Midnight chaos

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Gee.. long time since i have done this. Off late i have been enjoying sleeping for a solid 9 to 10 hours daily, and i almost totally forgot what its like to lie awake on the bed, unable to sleep, unable to close your eyes and lie still and finally call someone or in this case switch on the laptop and write away silently into the night.
Even my ‘Random Ramblings’ usually have some sort of structure. So this is very unlike me. My ususal late night ramblings are either with a person on the phone or in my personal blog, one that is private, away from all prying eyes- an online journal. Even that  has got a (much deserved) break from me and my late night chaotic thoughts these days.

Am wondering why am so ‘sleepless’ all of a sudden. Sleep and me always go hand in hand. In complete harmony. Never had any problems with each other. So why now? From the past three days? I agree i stayed awake at all odd timings to see the world cup matches on many days. But its over. So is the frenzy. And i’ve finally stopped hopping all over that India’s WON! and starting to settle down quietly. So thats one reason ruled out.

Is there any other excitement then? Not that i know of. Pretty routine life. No surprises. No expectations or worries (knock on wood!). Why can’t i sleep then? For a person who has never suffered from such symptoms, and sleep has always been just a yawn away, this is quite a problem! Apart from walking around like a zombie for a good part of the day, am unable to properly sleep even during the day.

Maybe i need to work out. Strain myself physically. Get completely worn out so that am flat on my bed at the end of the day.Phew! I dont know how all you insomniacs do it! As much as i try to relax and watch one of the hundred movies that i’ve got on my hard disk, all i can think of is why am i not able to sleep? Its different if i choose to watch a movie instead of sleeping, with the reassuring fact in mind that i can sleep if i want to.

Hmmm.. all this staying up is making me hungry… well ill at least go pig out.

I’ve been sorting through all the pics and i found a few i wanted to post…

Manly Beach:

Life guards at Manly – who were lazing around and chit chatting. I dunno if they were keeping a watch!

Rain 🙂
Harbour Bridge in the rain
Two cuties playing around. Had to click it!
Sleep tight people!

11 thoughts on “Midnight chaos

  1. Awe..dear sleepless nights once in a while are all good 🙂
    Infact I end up being awake most of the tym despite the fact having a hectic day….

    And the pics have come out beautifully, esp. you in rain 🙂

    Take Care.


  2. Oh my goodness, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't sleep, even for one night! I've always been a sleeper. I spend at least eight and a half hours in bed every night, but I would prefer ten 🙂 Hopefully sleep comes back to you soon!


  3. @anju-

    thank you!

    really? well at least i have company!
    And thanks!


    i know… sleep is very dear to me too! 🙂



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