Hot and Cold

My brain has suddenly entered a funny state. Its suspended in a trance like state where few things just dont register. Am walking around the house in my pyjamas with a blanket wrapped around tightly and my feet feeling two large cold ice cubes inspite of wearing socks. And its not even that cold yet.

The weather is playing tricks here. Its burning hot one day, and you cant even look outside without shielding your eyes because the sun is so bright. And cold, raining, gray and wet the next day. As if that was not enough, today its sunny with an extremely chilly wind.

As i placed myself close to the window, warming up my cold hands on the warm glass pane, i wondered how is it that the weather controls our mood so much? Warm sunshine makes you skip and jump. Rain makes you want to stay at home and sip a hot coffee. And cold winter makes you snuggle in bed and never want to get up.

I was sitting outside on the steps in the chilly breeze trying to put a kolam as it was RamNavami today, and constanly muttering that i was so cold when my sister finally screamed saying ‘Why dont you just go in and wear a sweater?’. Thats when i realised that i just crib and complain and dont actually do anything about it.
One of my favorite quotes from Roald Amundsen: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. ”
Its true. When i looked back as to why i hate winter and cold weather, i realised that all my associations with winter had one thing in common – bad clothing!

By nature i am more sensitive to cold than people usually are. So wearing a flimsy cardigan when its 15 degrees is no good for me. Even though i know that, i dont do anything beyond wearing that and socks. It just goes to show how i let the weather rule my mind. When its cold, you shiver and thats literally what i do!
Winter is not so bad. Especially when compared to summer in India. Its the one season that makes us all sigh in relief for a measly two months. Last year was the first time after god-knows-how-long that we had a ‘proper winter’. One that could definitely be branded as being ‘cold’. And here i am hating that very weather. Does this mean i like summer and rainy? Definitely not. Right after finishing up with Indian winters, here i am in Sydeny facing winter again!

So here i am, all bundled up when suddenly the chilly wind vanishes and the sun is up and bright! But no complaints! Winter is my new favourite now!


11 thoughts on “Hot and Cold

  1. B E A utiful…
    such a lovely observation … we often find fault in the surroundings but the real fault is always in us..
    Things never happen to us unless we allow them to happen …
    and who said winter aint fun :)its a good thing to happen !
    nice work chandana


  2. As soon as the temp hit 15-16C in Edinburgh, your sis & I used to (I still do) get our summer skirts out of hibernation!

    I understand what you are saying about weather having an affect on us – while sunshine brings out the best in me, prolonged periods of snow, rain and wind depress me like hell, even if everything in my life is going absolutely well!


  3. LOL, probably the clothing industry needs some revolutionary design concept to deliver something to you which keeps you both warm and yet is just skin thin. 😛

    Take care of yourself.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


  4. @Ram –
    Thanks Ram! 🙂

    @Archana –
    How can you not feel cold for 15c ?? :O
    Maybe aft being in minus, it feels pretty warm..

    @A.K –
    Yes few more days of bliss i have!

    @Anju –
    Thank you! 😀 Means a lot!

    @BA –
    That would be very nice actually.. Until then ill manage 🙂 Thanks!

    @Jahn –
    🙂 yes we all try!


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