Is that a tree?

Art, family
Sis selected a very complex photograph to paint. And it was a err… a disaster. She’s good at painting from imagination though.

So i stepped in with my magic wand brush and took over. I painted all black over what was originally a bird flying over a very complicated looking lake (Not all photos can be replicated on a canvas you know.)

Bad idea, since i din’t know what to do next. Sis and i came up with a (brilliant) idea of painting some sort of abstract tree on it. Painted a white, squiggly tree. It looked all ghostly and dead and creeped us both. Added gold leaves.

Turned out like this.

Not one of my best works. Truth be told, am not satisfied at all. Hence no signature. There’s no need for people to know that this thing was done by me. I’ll just tell people it was all her idea *innocent smile*

Anyway am hoping she’ll paint it all white and start over again!


16 thoughts on “Is that a tree?

  1. @Ana –
    thank you!

    really? 🙂

    @shooting star-
    you'll never know until you try! 🙂

    @cardinal ruby-
    thanks! 🙂

    hehe ok fine!

    yeah true! 🙂

    😀 thanks!

    ok i take it back then.. tree is alive and kicking! 😛


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