When you can’t pose…. pretend.

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How many times have you stood before an overflowing wardrobe and thought to yourself ‘I have nothing good to wear’ ? Countless! Am sure. The only time when I feel I have too many clothes is when am cleaning my closet. Usually my cleaning consists of pulling all the clothes out, doing a bit of dusting, sorting everything into neat little piles according to colour and putting eveything back in. And ten minutes into the, task just half my clothes take up all my bed space. I drag a spare chair into my room and when even that fills up I start piling things on my desk. Within an hour every surface(including the floor) is covered with tops, skirts, dresses, pants, cardigans, accesories, belts, socks.

Its like that cupboard door that leads to Narnia, I discover a whole new world full of possible outfits. But Narnia disappears on Monday mornings. And tuesday mornings and every morning when i feel like getting dressed. That’s when the shopping urge hits you hard and I indulge in some fake shopping. What? Its anyday better than no-shopping. Also every imaginary piece of clothing that you buy fits you like a dream and you look awesome. Who wants actual clothing when you can have all that!

Ok then! I have to go catch up with my weekend before it runs away from me. So i leave you with this *very picture heavy* post!

*Ugghh.. I really need to learn to pose*

*How about this!*

*That was weird. Better give my brightest smile!*

*…and look all girly..*

*..and throw in a little attitude..*

*…or just answer calls and act busy…*

*and lastly include my shoes.. *

That my friends is the recipe for a perfect photo shoot! In case you haven’t noticed I am in an embarrassingly-sing-at-the-top-of-my-voice good mood! 
Have a great weekend! 🙂



Humour, Look of the Day
Am already back with a new post? I know even am surprised. Apparently i don’t sleep at nights anymore and blogging seemed to be a much better option than sleeping. So i opened my laptop and typed away like a mad scientist who suddenly discovered the missing link that completed his code. But i couldn’t post it because I din’t like the idea of sneaking out to take outfit pictures in the middle of the night. Am not that keen on becoming a neighbourhood ghost. Plus a lot of oldies living around my house and i wouldn’t want to give anyone a heart attack, with my camera flashing in the darkness, however dedicated I am to my blog! No, that’s just not right.

So i just sat there listening to the buzzing of insects and the weird tapping noises against my window and howling of dogs.  And for those of you wondering, let me clarify that I don’t live in a jungle or a zoo although it sounds like that. Am very much part of civilization. I just happen to be surrounded by every insect that i hate. Urrggghh!

Creepy things aside, Priyanka made an outfit request and i decided to honour it. Why wouldn’t I?! She is one of the sweetest persons i’ve met through blogging and a good friend! 🙂 Also i got a new and better tripod and a trigger which i was excited to use, and then disappointed to find out that the trigger was not working. But anyway, here’s what i wore….

This worked out well for me too! I din’t have to think as to what i should wear and it saved me two hours. And i put those two hours into work. Yes i did. Ok no i dint. But i could have if i wanted to. Instead i chose to watch Gossip Girl. Knew you’d agree!

p.s – Not the best quality pics. I had to make do with another cam since i dint have mine.

p.p.s – Thank you for the comments on the previous post! Really means a lot! 🙂

New Look!

Random ramblings

I have three things to talk about, First awards, second my new banner *excited!!!*, third my not-so-good blog posts. So lets get started with the best and the first one!

I am very lazy when it comes to doing these award posts.. i don’t know why! But its impolite to not thank all the lovely people who are giving me the award and all those who are reading my blog and appreciating it so here i am, on my feet, ready to type away! Just for you guys 😉

Anju from Indianmakeupways has given me two awards! (Not one, Two!!!). Thank you so much! Its always a nice feeling when someone has thought of you and your blog as ‘deserving’. I must be doing something right after all 😉

Also a thank you to all those who are still with me, even though am not dishing out posts as often as i used to. Anyway i’ll come to that soon!

Its been a long time since I’ve talked about myself, so lets follow the award rules for once now.. shall we? All right then! (Am assuming you nodded ‘yes’)
Seven things about me :
1) This is the first time that I’ve maintained long hair. From school to college to work, it was always shoulder length. I’ve never liked long hair but right now am very happy with the way its looking 🙂
2) I have very small feet.
3) I’ve never coloured my hair and i don’t intend to.
4) Even though i love buying new bags, i hate changing bags because i carry so many things and its a big pain to transfer everything to a new bag every other day. Which is why I’ve stopped buying bags completely!
5) I’ve been using my Nokia 6700 for three years now and i’ve never felt the need for a blackberry or an iphone or any smart phone for that matter!
6) I am not a makeup person at all. And am slowly trying to change that.
7) Its been an year since I’ve officially given up coffee!
Secondly, you can see that i’ve created a new banner! I got tired/bored of the old one already and i made this one a couple of days back and decided to put it up immediately!  Since am just not the kind of person who can wait for occasions. Which is a disaster sometimes! Even if i buy a new dress/shoes i cannot wait for one particular occasion to wear it. I simply have to wear it the very next day! 
Thirdly, I know I haven’t been dishing out posts as often as I used to nor are they as yummy as they used to be (lame joke alert : dishing… yummy… get it? Too bad.) I am tired of giving the ‘am too busy’ excuse to myself, because I know that it stopped being true some time ago. I am not putting in much effort for various reasons and the posts have become stagnant, quality wise, at one level. I am trying to bring it to a higher level and I just want to give a big shout-out to all those people who have been patient enough to continue reading my blog. Thank you! I would continue writing even if no one commented but lets face it! This way is so much more better! 😉

The travelling pair of jeans!

Look of the Day, story
Have you ever watched the movie Sisterhood of the traveling pants? The one where one pair of pants magically fits a group of friends? Not one of my favourites, but it always comes on those days when am at home instead of at work on a weekday. And since i am too happy to care, i end up watching it. Always.

The reason i mentioned it is that, this pair of pants(the one am wearing below) travelled across the world just like that. But its not magical, and it it fits no one except me. Its not that incredible looking either… so why all drama? Anyone who knows me (well enough) knows that i become attached to things at the most inappropriate times. Like when they are lost. Like that dress I kept eyeing everyday in the display window, and when I finally went in one day to buy it, it wasn’t in stock anymore. Or that last pair of black pumps on the sale rack which I thought will still be there while I checked out other items, and when I came back it was gone. You know the feeling right?

This was one such pair. The last time I wore it was two years back on a 3-day trip. We went trekking on the last day, and since we were getting late, we directly went from the trekking place to the station to catch our train back home. Once I got home, I threw them for wash and then they disappeared. Until then it was just another pair but suddenly it became ‘the pair’ I wanted to wear. I think I spent about two months searching all over the house, all over my cousin’s house (who also came to the trip with us), and even considered it being stolen! Finally it turned up a few months ago at another cousin’s place in Sydney. Don’t ask me how. Needless to say the first thing I did when I went to Sydney a few months back was to pack it safely at the bottom of my suitcase!

At around the same time I lost this pair of pants, I lost my most favourite black and grey shirt… which hasn’t yet turned up. But maybe it will turn up one day… somewhere in Europe maybe? Preferably a place i haven’t yet visited!

Ray Of Sunshine!

Humour, Look of the Day
First a nephew and now a niece! My cousin had a healthy baby girl today and so I became an ‘aunt’ again! Luckily most kids still call me ‘didi’ (Which means ‘big sister’ in hindi) and not aunty! And strangers think that I am still in college, so am not an ‘aunty’ although technically I am an aunt! Clearly it was very important for me to say this…. although i don’t know why? I can imagine the weird looks you are giving.

A couple of years back when strangers would ask if I was still in school or college, it used to bug the hell outta me. I hated that I looked younger than my age, not knowing that, that was what half the population wished for! How we obsesses over our looks and age! It took me a while to accept that age is just a number. It was only after I finished college that I stopped worrying about ‘growing old’. Life only seems to get better with every passing year and I’ve stopped making the mistakes that I used to make.

Of course the number of stupid, crazy situations I get myself into hasn’t changed! There are some people who attract trouble no matter what. There are also people who are attracted by trouble. Then there are those who attract Mr.Murphy. You know.. Mr.Murphy from Murphy’s law? Yes that’s the one! Not surprisingly I fall into the third category. *Hmmmm* Some things in life, you just cannot change! But being the right little ray of sunshine that I am, I never let this (annoying) factor deter me from doing anything!

Look Of the Day:
Before i started style blogging i dint want to shoot outdoors and dint want people to see me posing for pics and dint want to show my face. Now i don’t like shooting indoors at all. Which means, people change and the change is fast! But for old time’s sake (talk about drama!) or because i was looking too much like a sunflower, i headed back indoors to shoot!

On a ‘slightly’ serious note…


Happiness is a state of mind. Something that we usually place in other people’s hands. Try as much as we might, we unknowingly or knowingly depend on others for our happiness. How long can you be happy on your own? If its just a state of mind, then all you have to do is train yourself to be happy always. Every single minute. Whatever obstacles you face in the course of your life, you just keep telling yourself to just ‘Hold on’ and then everything will be okay.

We need people, we depend on people emotionally. As much as we try to do things for ourselves, we are more often than not, trying to please others or trying to get others to please us. Instead, if we could just direct all those futile efforts at keeping ourselves happy, without being dependent on anyone (Not entirely, which i know is impossible) life would be so much simpler.

We’ve all done stupid things in life that we regret. Anyone who says ‘I have no regrets in life’ has either truly moved on, or is in a better place now, or is saying so simply because he is expected to say so. Simply because living without regrets is the best way to live. So even if you have a regret, however silly or stupid it may be you just tell yourself that better things will come along. Truly moving on and leaving your regrets behind is the best solution for mental peace – happiness!

I very strongly believe in detached attachment. Whether its with materialistic things or with people. I don’t like growing too comfortable with anything or anyone because ultimately it leads to disappointment. Sooner or later. As long as am sure of the fact that, ‘yes i can live without this thing/person’ i know am safe. Some may say you shouldn’t be so guarded, you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace, you should just let go and give it all that you’ve got. Well this is all that i’ve got to give. The rest is mine to keep!

Over the mountains i fly!

Random ramblings

Howdy mates!

Look at me going all Australian! Or cow girl-ish or a combo! Thats Mr. Time’s indication that its ‘time i took a break’, a mini-vacation. YES! I need one right now but i’ve hardly completed what i need to complete. This is just the beginning, things have just started to roll, i’ve just begun to put in more effort to give some direction to my career and am already craving for a vacation? Am not escaping my responsibilities, especially ‘coz its concerning me! But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of a perfect lazy holiday!

Has it already been 4 days since my last post? Now that’s a first! I don’t think i’ve ever been away for longer than 3 days. Maybe once or twice… very rare. Reason #1 is that it has been one helluva week! And it got so frustrating towards the end that i felt like smashing my keyboard to pieces, forget about typing out a post! It has been a crazy week. Crazy in red, bold, capital letters. B.A.N.A.N.A.S! I think i ate my mom’s brain for two whole days straight. And as if that wasn’t enough(it wasn’t really!) i ate a few more brains. Finally full, and happy and content, i decided to blog 🙂 Am so glad the week is finally over. And am hoping next week is more like mangoes(The one and only reason why i miss summer).

Reason #2 was that there was a family function at home, and i was busy with that. Well not exactly ‘busy’. Technically i din’t do anything except ‘attend’ :P. And i was so wrapped up in my own troubles that i dint even bother to plan a dress for the occasion(which has never happened before!). And this reminded me that i need to get an outfit ready for my cousin’s marriage in August. I wanted to shop for it today but i dint. Instead i though i’d finally hit the sales and check them out. Checked. It was bad. Very bad! What is it with all the brands these days? (And non-brands too). Why and when did everything become so damm costly? Two thousand for a simple cotton skirt that hardly comes up to my knees, and with a little bit of thread work?

I can do a much much better job on designing a similar skirt, if only i knew stitching! And it would cost me less that five hundred. I’ve always wanted to design my clothes as a fun hobby, a side project, but this time i might actually take it up seriously. Maybe an year back just the thought of ‘sale’ would have made me go crazy enough to shell out that kind of money. But this time i had a very strict budget and a very clear idea as to what i need to buy. So far its not been working!

I dont have any outfit posts this time. With my mood swinging from north pole to south pole, i dint feel like taking any pictures. In fact i dint want to blog at all until i had something substantial to write. Funny, i usually love my random ramblings but this time i promised myself i wouldn’t ramble away without any cause or topic. And this is me breaking that promise. Or not! There is no topic here, but the cause is that ‘the week’ is finally over and am happy! I guess that justifies it! 🙂

Random pic of what i wore to the function.

Also, am determined to watch a movie this weekend. I don’t remember the last time i stepped into a theater! But then again, because of the Mumbai blasts, security is pretty tight here.. so lets see! Any movie suggestions? My picks are Harry Potter(definitely!) and Zindagi na milegi doobara!

Letter writing and hoola hooping!

Look of the Day, Musings
I just read a post on my friend’s blog saying she was going to deactivate her facebook account. Both of us had talked about it just yesterday and although i spent quite a bit of time on facebook today, am fed up with it. I’ve been saying this for a very long time(not to you guys!) but facebook has really lost its charm(for me personally). Yes, its a great way to keep in touch but frankly, these days its becoming the only way to keep in touch. And am not sure am comfortable with that idea. Am the kind of person who believes meeting people face-to-face is more personal and exciting that ‘online’. Of course this is any day more convenient, but then again, am not sure i want it to be this convenient anymore. Is it making our lives simpler? Or is it in fact making it even more complicated?

Its ok if i don’t get instant updates from someone halfway across the world every minute, as long as i can spend a few hours talking to them on phone every weekend. Small things like calling up and wishing a person personally on their birthday, are fast changing into a quick post on the wall that vanishes among a hundred other wishes. I’d like things to be a little more difficult, a little more uncertain. The thrill of waiting for a hand written letter for a week is entirely different from receiving an instant message. Technology has its perks and even now, am not sure i can live without it, but i really want to try. There’s no doubt that facebook, twitter and now Google+ have taken over a major part of our life. But sometimes i feel like an old lady who misses the times when life was much simpler, when technology was much simpler. Its not an easy task to give it up, but its not impossible either. Who knows, i might become the next Da Vinci if i give up on these sites and spend more time painting!

Blogging is the only online community that still retains its charm and beauty(I don’t know if its comparable to social networking sites, because its not exactly a networking site). I think blogging is the next best thing to hand written letters. And its enough for a girl like me. What say? 🙂

Moving on from complicated talk to fun-ner (is that a word?) things…..!!!!

Look of the day :
So hoola-hooping. The most fun and sure shot way to flat abs! It takes time to get a hang of it, but once you do its super fun! I spent lord-knows-how-many-hours watching you tube videos to learn the right way of twisting and turning your body. In the end i gave up on the videos and just concentrated on having the hoop around my waist. And that worked great! It has been months since i used my hoop and it was lying in some dusty old corner. So mix outfit-picture time with hoop-exercises time and we’ve got ourselves a fun shoot!

Dress – Mango
Shoes – ?? Dont remember
Chain – Some shop in UK
Bangles – ummm… UK? No wait.. i think Hyd
Ok, i don’t see a point writing this ‘coz i hardly remember where i bought half the stuff i have!!!

I need a pool ASAP!

creativity, Look of the Day
I am missing winter already! It was raining cats and dogs last year by this time. But this time all we got was a little drizzle here and there, a couple of weeks of perfect, cloudy weather and now summer again. It was so bloody hot today! I’d give anything to have a mini swimming pool right here in my bedroom. Ahhh! Bliss! I’d literally live in it. Fish are so lucky!

I had one of ‘those weeks’ again. Relatives at home, lots of work, falling sick, stupid crazy power cuts, internet problems…. all these kept me quite busy. Today was again another weird day. I sleep walked through the entire day today and somehow ended up at home safe. No idea how. Thank you kind stranger who dropped me home! Oh wait. Was that my mom? All i remember is feeling really really sleepy (‘coz i dint sleep last night), trying to study, getting dressed, going to class, being hungry and eating after class and the next thing i know is am home. Maybe i learnt to apparate like Harry Potter.

Look of the day:
My cousin sister hates this top of mine which is why i decided to wear it to bug her. The things we do to dress up and look good! The mind works in mysterious ways in hot weather. Mine clearly dint work at all.

Its already July… !

Look of the Day, thoughts
*Life is hard, but it is harder if you are stupid*

And these days am being really stupid. I know that i shouldn’t be doing something, but i go ahead and do it anyway. I know its bad for me, but i do it anyway and then, not think about it at all. As if that would help erase it. Like it never happened. I don’t know where my mind is these days. Its never in the present. If am eating its thinking about work. If am working its thinking about studies. If am studying its thinking about a vacation. If am sleeping its worrying about my health. Its basically everywhere except on the task at hand.

Its already July. Damm. Where did June go? I had so many things planned for June and none of those things happened…. i think. Am not sure what happened and what dint actually. Phew! Enough is enough! Starting today, no, starting now, am getting my life back on track. Time to make a list people!!!!!!!! An agenda for July and August so that after August i can happily scream MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! or something cool like that…… I can’t think of any cool phrases right now… well this is going on my list too. Think up a catchy, cool phrase and get ready to scream my lungs out! And am going to stick to my agenda no matter what! I’ll keep making some changes along the way but the core remains the same. Stuff that I’ve got to do, got to finish.

Look Of the Day:

The sun has been hiding since the past two days and its been raining a lot. Its cloudy, cool and its a perfect time to wear something warm and comfortable! Thank God for No Humidity! Although this was something i wore some time back, its still perfect for the weather today so i decided to post it anyway!

Have a nice week! I don’t think i need to specifically mention that mine is going to be crazy busy! Should be understood by now!