn't help either.

    But, cute pics indeed. And go get some more sleep.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


  3. I like pops of color in an outfit:) And the dark circles under my eyes JUST WON”T GO AWAY, no matter how much I sleep! Good luck w/ getting urs to go away.


  4. Oh, I have to confess, My friends call me Po 😛 Coz the resemblance between that cutie and me, ahem is uncanny when it comes to size 😉 I LOVE the yellow beads! 😀 And the outfit too 😀 😀


  5. @Red-
    I hope so too!

    Yeah I know.. I dont think I can ever swell up to a panda's size.. and i have tried believe me!

    Thanks! I know :/


    Yes yes i will 🙂

    Thank you so much! 🙂
    Keep visiting!


    I love Po! 😀

    Thank you! 🙂



  6. I totally agree with you … it is amazing what goes viral! Makes you wonder sometimes, huh?

    Love your outfit … those cargo pants rule as do the touches of yellow in your necklace and sandals!

    ❤ Cat brideblu


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