Unnecessary confusion


When i have content to write, i dont have outfits to post and when i have a dozen recent outfits to sort through and post, i dont have anything meaningful to write. The idea somehow got fixed in my mind that Both need to be there. Because i enjoy them both immensely. Thinking about something, forming my thoughts and putting it on paper (literally too) helps me get my thoughts in focus. I am a ‘list-making-person’. I tend to make lists for everything. You name it and i’ve got that list. Right from the kind of diet i would like to follow(notice i dint say i follow it?), my exercise routine, list of things to do, things to buy, schedule for reading for exams…. everything! So its mandatory in my life that i write.

Writing = clarity of thought

When i find myself posting outfits for consequetive posts, i feel shallow. Which i know am not!. (Since when did wanting to dress up and look good become ‘being shallow’? Probably since the time i started complicating things.) And the same thing happens when i just keep writing and not adding the ‘outfit fun’ to my blog. Some days I think its balanced, on others am not so sure. On those ‘unsure’ days, of not knowing which to post, i tend to ignore this little corner on the web for a few days. Is it necessary that it should be a perfect balance. I dont know. And who better to answer this question if not me?

Trust me to complicate something as simple as blogging! As you guessed today is one of ‘those days’. Am not trying to cater to only one kind of audience here. Of course people who, like me, like to dabble in anything creative and artistic would of course be my kind of audience.  So far i can categorize what i write into the following :
1) Updates from my life
2) My thoughts on certain causes, issues, people, society etc
3) My Art
4) Personal Style

I dont really know who comes here for what. Should i care? Maybe a little? There are people who say they want more posts on fashion. Some others are interested in just words. Then there are those who give their (rather unnecessary) advice as to how i need to stick to just one kind of topic and not make it so random. What’s random to you is NOT for me. This is who i am. So if you are here for just one of the things i mentioned above, then am sorry! In the end all that matters is that we blog for ourselves right?

Also i want to say a BIG thank you to all those regular readers who read every post of mine, the worst and the best, from all the categories and still leave comments and make me smile 🙂

p.s – I  can’t resist asking… What do you guys come for? What do you prefer reading? 

p.p.s – Oh and ‘Pretty in white’ came first and ‘Barefoot’ second. Oddly, the white dress was the one that i was most eager to wear and post on my blog and the one outfit that i was sure of, but after posting i thought I dint really look that good in it. But it came first so…..
Lesson learnt : Go with your gut feeling! 🙂 Thanks again!


Its voting time!

I am just a beginner in ‘Style Blogging’. And am not really sure that i’ve put in that much effort until now. So if you guys could just take a minute and vote for the Look that is your favourite, i would really appreciate it! 🙂
Maybe it would motivate me to be a little more creative and use my overflowing wardrobe more effectively!
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You can continue voting until tomorrow, i.e 31st May

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Who you calling narrow-minded?

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When did we first start wearing jeans and dresses? By ‘we’ am mainly referring to all Indians. Everybody knows that India is conservative when it comes to issues like clothing. 50 years back there was no concept of women wearing jeans or trousers. Times have changed. Now we want the freedom to wear whatever we want and whenever we want. Our society with its so called ‘backward thinking’ is becoming more broad-minded. Accepting and embracing western clothing on women. Every top brand from the west is now available and ready at our door step. Older generations say that we are aping the west and forgetting Indian culture. We refute saying, no doubt we are influenced, but not to an extent where we are forgetting our own traditions. We have one of the most richest and diverse cultures in the world. We are incorporating new ideas and infusing them with our own, rather than turning our backs to our own age-old traditions.

But inspite of all these ( there is always a but), a person who doesn’t speak proper English, who dresses in simple plain salwars, who has never worn any sort of western clothing and even if they do, its with an oily braid and flowers in their hair, and gold jewelery sparkling on their dark skin, is automatically branded as backward and not up to our standards. What standards? Who said that jeans have to be worn in a particular way? Wearing jeans with a braid and flowers is wrong. But you can do the same with a messy side braid? Wearing embroidered jeans from a local store is wrong. But the moment a brand like Guess comes up with some ‘sequined jeans’ its the must-have pair.

Speaking English has become a need of the hour, but that doesnt mean that others are backward. What marks a person as backward are his thoughts,words and actions. The language you speak is immaterial but the words you choose make a great difference. 

On one side, we are fighting for our ‘individual style’ and on the other hand we discriminate against those wearing western outfits in unconventional ways.  We are the very same people who look down upon the narrow-minded views that our society has, the very same people who are wanting freedom to express ourselves through the clothes we wear, who argue saying a girl has the right to wear what ever she wants. BUT its only us city girls who know how to ‘dress up’.

Off late i’ve been searching for style blogs that include traditional Indian clothing. Those living abroad wear them only for special occasions, which is okay, i understand… you know.. be a Roman in Rome. But 90% of the blogs from India (including me) concentrate only on show-casing and promoting western wear for daily wear and Indian outfits only for special occassions. No doubt wearing shorts and skirts are more comfortable for our year long summers than salwars. To be honest, i have spent 12 years of my life in a school uniform and the next 6 years of college in churidars and kurtas, thanks to the strict dress code followed by colleges. Even during office, i stuck to churidars as formals instead of western wear. BUT i would anyday opt for western clothing (comfort and maintainace wise). But, it doesn’t give me a right to say wearing a salwar or a churidar makes you backward. Yes, we are all city-bred , we have grown up with malls , designer clothes and top labels surrounding us, we all have bulging wallets. But all these things dont determine whether you are forward or backward.

90% of the time this how i dress to office…..

Look of the day :
Day 1:

Day 2 :

The power is back!

Summer is equivalent to mangoes, ice creams, beach vacations and in recent times, also, air conditioning. For all the fortunate people at least. Now why did this suddenly pop into my head? Simple..We have a power cut. Yeah, you lose something, you understand the importance of it. I forgot to mention that right? Summer is also equivalent to power cuts. You know we curse our one hour power cuts but we fail to realize how lucky we are that we are living in ‘The Big City’. Its in moments like these, when i think of people living in smaller towns and villages, with no access to water.. forget about air conditioning, i realize that i have no right to complain!

With power cuts lasting days at a stretch, with no help from the government, no funds, no resources to do something on their own, they get on with daily chores much much better than us complaining snobs. Thats right. When more than half the population is suffering from lack of drinking water and food and other essentials, its only fair that i call myself a snob for complaining about lacking an AC in my room.

I read somewhere or maybe I’ve seen it on TV, i dont exactly remember…..  a guy working in an MNC, you know, a regular well paying IT job, was trying to argue and state a fact that, they – the IT workers, work harder than farmers in the villages. He started off by saying that the so-called, cushy job in an AC office is not-so-rosy after all. Yes sir! All those AC’s in your workstation, are for the computers not for the people. Also, by including the time taken to travel to and fro, they work more than 12 hours a day. Ok i dont deny any of this. But seriously this  is his argument? Even if the AC is for the machine, is he not sitting there along with it in the AC? Is he sitting out on a farm, in the hot sun, with his laptop and working 12 hours a day?

Its not even a valid point. I feel stupid even bringing up such a point and trying to refute it. The point is, not all of us are that delusioned. But we do tend to forget reality sometimes while enjoying the comforts. Things like saving power, not wasting water, and most importantly being thankful.

So am going to be thankful now for this power cut, which is lasting a LONG time. Which is making me sweat and hence de-toxifying me without a workout. Which is making me squint my eyes against the bright light of my laptop screen in the dark room. Which is making me get up and peep out the window for every tiny sound in case someone’s at the door because the bell is not working. Which is making me wait to publish this post. Which is not letting me make a mango smoothie because i cant turn the juicer on. Which is making me bang my toe on the door for the third time because i cant see. No i take that back. That happens everyday. But hey…! No complaints! 😉

p.s – Thank you Raji and PinkDiaries for the awards!

Ok so am going to follow the rules this time… I know i’ve done this a couple of times but i decided you guys have A LOT MORE to know about me. Plus the power’s back!

1. I am scared of ghat roads. You know.. all those scary twists and turns *shudders*
2. I tend to get lost in my own world in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes. Hey sometimes only!
3. I am an optimist.
4. I learnt keyboard and violin…. many years back.
5. I still dream of learning guitar (since the 4th grade)
6. I am a vegetarian.
7. I love lillies.
8. I went para-sailing(loved it) and under-sea walking(hated it)

Am going to award these two, to the first five people who comment on this post! (I know.. am making things easy for myself… i cant choose between so many wonderful blogs!). So start commenting and ill mention you in my next post! 

The One

Its amazing how the mere presence of some people can give you so much confidence. How it can pour back life into you. Life filled with hope and assurance that everything happens for a reason, a good reason. Its not necessary to be close to that person or to have some sort of  ‘connection’ with that person. It may be someone you have never even met, someone you have never seen. You cant even call him as a friend. Its just a person who for some reason has become your pillar of strength. Someone who has stuck to your side whenever you needed it. Someone so patient and understanding, that it left you astonished, wondering if such people really existed. There is no need to talk to each other daily or see each other daily. There is no need of any assurances that ‘Yes am still on your side..am still with you’ There is no need for it, but that is what is meant and that is what is understood-perfectly. Just the thought of that person makes you more confident of facing whatever challenges you need to face.

A trust which you never dreamed you could have on anyone after what you have been through. But always…somewhere…someone is always there. That someone whom you never believed to exist and when you did know of the existence, you never believed it, even when truth was starting in your face you choose to deny it, because you feel its impossible for such a thing to happen. For an understanding so perfect that you don’t need any sort of proof that he is always by your side, always ready to help. You just know it. The memory of his face brings a smile on yours. Not the kind of smile that makes your heart flutter, a smile which says that you can now face your day. With hope and you can know for sure that you’ll succeed. Its not love, its not friendship. Its something beyond that…

Its the pure act of selflessness, of wanting to help others, of not being able to see people suffer. The purity and the courage to stand by people. To not just listen to what they are saying but to hear what they are not. To not just offer comforting words but to share their sorrows, to feel their pain, their anguish and to see through their suffering. Not just say that things will turn out to be alright, but to make sure that they do. To guide you and help you find your way. Get you out of the miserable web that you have spun around yourself….

Its amazing, to find such a person and to have him by your side. And when you finally ask him that one question that you always wanted the answer to – Why? Why do you do this for me?  He says it with a pure heart…that he did what he had to do…and you just believe him.

Note : I have used the word ‘him’ for convenience sake. It could refer to anyone you have in your life. Your role model, your dad, your mom, a close friend, husband.. anyone.

What does bad lighting do? Messes your pictures and your head…..

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Today is going to be one of those random long posts which stop making sense half-way through. Dont say i dint warn you!

The moment i woke up today, the first thought in my head was ‘What am i going to blog about today?’ Actually this was the second thought. First was wanting to go back to sleep. So i’ve been asking myself this question a lot over the past few days. Every time i sit down to write, i end up staring at the screen, screwing my eyes up in concentration and willing words to magically appear and make sense and publish themselves. And i succeeded! You’re reading now right………..?

Is there really something called a ‘writer’s block?’ Or is just some fancy shmansy word used as a poor excuse for your lack-of-creativity? Next time i use the fancy word.. you know what am actually talking about…..

You guys i have a confession. I went shopping. I broke my promise! But i just bought one shoe (a pair actually…) and thats it. Different matter that i liked 5433344 other pairs but i dint buy them. Mine are green. Just have to wait and figure out with what dress to pair them. I know i’ll find nothing in my closet. So i can go shopping again….. You think you’d have figured out my scheming evil plans by now……….

You know what i hate about mornings? Not knowing what to EAT. I cant make up my mind in the mornings. Rather i dont know where my mind is. You know another thing i hate? When you plan an outfit in your head, and it looks good in your head, looks good in the mirror (Especially the big long ones in malls.. dontcha jus love’ em?) but NOT in the pics. Yes i took outfit pics… and they sucked. You wanna know what bad lighting does to your pics?

Yep.. 3:00pm sunshine felt like walking under the moon for us……. until i had a look at the pics…… and i came home pink-faced and drenched in sweat and flopped down on the bed and never got up again….
So you really wanna see the pics? You have to coz am posting them. I have nothing else to say. Why? I told you.. writer’s block….. you should pay more attention!

I never thought it would actually happen when i said i dint want to sound intelligent everyday. So there. Am stupid. I understand if you wanna run away from my blog (But please dont. I beg you!I hate losing followers)

… so the pictures… yes.. presenting.. LOOK OF THE DAY!!! *drum rolls*

Please pray i have something better to write next time… For your own sake… Or not…


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*yawn* sorry! Not the best way to start off a post but i cant help it. The heat is killing me! Either am suffering from memory loss or this summer is really worse than last year’s. I dont remember it being this difficult and hot last year. Or maybe that was because i spent close to 12 hours a day in an AC office freezing to death. Oh Yeah. That is true. The memories are coming rushing back. Its pathetic that am so exhausted 24×7. Am eating a lot. I dont know where all those carbs are vanishing!

Today is the first time am getting dressed since last week. I should get an award. I don’t like getting dressed when there’s no where to go (because am lazy)…and nowhere have I gone. Office doesn’t count. Ok it does…….. but it dint okay. This time it dint. So I’ve been living in pajamas. Yes, the same ones all week. You think I’m kidding…

So we are moving straight to the Look of the Day. No philosophies, no smart talk. I can’t sound intelligent everyday. Its rude. And exhausting.

Lost all my shoes. Need to shop. (That was the best excuse i could come up with.)

Sketches over the weekend

Spent the whole of Saturday cribbing that i dint have weekend plans and that i was stuck at home. Sunday, i decided to paint. I have a half-finished oil which i need to restart. But was to lazy to set up everything. So thought i’d sketch instead. Its been so long since i held a pencil in my hand and my fingers are aching. Cant type anymore.

There is something nice about sketching everyday scenes… Like the market..

I love horses. They are one of my best subjects for sketching and painting 🙂

I’ll tell you a secret though. Am dead scared of climbing on one! Man they are scary!

p.s click here to view all Art posts!

Twists of all kinds!

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You dont get to choose your family. Everybody knows that and everybody secretly wishes to have an option to choose. Especially when it comes to certain nosy relatives who have nothing better to do, than to poke their long noses in your life. Each time i attend a family function I dread meeting certain people. I call them ‘the gang’. Scary right? I dread answering their irritating questions. I have no choice. Social obligations dont always allow you to ignore situations as per your wishes. So i plaster a fake smile on my face, look like the well-behaved young lady that am supposed to be (which am not) and rant away my well prepared answers, always looking for an escape from their clutches.

One queston that i hate and that has never changed over the years is ‘Areee… you sooooo thin.. dont you eat at all? Doesn’t your dad give you any food?’. I think i already mentioned this once here. Am i not human? Why would i not eat? And do you ever ask a fat person the same question? Or are you just jealous because you look like a hippo?

Another quesion that bugs the hell out of me is ‘Hayee.. you’ve grown so big.. so next we’ll be attending your marriage!! Get married soon’. Ok. Wait a minute. Why do u even care? The last time you saw me was when I was a 2 yr old screaming and running around behind my mom. I can excuse such people thinking they have poor conversation skills and this is their pathetic attempt at starting a conversation. But your attempts suck!! The smarty pants that I am, I lash back saying am not going to get married at all. They look at me horrified that I should even say such a thing! At least I give them something to put their heads together and gossip about. At least they’ll forget about bugging me more!

Then there are those who decide to judge you based on the most ridiculous things possible. You put photos on facebook? Then you are fast. You blog about your shopping escapades and fashion. Then you are a good for nothing daughter, who spends all her time blowing off daddy’s money. The disect everything you do, everything you wear, everything you say. Heck! They sometimes make you feel like a celebrity! So my advice? Dont get bugged. Enjoy the attention, ignore the remarks! 😉 As long as your parents understand you and accept you for who are – to hell with others!

Nosy or not, such people actually add to the fun! Especially when you decide not let them get on your nerves and instead you get on theirs! Twist the situation. 🙂 I know. Am a meanie!

Moving on to more interesting things… here’s my Look of the Day with a slight twist.
Pretty in white… its ‘pretty in pink’ right? But i prefer white. White is just prettier 🙂
Wearing white skirt as a dress. I haven’t found any pretty white dresses yet (read : not gone shopping because am broke!) so until then.. this should suffice!

I promised myself i wouldnt shop until june. If i get till there safely, ill extend it by another month. Kidding. I wont. JUNE it is! 😀

Another skirt/dress in an earthy brown. Sure saves money on summer clothes!

p.s – my previous post ‘Faith’ and a few comments got deleted in yesterday’s blogger fiasco! Dint get it back yet and i don’t think ill put it back up… Depressing posts have no place on my blog!

p.p.s – I just noticed.. the comments from my previous, previous post were also deleted! Well… whatever!